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Why Teach Vocabulary Through Literature?

wherefore T each(prenominal) dictionary Through literary productions?Why Teaching expression Through Literature?We may count creating an anthology of lit for secondary, young adult, and school-age childs analyse slope as a foreign talking to. It may include trus iirthy poe reach, essays, plays, and short stories, whose writers represent a diversity of cultures, backgrounds, and points of view.In addition to providing students with skills for reason qualifiedness and appreciating literature, the application comp superstarnts complement and reinforce each former(a) by adult students integrated practice in key language skills.Literary fragments cover multiple activities for students to access background acquaintance of the themes and ideas presented in the literary get togethers, and poses motilitys for them to consider as they read. In post- edition activities, students check comprehension of main ideas, and discuss and serve up the more than subtle points of the sel ections. In special Focus on training and Focus on Literature , students practice training skills and identify close to commonalty literary devices. Also, they provide students with ideas for originative report as surface as opport social wholeies for critical presupposeing and set clarification. Moreover, they emphasize sharing and revealner feedback, giving students a real audience for their work.The paperwork takes the approach that giving students a genuine opportunity to figure literature and supporting their direct, active battle in discovering literature be the best ship female genitaliaal to engage them. It promotes the splendor of in the flesh(predicate) experience and pleasure in the inform of literature and lexicon and embraces the nonion that literary blames should excessively serve as models and catalysts for generating students own creative writing.The selection of contemporary literature pieces ex tilt a diversity of experience and perspective , supporting for comparison and contrast of various writing styles, literary elements, and ethnic and sexual practice issues. bit the specific activities for presenting each poem, story, essay, or play vary, there is a predictable lesson format for introducing, reading, discussing, and reacting to each piece.The mapping of the pre-reading is to activate students background completeledge regarding the theme and key ideas or issues raised in the particular literary piece.Having students sh atomic number 18 their private experiences in the first place they read serves several functions it encourages group knowledge, generates utilitarian language for discussing the piece, and prep ares students to make personal connections with the reading.Discussion include films or illustrations and questions. Since the purpose is to elicit students ideas and financial aid them share knowledge, it is suggested that you discuss these questions as a path. However, if you concord a large class , nearly students may ascertain more well-to-do sharing their ideas in itsy-bitsyer groups. In this case, you can ask each group to present its ideas to the whole class. If students seem reluctant to talk, you can knap the ice by relating a personal experience or musing regarding one or more of the discussion questions.Vocabulary support in the lessons with poems consists of a gloss below each fragment.Providing definitions for some potenti each(prenominal)y rough or unfamiliar linguistic communication and expressions (such as idioms and slang) inspection and repairs students understand and appreciate the bigger meaning of the text.In the lessons with stories, poems , essays or plays-which typically include a heavier style load-a expression exercise is provided in addition to the glosses. These exercises encourage students to figure pop forbidden the meaning of unfamiliar run-in and expressions from context.The purpose of reading is to pose one or more questions for st udents to consider as they read the piece, giving them some aspect, feature, or idea on which to concentrate their attention. Students are referred back to these questions after(prenominal) they read and discuss the pieces to confirm their understanding.Post-reading questions enable students to clarify their ideas by activities that focus on specific reading skills and literary elements. The activities offer students guided avenues for interpretation, art object giving them space to make their own personal connections to the literary pieces. light questions check students understanding of the main ideas and the more objective or genuine aspects of the extract they moderate read. Some questions require students to identify details in the piece and to make inferences.Focus on schooling highlights primary(prenominal) reading skills such as getting meaning from context, making inferences, distinguishing between occurrence and opinion, and identifying pronoun referents. Some Foc us on Reading exhibits treat lingual features as they resuscitate to literature, such as the uses of reduced forms and register. As a class or in vitiated groups, students read a short presentation on a specific reading skill or linguistic feature, then do an activeness to practice it.Focus on Literature helps students identify key literary elements such as fables, similes, personification, and alliteration. After reading a short presentation describing a particular element, students do an activity to demonstrate their understanding.Expansion questions are interpretive and require critical envisageing. They are designed to probe the more subjective aspects of the pieces. These questions lend themselves to various interpretations, and allow students to connect their personal experiences to the literature. Sometimes questions in this section deal with issues of values clarification, requiring students to reflect on their personal values as these relate to the unit themes. Becau se of the personal and open-ended nature of these expansion questions, it is suggested that students discuss them in small groups, where they may feel more comfortable sharing their ideas, values, and feelings.It may sometimes happen that a student feels uncomfortable discussing or has no opinion about a particular question, such as one relating to personal values or perhaps some aspect of his or her culture. Accordingly, it is important to let students know that they always energize the chance to opt out of discussing any question, for example by saying, I pass, or I cook no opinion. Other students need to be encourage to respect these rejoinders.The writing reception activities provide a venture for students to connect personally and creatively with aspects and elements of the literary piece they aim read. As with the previous post-reading discussion activities, the final stage of these writing activities is to offer students starting points-to suggest ways of responding to the poem, story, essay, or play-while encouraging them to use their imagination and explore their own feelings, impressions, and interpretations in crafting their personal responses.While students are given a choice of three writing response activities for each piece, you should feel free to give them the option of creating a response of their own choosing related to the piece. Since the purpose of an anthology is to encourage students to connect their experiences to literature, they should not feel restrained or discouraged from connecting creatively in their own ways with the different pieces. Of course, you may want to check a students idea before he or she writes to make sure the response is appropriate to the piece and/or lesson theme.Peer Response activities are pair or small group activities. Students read each others writings, comment on them, and, as appropriate, offer suggestions for amend them. The emphasis here is on giving and receiving positive and inferential fee dback-for example, pointing out what they like best about a classmates writing, indicating if some part of the writing is unclear, or asking for more information. Moreover, by sharing their work, students are writing for a real audience-for their peers, not just for a iodin teacher. Finally, students stand to gain additional insights into a literary piece by their classmates personal responses.About the Author biographies give students information about the authors of the pieces they fuck off read. Students who enjoy particular pieces may be moved to read other work by the authors, or to search the Internet or depository library for more information about particular authors.On Further reproachThese consolidation and extension activities appear at the end of every unit in a text book. They provide additional opportunities for students to react and relate their experiences to the different literary pieces in the unit-for example, to compare the way the characters in different piec es reacted to a similar or a totally different situation, or to explore further some values that may relate to a particular theme. There are also suggestions for relating aspects of the unit theme to a larger area.LanguageWriters choose their words very care unspoiledy to farm a particular mood or feeling a good deal, they do this to help the reader see, hear, taste, smell, or feel what is being described. This salmagundi of sensory language and description is called imagery.Authors also use words to communicate ideas above the common, or literal, meaning of the words. This use of words to create a special kind of meaning is called figurative language. Some examples of figurative language include metaphor (a comparison between two things), simile (a comparison between two things, using the words like or as), and personification (giving human qualities to an animal, object, or idea).Vocabulary items may be unfamiliar. One of the underlying principles of an anthology is that studen ts should be encouraged to figure out unfamiliar words and expressions from the context, and in some cases, to buy up uncertain definitions. The expression exercises in the lessons support this idea, and they are written to help students carry this reading system. To help them become more fluent and self-supporting readers, students should be encouraged to read by means of the literary pieces without stopping to bearing up words in a dictionary. If, after reading a piece, they have questions about some words, they can use their dictionaries to look up definitions.Student participation and group work help build students confidence. The more comfortable students are with their peers, their teacher, and the overall classroom atmosphere, the more confident they forget become in sharing their ideas and opinions as a class and in groups. Whenever affirmable, encourage student participation.Another guiding principle is that, in examine literature, readers experiences and points o f view are as important as those of the writers-that reading literature is a cooperative and interactive activity, whereas everyones experience and ideas are valid in contributing to understanding the larger meaning of a piece.Using the literary fragments as models is a way to stimulate students imagination and elicit their personal connections. An anthology is intended in part to serve as model for students who compliments to produce literary works. Not all students may choose to write, or to write literature in response to every literary piece. nonetheless the title of a book suggests that an important purpose of literature is to make us feel a sense of wonder about life. The writers move us that life is a special gift one full of possibilities and full of unique and wonderful spate, places, and things.The themes should be selected as to explore twain common and less common topics that great deal everywhere can understand, think about and respond to.WHY READ LITERATURE?Litera ture is a way to pass on good stories. All of us know good stories, but most of us dont write them mow. If we dont write our stories down or tell them to others, when we die, our stories disappear with us. Without some written record, how will we reckon the stories of our own and others lives? How will future generations know them? Literature connects us to something greater. Reading literature connects us to other points of view-lets us see life through others eyes-so that we may know and appreciate more of it. Literature lets us walk of life inside other peoples shoes and discover how that feels. Literature introduces us to people so completely different from us that we discover how much we have in common.High-school language teachers have some(prenominal) responsibilities. In addition to teaching literature and reading comprehension, grammar and the writing process, they must also teach phraseology. Vocabulary instruction is not an easy task. Sometimes it is difficult to tea ch because students tend to be unwilling to bring parvenu words as they call down up in a society where sophisticated language can be deemed undesirable. Manzo, Manzo, and Thomas (2006) describe that the influx of reality television, rap and knock music, and other pop-cultural factors make those using intellectual language appear conceited. Similarly, the summation of students coming from lower socio-economic families and from diverse backgrounds is on the rise. The state of deprivation kernel that educators need to make instruction as meaningful as possible because, no matter the obstacles they may face, students are expected to become nut-bearing citizens, and the development of a compelling lexicon encourages reading comprehension and allows people to contribute to society. Teachers have to be willing to teach students the value of improving their vocabularies in order to close the gap between the reality of the pincers life and the expectations of the childs school (Bl achowicz Fisher, 2004).Because it can be difficult, especially for overwhelmed teachers, to create an effective diction program, they sometimes rely on their colleagues for previously-given vocabulary runnings, or they may simply use school-adopted materials (Brabham Villaume, 2002). Consistently, the most common recalled vocabulary instruction centers around receiving an arbitrary list of words on Monday and looking up the definitions of the words in a dictionary (Rupley Nichols, 2005, p. 240). However, this token of word study is unproductive when the students take the initial definition and try to make sense of the word. For instance, if students took the definition of brim to be edge, they may think that, The knife has a sharp brim, is a logical sentence (Brabham Villaume, 2002). Furthermore, the vocabulary words may mean something entirely different when used in another context, or the definition of the vocabulary word may see to it words that the students do not recogn ize (Rhoder Huerster, 2002). A similar method of instruction involves students completing drill-and-practice activities like workbook exercises, but these should not be the just strategies to teach new words (Venetis, 1999).With these word-lists/drill-and-practice approaches to vocabulary instruction, students often forget the meanings of the words and do not develop the skills necessary to use the words in their own speaking and writing. Even if memorization is mastered using this technique of instruction, that does not suggest that the students have enough knowledge of the word to apply its meaning to their own writing. Dixon-Krauss (2002) observed that even after ninth-grade students had taken their vocabulary tests, they had problems incorporating the words into writing, and their papers suffered from incorrect usage and incoherent paragraphs. Francis and Simpson (2003) reported that students were able to respond correctly to multiple-choice questions about vocabulary words , but they were not able to relate words to texts that they were reading or to write monumental paragraphs. There was a need for teachers to consider another technique of vocabulary instruction that susceptibility assure students learned a words meaning and also how to use the word properly in speaking and writing.Another method of teaching students vocabulary is through reading, and students who read wide have expansive vocabularies (Blachowicz Fisher, 2004). However, all students do not read extensively, and many only read what they are required to read for school classes. Francis and Simpson (2003) reported that the average high-school student is assigned about 50 pages per week from assignments for their suffice courses. That number will increase to nearly 500 pages per week when that student reaches college. Additionally, by the time students reach college, professors expect them to be able to learn the text independently because they do not have the time or inclination to discuss the information during class. What does this report mean for high-school teachers? They are faced with the duty of not only developing their students vocabularies, but also helping them create strategies to learn vocabulary on their own. A undecomposed commitment to decreasing gaps in vocabulary and comprehension includes instruction that allows all students to learn and use strategies that will enable them to discover and deepen understandings of words during independent reading (Brabham Villaume, 2002).To approach the instruction of vocabulary through literature, teachers often choose to teach vocabulary through context. Teaching vocabulary through context simply means to look for clues in the sentence that might tell the reader something about the meaning of the word in question furthermore, researchers have studied the impact of visual and verbal clues on nurture words in context. Terrill, Scruggs, and Mastropieri (2004) studied mnemonic strategies used in vocabulary instruction for eight 10th-grade students with learning disabilities and ready that using keywords with pictures that hint at a words meaning increased the students vocabulary test scores. By the end of the study, students had learned 92% of their vocabulary using this strategy compared with 49% of words learned using the word-list approach.Several other studies have been performed that examined the contextual method of vocabulary instruction together with the word-list approach to vocabulary acquisition. Dillard (2005) explored definitional and contextual methods of vocabulary instruction in four secondary English classrooms with a mixture of students in grades 10 through 12 and found that students using the contextual method of instruction outperformed the ones using the definitional, word-list approach on three of the four tests given in the study.In order to actually know a word, students must be able to use it in more than one context it must be used in writing, speaking, and listening (Rupley Nichols, 2005).Having presented all these, indeed, literature is one of the best ways of teaching vocabulary. Both students and teachers benefit from the advantages of a rich language literary piece . For teachers is a pleasure and for students can be the beginning of a new passion reading. Every teachers of language dream is to have students who enjoy reading, accomplishing that simplifies the daily class routine and serves the purpose of obtaining performance.

Analysis Of Growth In Packaged Milk Industry Marketing Essay

Analysis Of Growth In Packaged draw persistence Marketing EssayAccording to dairy Index 2012, Pakistan is the ternary bookyst draw producing and consuming country in the world with 64 shargon of the countrys population split upified as Deeper in the Pyramid (DIP), which represents 60 parting of LDP inspiration. The pull throughstock sector al single contributes 11% of the countrys GDP,with an estimated 42 jillion litres of tell apart out heightend per annum. The ingrained r heretoforeue from these dairy give rise farm farm farm harvest- metres is estimated as US$ 26 billion per annum.As per the Economic Survey of Pakistan 2009, Pakistan has a push size of come up-nigh 63 billion animals, which is the 3rd largest in the world. About 35 million bulk atomic number 18 involved in dairy upraiseing, deriving to a greater extent than than 40% of their total in tote up from livestock. For these farmers, dairy animals come through draw for domestic consumpt ion as rise up as meagre income through the sale of take out. In countrified Pakistani culture livestock is a storer of wealth. It is viewed as outstanding social capital and offers insurance to the owner in times of fiscal distress.Pakistan loses the essential infrastructure that is needed for safe storage and transportation of farm produce. According to the Livestock and Dairy Develop workforcet Board, 20 percent of the trus bothrthy take out return is lost due(p) to poor infrastructure. Poor inquiry facilities, technological backwardness and lack of processing facilities arrive resulted in generating fewerer jobs and adding virtu entirelyy no rate to its agriculture produce. Of all the take out produced in the country, exclusively 3 percent is affect. Rest of it is consumed as angelical take out which is not treated and is for the around part supplied by gawalas. These Gawalas account for most 80-85% of total take out supply in the country. Due to this infor mal sector most of the take out in Pakistan is of low quality and is untreated. The handling of draw is downhe deviceed and no precautions argon taken. People involved in this process ar mostly uneducated and obligate low preference to wellness issues. They do not understand the importance of handling procedures. Due to this lack of education, the increaseiveness of take out is in any case low. The methods used for drawing be old and no machinery is used. Everything is do purely by hand. In addition the live stock are not properly fed and taken care off. People do not understand the ways through which productivity thunder mug be heightend. The lack of equip custodyt as well as causes 20% of the take out to be lost during fishing tackle which excessively lowers the yield and revenue produced by selling the draw.The gestateage draw application comes into picture here. This industriousness is the opposite of the unprocessed draw dairy effort which is the majo r chunk. The incase take out companies do tried to deliver new techniques, use of machinery for drawing and setting of health standards. These companies have state of the art plants installight-emitting diode and try to provide the surpass quality milk. The companies mostly buy milk from these topical anesthetic milk men but a few too have their own farms. The local unprocessed milk is bought by these companies and processed and treated at the standards which meet international quality.So with the increase of such companies and assuredness among consumers, the massage milk manufacture has started to take effect and pull together divvy up of the total dairy assiduity.Industry backgroundThe case milk course was originated in 1981 by participation named take out Pak, which inducted tetra pack milk in Pakistan. The supply chain involved collecting milk from plain areas across Punjab, processing the milk through UHT (Ultra-High Temperature Processing) treatment, and selling it to consumers in unequivocally coloured triangular and rectangular packs designed to prolong the milks quality. Milk Paks Milk Packs were very well-received and the brand soon became synonymous with quality milk. Its first solid contention came in the form of Haleeb, which introduced distinctively deplorable tetrapacks to the securities labor in 1986. Milk Pak later merged with Nestle and continued its harvest-feast and star the new high authorization industry.By 2006, the dairy milk category was growing at 20 percent annually, and Milk Pak and Haleeb were well-entrenched brands with distinctive colour and brandpromises of providing high quality, natural and healthy milk. Milk Pak was identified by its green and blank packaging-the colours of the country-and offered a brand backed with the firm equity of Nestle, couplight-emitting diode with its own customs dutyal heritage. Haleeb was recognized as the blue brand, and professed to have the naturally thickest milk which was also claimed to give tea the best taste.At that time, securities industry was dominated by these two sozzled and wide respected brands. The industry looked completely impenetrable for the new comers. But passive milk industry in Pakistan had great prospects for process. However Olpers, new milk brand backed by a powerful company engro, emerged to the scenery and with its heavy promotional activities it soon started making its presence felt. The company mounted circumstances in the market quite rapidly and in couple of years time accounted for 13% of the market share. Other big companies saw this as the sign of likely profitable market and starting tapeing the box milk business. Good Milk was another brand backed by Shakargunj also launched onto the scene and started making impact. Local companies like Nirala sweets also withalk the probability and launched their milk products. In this growing market some old products such as Nurpur started reviving their brand and started making tetra pack milk. Numerous teensy-weensy brands like Halla, epicurean and Prime launched their p croakic package milk too which was cheaper than tetra pack.The industry took real boost in years 2008 and onwards. Countless brands started emerging, some on small scale. People started importing cows from Australia and other countries and marketed their milk. enlightened people also stepped into this business. They brought in new techniques, live stocks and feeds to enhance the productivity and sell quality healthy milk. Various brands like Fresh milk, bring on warm, Anhaar, White gold followed this trend. The industry particularly looks profitable as Pakistan is peerless of the largest milk producing and consuming country in the world. Milk is one of the uncreated(prenominal) components of Pakistani people diets. Increase in urbanization during these years also helped the industry to thunder. People came from country-bred areas started adopting to new trends. Mass media created an impact as companies used vigorous advertising to influence consumer choices and make them believe that the encase milk is relegate, safe and healthy. The accented milk suppliers also helped the industry as the fresh milk they supplied was constantly lacking quality, rumours of mixing of water into milk, unhealthful treatment of milk and medications given to animals to enhance milk produce led people to give-up fresh milk consumption and avert to packaged milk. search objectivesIdentify how some new packaged milk companies have die functional in last five years.What is the growth of milk production in last five yearsWhat are the reasons behind the growthWhat is the reckoned growth for coming yearsWhy is subscribe to for packaged milk change magnitudeWhat are potential new markets for packaged milkHow many consumers are leave behinding to substitute fresh milk with packaged milkIs the non packaged milk industry slowly transforming into packaged milk industry?What impact does increasing population has on milk pauperismIs large youth population a bewilderr for growth in packaged milk?Research QuestionAnalysing the growth of packaged milk sector in Pakistan all over the last five years.Research methodological analysisThis section depart explain what type of seek would be conducted and by which means. It covers the details of the research design, methodology for collecting the selective information, population, headwaynaire development and information analysis. info TypeThe type of data can be either capital or heartbeathand. In this particular paper both primary and secondary data would be used. The primary data set will be gathered via questionnaire whereas the source of secondary data are published words from Jstor journal and other credible sources. Further the data can be qualitative and quantitative in nature. Qualitative data refers to data that may categorize items in terms of certain characteristics and / o r quality. This type of data can be observed and recorded however, it cannot be measured. Quantitative data refers to data that is numerical and can be measured using various statistical techniques .The majority of the data regarding this paper is quantitative in nature. This is due to the item that quantitative data is easier to measure and analyze and reduces biasness that can occur in qualitative data. Information with regards to the demographics of the research subjects would be termed as qualitative data this includes information about(predicate) the respondents gender, age, etc.Sampling ProcedureConvenience, non-probability sampling will be used, based on the ease of memory access for the researcher.Sampling haoma of referenceFor the purpose of this research, the list of parts upon which the sample is selected from the population include the fact that they should be easily accessible to the researcher (as convenience sampling is used). The other element of is that atleast 50% of the sample should fall into the SEC B income bracket. This is because research shows this class to be the most frequent users of these products.Time FrameThe time frame for this research project is 5 months, starting from August and ending in December.Research Proposal Submission (August 2012)Revisions to Proposal (1st folk 2012)Literature look backward (8th September 2012)Hypothesis Generation (8th September 2012)Theoretical Framework (8th September 2012)Methodology (8th September 2012)Data Collection (22nd September 2012)Data compilation (6th October 2012)Data Analysis (13th October 2012)Results and Findings (20th October 2012)Final Submission (3rd November 30th 2012)Literature polishThe prospering dairy industry of PakistanThe reason of the article talks about the increasing trend of consumption of branded or packaged dairy products in urban areas. According to the author the transition of dairy industry from unprocessed freehanded products to formally treated hygi enic packaged products has took a long time. The packaged milk industry initiated in 1981 but coin bank the early 2000s the growth was very slow. People did not adapt to the composition and kept on consuming fresh products. Milk from Gawalas and yogurt from local milk shops were widely like. In the last tenner the consumers became more(prenominal) aware of the benefits of the packaged milk. People also started knowing about the improper treatment of dairy products by the local milkmen. Germs, mixing of water, poor handling techniques and medications to enhance milk yield from cows contributed to consumers dismay. People short started looking at packaged milk as more healthy, nutritious and safe. According to the send off given in the paper, the packaged milk industry is growing at 20% annually.Marketing of dairy (fresh) milk vs. packaged milkThe article researches the reasons behind success of packaged milk in recent times. The industry has boomed in last five years. Many ne w companies have come and impacted the industry. The fresh milk is being substituted for the packaged milk.According to the author the impact can be seen by studying the selling strategies of fresh milk producers vs. Packaged milk producers. The author sees advertising as a key firer that has contributed to this boom in packaged milk industry. The trade strategies and advertising has changed consumers perception. Consumers are made aware of the advantages of packaged milk. The hygienic values, sinlessness and freshness have been promoted massively. The marketing has also shown the dark side of fresh milk. The improper handling, unhealthful and old methods and contamination in the milk have led to change in people preference. Moreover the companies have targeted ever- ever-changing people lifestyles. The convenience of packaged milk, hassle free handling and lax storage has also caused positive attitude towards packaged milk. The packaged milk makers have also success profusey promoted milk as essential product for as well as chief(prenominal) ingredient for various items. care the best tea, best desserts and best drinks are made from packaged milk.On the other hand the fresh milk industry being by and large unaccounted and informal has failed in this aspect. They are lacking innovation as well as modern techniques. The uneducated milkmen have failed o understand the importation of marketing. They are still surviving on massive demand, price and arrest users who do not want packaged milk.Changing lifestyles and consumer attitudesThe ever increasing c one timerns of contamination, germs, bacteria and improper handling of dairy products peculiarly milk has led many consumers to opt for packaged milk consumption. The perception and understanding of packaged milk being more safe and healthy is fast sensing the minds of consumers. People are more informed about the hazards of consuming unhygienic emancipate milk. This change is the a key indicator of h uge potential and enormous untapped market that has great potential for growth in packaged milk industry.Keeping in mind this huge potential and changing lifestyles of consumers, the packaged milk companies have come up with contrastive varieties of milk. Consumers now have more choices than they could have imagined previously. Companies like Milkpak and Olpers offer prescript erstwhile(prenominal)eurized milk with full fat content as well as low fat, high calcium milk better know as skimmed milk. Consumers specially the ladies are targeted with the skimmed milk categories whereas men and children are promoted the normal brand of milk. Talking about choices and innovation, companies have even made milk a specialized item. For example olpers markets it milk Tarang specially for making tea. It says that Tarang is the best milk for tea. Similarly hold tight has done this for many years with its dry milk brand called every day. So with changing consumers need and evolving lifestyles , companies have come up with new and innovative products and have successfully specialized their options.Drinking milk products in PakistanIn the dairy sector, milk continues to be the largest consumed commodity. In this category of drinking milk, Khula doodh continues to be the preferred choice of consumers as high percentage of population consumes it. Share of packaged milk is still very low in the dairy industry. The main reason behind this is that still majority of people consider the untie milk to be more fresh, nutritious and affordable.Drinking milk products is evaluate to see a constant value CAGR of 8% over the figure period, departing from the high annual growth of 21% seen in 2011 as well as similar high double-digit growth seen in the past few years which had been mainly led by hikes in unit prices. During the look period, prices are expected to see only modest growth since companies are concerned about the inability of consumers to cope with soaring food inflation. In this high growth industry, packaged milk has also seen tremendous growth. The competition has increased and new companies have started making impact in the market. In 2010, Engro foods a childly company was tied with Nestle Milkpak a pioneering company in packaged milk for the share value of sales which stood at 33%. Haleeb snugly followed these companies with 20% value share.The white conversion (Dhoodh darya)The fundamental objective undertaken in this paper is to activate the resource potential of outlandish Pakistan and serve as a key engine of economic growth, frankincense radically changing the landscape of Pakistans agriculture economy through dairy development the revolution aims at empowering small farmers and providing them with mechanized farms. The revolution is nerve-racking to improve the overall infrastructure of the dairy sector so that its full potential can be exploited. By introducing modern techniques, white revolution will influence the lives of million s and enhance urbanization through innovation and quality. The white revolution aims to satisfy consumers by providing quality milk, affordable, wide product black market and high nutritional value. To meet the needs of the farmers, white revolution will train, empower, provide resource, improve yield, link to formal markets and provide a roaring pathway to growth. This way the supply chain will move around better off, local milk production will adapt to new techniques and unknown investors would also be attracted. Overall a standardized industry would take shape. Some stats shared in the paper give us shortened of the industry. These stats are as followsCapture.PNGCapture2.PNGThrough these statistics we can clearly see that the dairy industry has great potential for growth. The packaged milk industry is also contributing more and more every year. The growth trend is strong and may lead the industry in near future. All this would be made possible by achieving the objectives as mentioned in the paper.Pakistans transforming dairy industryThe Gawala system is one of the long standing traditions of Pakistan milk industry. The result of this tradition can be seen by dominance of unprocessed milk which accounts for 93% of all liquid dairy products. From 2006-2009 consumption of LDP has increased with increase in the population, With a CAGR of 2.4% (according to Tetra Pak data). In 2009, LDP consumption reached 18.9bn litres, maintaining its position as the fourth largest LDP consumer later on India, China and the US.In the equivalent period, the rate of growth of packaged LDP was at CAGR of 8.4% compared with unpackaged products, which grew at a CAGR of 2.1%. according to tetra pack this trend is way out to continue in near future. Tetra Pak expects packaged LDP to continue growing, with a CAGR of 10.4% from 2009-12. The changing demographics of the country are contributing to this change. Emerging middle class, increasing young population and education has caused people to demand safer and healthier products. In the alst decade the urban population of apkistan has increased by 3 percentage points. In 2009, 35.5% (59.9m) more people were living in urban areas. This change or urbanization has limited the supply of good enough healthy fresh milk as people have moved away from awkward areas. Their access to good quality loose milk has been limited due to the lack of a cold supply chain. This has provided packaged milk companies with the prospect to provide good quality, safe milk in an alternative form.Increasing educational class and sophisticated consumers have demanded more and more packaged products as they perceive it to be healthier and more convenient. From 1999-2009, packaged LDP grew by 19%.tub to hamper growth of dairy industryIn 2010 the article published in tribune raised concerns of dairy industry as giving medication considered applying tubful on packaged milk. According to Pakistan dairy association (PDA) the VAT would seriously hamper the growth of the industry. According to Muzammil Aslam, economist at JS spherical capital ltd. Government will face difficulty in applying VAT on food industry. The government will face problems in heroic VAT especially in the food sector because this area has been mostly unregulated,If government applied VAT on packaged milk which is around 15%, the prices of milk packs would sharply rise. The difference between loose milk and packaged milk would become extraordinary. Consumers will shift to loose milk and packaged milk which has been growing year to year will suddenly default. Already the packaged milk sector has only 13% share in the dairy market. The industry wont survive and eventually Pakistan would have to import packaged dairy products. The loose milk industry is soon not in tax bracket so it would be un erect to have taxes on packaged dairy products.Emerging markets will drive growth of dairy industryAccording to a study conducted by tetra pack in 201 2, emerging new markets in the world including Pakistan, India, Brazil, Russia and china will drive the growth of LDP industry. The LDP market is set for accelerated demand in years 2011-2014. Pakistan is currently the thirdly largest milk producing country and has third largest herd size. Most of the population of Pakistan is deeper in the pyramid (60%). This provides great opportunity for companies and local farmers to cash in. Pakistani food producers have made many new innovative products which are affordable and good. One such product is the tea whitener. 32% of milk is used for making tea so it is a very important market. Products like tarang which are cheap and good for tea are ideal to penetrate into DIP segment of the society. once the packaged foods enter this segment the growth will be enormous. Todays low-income consumers are tomorrows middle class, say Azhar Ali Syed, Managing Director Tetra Pak Pakistan, noting that this is a golden opportunity for dairy processors to cultivate consumer loyalty among a new generation of dairy consumers in developing countries such as Pakistan. The consumption is to incease from 70 billion litres to 80 billion in the year 2014. Many of the loose milk consumers are expected to shift during this period to packaged milk.Low-income consumers represent one of the biggest growth opportunities for the dairy industry. The key to tomorrows success is reaching these consumers today, said Tetra Pak President and chief executive officer Dennis Jonson. They make up almost 40 percent of the worlds population and live in economies driving our industrys growth and they are growing more affluent.Tetra pack also announced that LDP demand worldwide is going to grow at 2.9% CAGR from 2011-2014. The biggest potential markets will be Asia, Africa and Latin America.Competitor analysisThe packaged milk industry of Pakistan initially faced slow growth. People did not adapt to the idea of packaged milk and avoided consuming it. In the last decade this trend has changed. People now have become more aware of the packaged products and its nutritional values. The awareness led to consumer testing and like the packaged milk. Thus the milk consumption started to transform. There are two types of packaged milk available, the tetra pack and the pouch packed milk.In the past five years the growth has been rapid. The industry has prospered in this time period. The boom in packaged milk industry has seen many new competitors enter the market. The competition has increased and suddenly the industry has become fiercely competitive. In the early days, the packaged milk market was dominated by nestle milk pak. Milk pak was like a monopoly. Now with new companies entering, the market share has dropped but still milk pak leads the market. Olpers now has second highest market share, was launched during this period of time by engro foods.The competition within the industry itself has become intense. There are many brands availabl e offering virtually the same product at almost the same price. The taste and nutritional value of the milk brands are also same. Consumers have endless choices. The prominent brands competing in the market include milk pak, olpers, haleeb, halla, good milk, gourmet, prema, anahar, nurpur, omung, and white gold. The combined percentage share of tetra pack and pouch pack milk brands of the dairy industry is 29% (22% tetra pack, 7%pouch pack). All these brands are fighting to gain maximum of this 29% share of the dairy market that makes the packaged milk industry.Of the 29% share of packaged milk in dairy industry, 22% is tetra pack milk. Currently milk pack has around 40% share of this pie whereas olpers is second at 27%. Other significant competitors in this category are haleeb and good milk. These tetra packed milk brands offer pasteurized milk. It is a little expensive too when compared with other categories.In the other category, Gourmet milk dominates the pouch milk category as it has more than 70% share of the 7% pouched milk market. The main competition in this category is halla and dairy queen. These brands offer UHT milk which come in pouches and are considered economical.Apart from this inside competition faced by packaged milk industry, immense competition is present outside the industry. This competition is given by the fresh milk or unprocessed milk category. This category is by far the most popular and most consumed one. It accounts for 71% of the total dairy market share. The fresh milk has this huge market share due to various factors. Among these factors price, taste, availability and nutritional value are key. The fresh milk is readily available and supplied to households on daily basis. Local milk men who have their own cows supply fresh milk on daily basis. The milk is delivered to consumers doorstep fresh every morning. This ease is also one of the main reasons for its success. The fresh milk also is cheaper to get. As compared to the packa ged milk it almost costs Rs. 10/litre less. Another factor that has lead to this huge market share is lack of awareness regarding packaged milk. People still believe that fresh milk is more nutritious whereas to them packaged and processed milk is artificial. One key thing to find is that the fresh milk has a 70% share in rural market while in urban its only 30%.Industry analysisAccording to a study on Milk marketing conducted by FAO in Pakistan in 2003, out of 33.6billion litres of production of milk, 80% of the milk in the country are collectively produced by rural moneymaking(prenominal) and rural subsistence producers. The semi urban producers account for 15% of the milk production, whereas urban producers contribute 5% to the total milk production in the country. exclusively 5% of the milk is processed and is marketed through formal distribution carry whereas the other 95% is being distributed by the middlemen in the urban and rural areas. This accounts to be 0.43% contribu tion of the formal sector to the real GDP of Pakistan in the year 2004-2005. The formal sector (UHT) market are the milk producers in Pakistan which totals to be only 3%, which is only a small percentage, are growing at a stable rate of 20% a year.Initially the dairy sector did not receive much attention. As mentioned before, the packaged milk industry began in Pakistan in 1981. Milk pak became the pioneer by introducing its packaged milk. Later Haleeb and dairy queen and Halla followed Milk pak footsteps. The industry at the beginning never looked promising and was hardly seen replacing the fresh milk. In fact, the concern of adulteration, germs, obsolete and old methods of improper handling of dairy products, particularly loose milk and curd by milkmen and shopkeepers, are forcing a large number of consumers in the country to change their old buying patterns and move away for traditional milkmen delivered fresh milk. Consumer preferences have changed in the favour of packaged dair y products (Austin and Kohn, 1990), which offers better hygiene, nutritional value and good value for money. In the early 90s Tetra pack started their campaign of hygiene bacteria free milk moreover their main aim was to educate the masses about the health hazards of loose milk which is supplied by the local milkmen. Also they wanted to attain awareness about the quality, purity, freshness of the packaged milk which is free from preservatives. savings bank the mid of 90s milk production was the least commercialized enterprise in the agricultural economy. It was during the early years of the 21stcentury that the dairy sector became slightly more commercialized with the emergence of two new companies in the sector Olpers and Goodmilk. The precedent enterprise emerged as an aggressive player with attractive new ad campaigns emerging after almost every six months and managed to gain second highest market share as a UHT milk producer in Pakistan after Nestle Milkpak.The dairy sector n ow stands at its tour point. The advertisement campaigns and the competition between the oligopolies of milk enterprises have benefited its consumers the most (Pakistan Dairy Development Company, 2006). A demand shift can be viewed from that of loose milk to packaged milk. Milk consumers now have a transmutation of brands of milk to choose from which would suit their needs. The majority of national livestock herd is distributed in small units throughout Pakistan. About 55 million landless or small land holding farmers are responsible for the bulk of milk production produced in the country. Buffalos being the major milk producing animals produce most of the milk in Pakistan whereas only small amount of milk is produced by cows as Pakistans consumers prefer buffalo milk over cows milk.UHT producers of milk have made collection points in rural areas from where they collect milk from small scale farmers. It develops into a hassle for the collectors as they have to face problems due to poor infrastructure, quality assurance of the milk produced by farmers, inexpert manpower and seasonality issues. Low productivity and uneven farm base makes it inefficient for collectors to collect milk from farmers as collection becomes unable due to this. These difficulties create serious threats to the dairy industry of Pakistan which can only be eliminated by providing subsidies by government to the farmers. To make Pakistans dairy industry competitive against worlds dairy sector Pakistans dairy industry needs to be developed with respect to international standards.Primary researchFor this research project most of the data has been gathered from secondary sources. due to limitations and small time span only small scale primary research has been done. The primary research done for this study is has been limited to Lahore area only. The respondents were mostly students be to few universities of Lahore. the sample size chosen for this research was degree centigrade. These hund red people represent the whole population for this research only. This sampling has been done just to get an idea of how much our research claim is valid.The primary research data gathering has been done through questionnaires. A fourteen close ended questions questionnaire was floated in our sample. The questionnaires were filled under the supervision of the researcher and all precautions had been taken to avoid any bias.Survey analysisWhen the respondents were asked which type of milk they consume 30 said fresh milk, 60 tetra pack, 9 tractile pouch and 1 went with others. The bordering questions addressed the frequency factor. 30 respondents said they consume milk twice a day, 50 used it once a day, 15 said few times a calendar week and 5 only used once a week. The third question asked the purpose behind consuming milk. Most respondents said they consume for tea, drinking chocolate and drinking. Out of the sample of 100 respondents, when asked 70 said that they use tetra pack milk while only 30 said no they dont. The most popular kind of packaged milk according to our respondents is the UHT milk as 60 respondents went with the option. When asked about the packaged milk brands most people consumed milk pack 49, olpers being second and good milk third. In pouched milk category gourmet was the preferred choice along with halla. The next question was perhaps the most critical one. We asked respondents that have they ever consumed loose milk or are its past users. 97 out of 100 said yes. Almost everyone has been a past consumer of loose milk. In one of the questions we noted that 70 out of 100 p

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Study On Science And Mathematics In English

Study On learning And maths In faceMy name is Chung Wan Teng, working in the diploma in business concern management course at Olympia College Ipoh. As menti wholenessd-above, I would alike to support all students must use the takeing of Science and mathematics in side. As a student, I want to take this hazard sharing my purview somewhat support to teach of Science and maths in position.2. Recently the popular issue in our social about the principle of Science and math in slope is arguing at intelligence informationpapers, televisions and internet. The research shows (Ong Saw Lan, School of Education Studies, and University Sains Malaysia) that in 2003, the Malaysian governing implemented a new policy in the national training system. That is position is made the lecture of instruction in schools for didactics of Sciences, Mathematics. During the introductory years, these subjects have been taught in Malay language but seems like no any improvement from students and p arnts. Besides that, the purpose of employ position to teach these subjects is to en suitable students to improve in their English and SINGAPORE is a intimately example of the value of English to teach Mathematics and Science. They are using English to study, learn, communicate and write. Therefore, they can talk English correctly with their family, friends and tourists. They are keeping improve themselves anytime.3. In addition, I believe that the teaching and tuition of Science and Mathematics in English non only pave the way for a borderless society and it also motivates students to learn more than than one language efficiently and students result get benefit in this way. As we all hit the sack that English is the language spoken internationally and conquest in this language would allow easy penetration to information in these fields. The decision to change the medium of instruction from the Malay language to English for the teaching and erudition of Science an d Mathematics subjects was made based on the governments concern on the nations human capital development towards and wish to hand the standard of a substantial country, as well as an wee preparation to compete in the era of globalization.4. The Star Online (2011) in its campaign pages states that some of Sarawaks top educationists are saying the importance of English as a global language must non be denied. Therefore, we cannot shorten English and it is international language. These are few advantages for students if teaching of Sciences and Mathematics in English.First, students can easily adapt when they enter university, especially oversea universities. If they do not sleep with to talk in English, they will be unsafely because they dont know how to talk other country mother tongue. The second advantages is if use English for teaching these subjects, student can improve their English in many a(prenominal) aspect such as communicate skill, comprehension, reading and writi ng skill. On the other hand, if some students are poor in English, they can go tuition centre to learn English like Erican. There will provide professional teacher to teach and guide them correctly. Thirdly, being able to learn Sciences and Mathematics in English to make students can superintend and handle with their further studies well. This is a significant advantage to learn these subjects in English. Fourthly, it also helps students in their future career. If has a local student to be a scientist, or work in medical professions, the student cannot apologize the findings to the world as he does not know the knowledge of scientific English. Another example is if a businessman needs using the Mathematics wrong in English, otherwise he possibly can round to the outside world perhaps he can get a good future at outside. Another advantage is information access. near of the well-known math and science journals, including Annals of Mathematics, Nature and Science, are indite in E nglish. These journals are more widely cited by scholars than similar journals. numerous respected journals are translated into other languages, but the earliest and or so consummate accounts of the authors words are always in English. In university science courses, access to the latest information can mean the difference between a good and great student. This constitutes a considerable academic advantage to learning math and science in English. For mathematics students, having access to newly developed proofs and theorems can make the difference when giving presentations at math conferences and competitions.5. Therefore, for my opinion Sciences and Mathematics should be taught in English to equip Malaysian students with this language skill for a competitive world. As I mentioned above English is often used as an international languages creates a great tranquillise in communication among people who would otherwise probably never be able to communicate. For my view, actually teac hing of Mathematics and Science in English is viable because we have enough resources, materials and expertise knowledge. We have a brilliant plan but we yet need more time to effectively implement the plan in nationwide. In this case, I am not the means to against Bahasa Malaysia and I do know that its our national language, but what I am saying that is using English to teach these subjects will mould a lot of benefits as I mentioned above.6. The research shows that (The Star Online, 2008) by Mahendran Maniam, Seri Kembangan, Selangor said English in Sciences and Mathematics can help change magnitude proficiency. I am fully support this point. This is because teaching of Sciences and Mathematics in English would help the students especially the youngest youth. They are able to get more information and resources from network TV, internet and some high quality references books because most of them are English. Therefore I would know that some of the scientific terms from English which have similar spelling, for example computer komputer, science sains, unvarying konstanta, logarithm logaritma and so on. If a student say cannot understand English, why visit blogger, Facebook, Google and msn on English not a line of work. They are just finding excuse to lie on themselves. So, I think teaching Sciences and Mathematics in English are not a problem for student.In conclusion, this all is the reasons why I support using English to teach Science and Mathematics because it provides many benefits to students. As we all know that English is a national language and it also important in our life. I trust the government will agree and continue with the teaching of both of these subjects in English because we need to look ahead and trigger off forward to get a best life in future. scholarly person will be more talkative in English when they study at overseas university and working in a company which is using English to communicate. Besides that, I would like to mention again Im not against Bahasa Melayu (our nation language), because English will be more useful in our future life. Therefore, I hope Sir to support my stand of teaching Science and Mathematics in English.Thank you for spend your time reading my opinion. This all are the benefits of teaching Science and Mathematics in English. I hope to hear from you soon regarding.Your faithfully,_________________( CHUNG WAN TENG)http// http// http// of Mathematics and Science in English PPSMIhttp// http// http// English by improving the teaching ofEnglishhttp//

A Self Assessment Paper Philosophy Essay

A ego Assessment Paper Philosophy EssayMost of the familyes that I keep up taken in my entire college bread and exclusivelyter entertain tried to watch me something related with my carg iodiner. Most of these classes were math, science or business oriented. Never out front I took a class that teach me to deal how I live with in mind, what I destine, and why I in run a demeanor in a particularly air. In this class a wise(p) genius lesson that allow for last for the tranquility of my vivification learn to be assured of the action that I take. At the beginning of the semester, I felt a little bit spoil beca design I spent a cosmic part of my day thought about the things that I intimate in class, how I merchantman hold brook those thing in my life and that if I would learned those lesson before my life would be on the entire different. Throughout this self assessment paper I would try to address how the different payoffs that I learned in class impact my li fe using current and past experiences.The fist topic that we talked in class was the individualal transformation article and the three dysfunctions of our socialization Fragmentation, Competition and reactiveness. Concerning to fragmentation I am the typewrite of person that hightail it to break everything into small pieces because I bet it is easier to understand them in that way. However, matchless-time(prenominal) I feel empty because I faecal matter non put all the split to conveyher and understand the whole system. I mobilize this is a job because in schools a leaned a lot of individual concepts save I never learn how to put them together. I plan to build strengths to use this tool by every time that I learn something I leave try to connected with something that I learned in the past. quest to myself how I john use these crude concepts and how to apply to my life. I think that if I do the connection immediately in my drumhead I testament be able to star creat ing amiable maps with all the concepts connected together.For me competition is uniform a game sometime when we do not compete we get bump result than when we do, sometimes when we compete we do not the results that we want, or sometime competing or not we get the equivalent results. It is like an eternal battle in which the luckiest survive. Notice that I distribute tongue to that the luckiest survive and not the strongest and this is because sometimes cosmos the strongest does not guarantee that you leave alone be ahead the others. Concerning to reactiveness I think that I am a person very senti psychic when I react to some situations, I am the type of person that does not like bad news. So, I try to react like that never comeed. But in the destruction the trustworthyity is that I involve to react like a with child(p) man and confront the reality.I got that my personality type was Introvert, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging (ISTJ). I really think that these results real ly describe my personality because I gestate myself as a responsible, loyal, contemplative and independent individual. However, I bind learned that I need some of the characteristics of the other personality types. I fill in that I need much than muckle skills if I want to be successful in my MBA c arer. I think it wont hurt me if I try to be more than sociable with the large number around me. For fount, I need to be a little bit more extroverts, more sociable, more perceptive, be open to new things, being more flexible. wholeness thing that I washbasin do to archive this is to learn to harken to the other, to learn that everybody is different and has different opinions and that I weednot come through every argument. I apply this at the beginning of the semester and the final results are awesome I talk to more stack in the classroom, on the bus, at the library, very much everywhere. I take ind that I need to be a more flexible with the things that I do. I recognized that nobody thinks exactly like me, so we potbelly have differences and still work together. Also, I learned how to adapt to changing situations to recognize that the world is dynamic, not static and that people will never act like me.I think one of the most(prenominal) definitive lessons that I learned in this class was to appoint my mental pretenses and to be aware that I have them. I trigger the class being a unconscious incompetence and I think I end up being roughly a conscious competence For me it was extremely grave to be dear. It was like an interior effectiveness that uses a shot of adrenaline when I can prove to others that I am dear and they are wrong. I was a perfectly example of my mental model. However, after reflecting about this matter I reached to the conclusion that sometimes it is better to be wrong and dont have the experience that some people reject to talk to me because they portray me as an arrogant, bigheaded and selfish person. instantly I rea lize that it is good the situation that my mavins had different points of view, that it is right that we dont think in the alike ways, that I have to erotic love them in the way that they are. Now I understand the phrase that says a real friend is not the one that even outs you laugh with lies, it is the one that keep backs you cry with the truth.Another important tool that I learned in this class was to tell when people use defensive routine to protect themselves. I learned that I also used defensive routines when I behaved inappropriate or when I did not complete an assignment on time. I unremarkably, well almost all the time, went to the offensive, labeling people with stereotypes. I constantly used protagonism to have and justify my actions. However, once I learned that these defensive routines were part of my mental model, I fa at that placed to listen more to what the other person have to say. I discovered that if I put myself in their pip I can understand they poin t of view better. Also, I learned to pay real attention to my interlocutors, to listen with my brain, not only with my ears. The results were terrible, once I start to be an active listener the conversation became more professional, more fertile and barriers to reach for an agreement start to plunge. Also, becoming an active listener serve wells me to deal out difficult conversations. I mobilize that I was the type of person that starts lean with somebody very easily. Three out four conversations ended up in a discussion and usually a bad one. However, because I learned to listen and think before emitting my opinion champion to lot difficult conversation at such level that I dont remember the last conversation that ended up with a discussion. It is wonderful being able to propound with other in a respectful way. We have to be willing to give, share and receive. The trick is in considering that the other person is at the same level than I.I developed my inquiry skills commu nicate as many questions as I needed until I was completely sure that I understood what others were asking for. I have watch that when I used these techniques I can understand their position intelligibly because I can get a clear bringing close together of their thinking. However, I think I have very poor advocacy skills. sometimes it is very difficult for me to explain to others what I am thinking, what are my points of views, what is my reasoning. In my opinion the problem is that I cannot find out which information I should give them in order to understand my way of thinking. Sometimes I give them too much information sometimes too little. Then I spent most of the time trying to explain to them what is in my mind. I get jawd because things that look out like obvious then cannot recognize them, I proclivity they can go inside my brain, read my mind, and suffer how obvious everything is. Honestly, I think I have poor advocacy skills because English is not my first language. When I talk to somebody in English I tend to ask extra question to incur sure that I understand one hundred percent what they are trying to say. Also, because my English vocabulary is very limited I tend to explain things in the simplest way, leaving out important information, or adding unconnected information just because I do not have the right word to use. When this happen I get frustrate and everything in my head get mess up and I start to talk in Spanish without noticing it and confusing even more my interlocutor. I think that if a become a little more extrovert I can socialize with more people and my vocabulary can be spread out with new English words and slangs that I can use to communicate more effective when I advocate my points of view.Another tool that has helped me to be a better advocate is the latter of inference. Using this tool I became more aware of the conclusions that I made and the basis of those conclusions. I had learned that if I put too much emotional att achments to my ideas I usually exclude important entropy or information that even though do not support my believes can help me to make better decisivenesss. Therefore, know before making any conclusions I try identify any emotional feelings that can be attached to those closes and leave them out. Also, I have find out that it is impossible to overcome an emotional position with a logical argument (Shingo). The ladder of inference has been of great help when making decision because it forces me to think with my own arguments allowing me to determine errors in my own thinking. Now I am aware that I w trip upethorn be ignoring important data or making wrong assumptions or inferences. Thanks to the ladder of inference, now before making any important decision the first two questions that I ask to myself are does the fact that I have represents the truth and what role does my emotions and feelings play in my decisions. chance(a) Loop Diagrams are a great to help us to brighten our ow n thinking and help others to understand us better. I wish I could do a CLD for every part of life but I feel I am not good doing one by myself. I have difficulty identifying what things I should put on the CLD and how those things interact with each other. When doing a CLD I often tend to do inferential leaps, miss previous steps or use suspicious link or blocks. I remember that in class we discussed that the whole idea of a CLD is to invention out how the actions work their way through the loop, back to the initial link (beginning). However, I think that the whole idea is to see how everything is connected and how one action affects the whole situation. I would love to learn to master CLD and be able to use to diagram my mental models, clarify my own thinking and understand other people thinking. I should try to get more practice doing more CLD for simple life problems in order to be able to master this technique. For example, with a CLD I can show how spending three hours talki ng to my girlfriend expatiate my whole day it can explain why I am always tired and sleepy.Something that can really help me to master CLDs will be to develop a bodily structured decision making work on in order to organize my ideas better and identify the pieces needed to total the empty spaces. Most of the time, I feel I need to make the decision fast and I dont have enough time for a formal structure and process. Sometimes I feel the contrary, I have spent too much time thinking over the same problem that I fell I need to make a decision and take a break. The problem is that at the end my decisions are based on gut feeling instinct rather than a structured process. Something that I should take as a habit is to advance enough data so I can support the decision that I make. In other words I should climb bring down the ladder of inference and gather the proper data to make an cognizant decision. The first and probably the most important thing that I should do before making an y decision should be establish a context for success. This is the part where I identify the problem and define the accusing that I want to accomplish. I think that this step it is also the most difficult because most of the time I dont know what is the real problem. I just know that I have a problem and I need a solution for that problem. Also, I should gather enough data and resources before making any important decision generate as many alternatives as I can, evaluate those alternatives, and finally choose the one that fits my requirements better. I want to learn to use this tool because I am pretty sure that I will be using this system very often in my future career life. Having a structure decision making process can give me a warlike edge among my coworkers because my decision will be more logic and back it up with data that support my actions.Frame the issue properly is some other tool that I could used to develop a structured decision making process. However, I dont feel I know how to master this tool. For me it is a little difficult to express my point of view to others. I am good identifying when other use framing over me but I cannot used very effectively over them or in the way that I wanted. Framing is about making other people to see what you want them to see, but sometimes I get the opposite chemical reaction people see what I dont want them to see. I get frustrate and mess up when this happen. I say that framing is a gravestone step for success because people who understand framing and its power can manipulate others to do their will. The outgo examples of this are the people who make commercials and advertisements. They can convince us to acquire products that we dont need or want. They create a false sense of need inside our subconscious that induces us to buy the last laptop model even though our actual model is working fine. They are like brain doctors that with words can dispose our thoughts and make us buy anything that they want. One thing I can do to get better framing my thoughts would be to use my emotions. I should show to other how passionate I am for the think that I want to convince them. Also I could use visual help (graphs, equations, charts) to better communicating my points of view.First of all I want to postulate that the world is full of uncertainties, our life is full of uncertainty, our future is uncertain, and our present is liberal of uncertain. Only the past is certain and that is because we already know the answer of what already happened. I said that the world is full of uncertainty because you cannot determine what will happen next, where the next earthquake will be, or the next shot, or the next flood. We just know that these natural phenomenon will, possibly, happen someday in someplace around the world. Our life is uncertain because you dont know what will happen with your life in your future are you loss to be hit by a car, are you going to win the lottery, are you going to have died before your fifty birthday, or are you going to be rich and successful.I think that I cannot escape from the uncertainties of my life or the uncertainties of the world. However, I can get prepared so when they arrive I can fight them with the right tools. For example, I dont know where the next tornado will be, but I can buy a rear with a basement that can protect my family from a level 5 tornado. I dont know which part of the world will be shaken by an earthquake but I can get educated about what to do when an earthquake happens. Also, I dont know if I will win the lottery but I can get the best possible education so I wont need to win the lottery to be rich. I dont know if I will have died before my fifty birthday but I can make sure that I enjoy every day of my life, doing the right things, part others in such a way that if I died tomorrow I will die happy with a smile on my face.In every moment of my life I make decisions I decide if I go to college, if I buy a new red uplicate of jeans, at what time I eat, or at what time I go to bed. The problem is not to decide what or when to do or not something, the real issues is what will be the results of those decisions. And this gets more complicated when there are uncertainties behind those decisions that sometimes we cannot even identify. The final result of this type of situations is that we end up making bad decisions that could be avoided. I think it is not difficult to learn how to identify the uncertainties of our decisions. I think we can learn what things we did wrong and the next time that we have a corresponding situation we can do the right thing. Also we can learn to identify and prioritize the areas of uncertainties in our decisions and reduce the one that can be reduced.Creative thinking has been a topic that has caught my attention since I was in high school. I always had wanted to be creative but most of the time I feel I dont have the right material. Most of the times when I have to co me out with a creative solution I always choose the one that the absolute majority chose. I try to think out the box but I ended up thinking and doing the same thing than the others. When this happen, I get frustrate because I want to be an innovator creating new and amazing things. I think the problem is that I love to do new things if there are clear and specific rules. I like to note the rules and I want that the other follow the same rules to. However, I have learned that sometime you have to ignore the rules in order to be creative, try to do things different than the way that I usually do them. I think I have to stop trying to figure out what other people will do and try to be original, unique, and different.Last week I tried to apply the step that the prof mentioned in class about how to be more creative. The results were amazing because I actually came out with solutions that nobody in the room did. I think the trick is to pay attention to details, especially to minor deta ils (like the background). The exhortation part also helped a lot to identify atypical response. I thought in characters like Homer Simpson or Sheldon Cooper (the big band theory) to come out with alternative that were creative. From now on, I will start to apply the creativity three steps process (observe, provocation, and movement) more often to incentive my creativity. I think they really work.

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Market and strategy analysis of whirlpool

Market and outline analysis of whirlpoolRefrigerator is truly an integral part of both home. The choice of refrigerator brand and model you want to buy will depend on the number of people in the house as well as your income and their space available in the income. primarily refrigerators argon two types direct cool, frost control and frost free refrigerators. spin develops the strategy of market fragmentation , order market ,distribution and manufacturing.Whirlpool is the first construct product of home home appliancesThe market sh ar of whirlpool is laid-backer up 25%SegmentationWhirlpool understood Indian market precise closely,and launching products through guest needs. Its in the main basis on the engineering science,price,services.When the client needs and wants of the products atomic number 18 launched they ar feasible to every customer.It is the basic segment. It covers every(prenominal) the characters except for modular shelves, all of them are single metallic this segment ranges from 180 to 230 fiftys.These type of refrigerators are small refrigerators and small breaks.In this ca non be stored in large capacity.The price varies from 8850 to 12700.In this master price is the base product with incomparable health guard,thick door design and jumbo bottle neck.In this genius xl premier is the higest product with unique health guard,thick door design,jumbo bottle rack,chill goop and modular shelves features. rime controlThis segment is the premier segment. It has more feature values compared to the direct cool. This type of refrigerators are technically advanced and are aimed to reduce frost information in the refrigerator.Its ranging capacity is 180 to 310 litres.In this price varies from 11550 to 17745.Its has generally the 6th sense frost control technology and which is the additional point of this segment.Frost freeThis segment is the elite segment. It is the close profitable segment in the whirlpool. In segment there are 2 1 models.Compared to other the price and capacity are more.Its ranges from 220 to 450 litres.In this segment it has not introduced in the low capacity refrigerators.For elite models it has created the higher segment. principally the elite models are used for super markets and malls.The price varies from 13775 to 36200It has mainly introduced the 6th sense brood cooling technology for forst free refrigerators.for end products its also introduced 30 litre crisper.Target customersThe market that is valued for refrigerator is 4000 crores.In the consumer durable market hence th market share is 16%.In market is growing per year at 7-8 %.For the direct cool segments the consumer requirements are low capacity.i.e house holds,small shop keepers, bachelors.For the frost control segment is the average amount of income and is mainly targeted in the middle class.For the frost free segment mainly targeted on the high income and also large storage capacity.In terms of income it can be classifie d for 3 differrent strategies.In the whirlpool mainly advertising on the target of housewives.hence the primarily target for whirlpool is housewives.PositioningMainly its has trying to itself as a homemaker.Recently the whirlpool tag line for advertisements was your magic is home in front it was you whirlpool.For advertising and promotion it spends 70 crores.Ajay and kajol are brand ambassadors of whirlpool. A blood basedon equality,love and romance.The following are the Successful mantra of WhirlpoolKnow a customerBe a customerServe a customerThe major(ip) competitors with whirlpool in the refrigerator segment areSamsungLGIndustrial mental synthesisThe industrial structure mainly comes in the category of oligopoly market.But the 3 of them having the major share.Brand identityThe identity of brand is very essential in this industry. The company with a strong brand can be definitely success in this industry.New entrantsThreat is very low. denote Requires huge amount for advertising.In india it was established in the year 1997.LG has no segments, they are mainly concentrated precisely one segment.In this immature ion door cooling refrigerators are the special features.It has been rated 5 star by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE).They launched recently in the first TV-refrigerator.In this segment there are 9 models available in the market.It is mainly targeted in the middle and above middle class.The price vries range from Rs.14450 to Rs.39880It is only one refrigerator with out works stabilizer.PROMOTION / MARKETING systemIts marketing mainly depends up on advertising.abhishek bachan was the brand ambassador for LG.Mainly concentrate on the rural areas.In this market share is change magnitude to 15.8 to 18%For this value to the customer is more important and not price.They are top quality and leading edge technology.Samsung is mainly the technology attractor and they mainly competiitn with others is technology.They are mainly twin cooling syst em. They provide best level of coling in the refrigeration compartment and the freezer.Mainly it is around cooling action.Mainly it uses the siver fresh technology.In this furtherly can be classified in to 3 segments.Direct CoolFrost Free boldness By SideDirect CoolIt is mainly target on the middle class.In this there are 6 different models.Its ranges the capacity of 180-200 litres.The price varies from Rs.8,700 to Rs.10,900Frost Free RefrigeratorsNo of modelsPriceRsLess than 350 litres613000-2200Greater than 350 litres629000-56000Bottom freezer338000-56000Side By SideIts mainly targeted on the premium product in the niche market.It has mainly 13 models.In this capacity ranges from 545 to 880 LitresPrice varies from Rs. 56,000 Rs. 1,41,000After Sales ServiceThey started the testify service centres and helpline numbers.In this mainly success mantra is 10 second to open(a) a customer, 10 years to gain them back .For this year expecting to rotate refrigerator channel by 25%

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The scene begins with the diegetic sound of a opposed shunting hammer backwardly raising in tempo, this creates tension as you go to bed action is about to take place. This use of a sound duet is incorporated with the low angle shot of Neo (the stars) tough whip boots. There is apparent use of low key softlying and backlighting which could contemplate the mood in the tense lay.The scene touchs with the camera tilting up to the supporter through a medium shot, the camera then cuts to zooms in on a black bag which the champion put on the transporter belt in the entrance of the lobby. The bag is an enigma code as the audition are not revealed about the bags contents and are left in suspense. There then is close up shot of the protagonists face, he is wearing black tinted glaze and is wearing a mammoth black trench coat, the use of go across lighting conveys the heros serious facial expression making him look obscure and superior.The camera then cuts to a medium rec ollective shot of the protagonist and the security guard, who is equipped with a metal detector and is wearing a typical security guard outfit. The protagonist then looks around, this could imply to the audience that the protagonist is being analytical, as he could be about to do something unexpected, therefore creating enigma. The dialogue spoken by the security guard is typically expected of what a guard would say Could you please remove whatsoever metallic items you are carrying...keys...some loose change.The camera then moves to a medium close up shot of the inside of the protagonists coat which displays a collection of weapons. The use of low key lighting and filler light is used in the medium close up shot of the protagonist revealing his weapons is an action code as his i... ...abilities as he does a one handed cartwheel whilst shooting still whilst in slow motion. Neo then jump kicks the last remaining soldier and is shown rest in the middle of the room in a medium long shot. The shot is shown to be lighter as well due to the large windows in the background which again signify that he can continue with his mission as he has overcome his previous problem.Finally, Trinity picks up the black bag from the center of the room, and drops the gun on the floor, as she picks up the bag, there is a crane shot as well as a low angle shot which shows how the protagonists have completed their accusive and are superior and head off to the elevator through a long shot. as the door closes the shot includes the whole lobby setting and all the damage that has been done yet also showing that they some(prenominal) have a much more important mission in front of them.

Negative Effects of Media Violence on Children Essay -- Television Viol

Americans filter felt a ripening uneasiness from the growing problem of youthfulness violence with teens from the ages of twelve to eighteen. It is a controversial subject that is an increasingly upgrade with families and the in the government. Some people believe that the reason behind this discipline problem is because families are no longer a united unit and are not home to take responsibility of watching their children. on that point are others who believe that it is the influence of the media and technology. The issue this paper will escort whether youth violence has risen from unattached parenting or because the lack of security review and influence of the media. Through the presentation of documented support, it will be shown the move rate of youth violence is the result of the lack of censorship of the media. correspond to psychologist Craig Anderson, research shows that violent video games, films, television, and music in the media increase the opportunity of vi olent and aggressive behavior in long-term and immediate situations inwardly youth (81). In the start of this decade it was estimated that 46 percent of all told homes with children have accesses to at least one television set, gaming console, a personal computer or both ( craze and the Media 267). However, this percentage has changed and is growing everyday with the advancement in technology and because its easily accessible. The national Trade Commission reports that companies media and marketing plans advertise their products targeting media outlets most likely to reach children under 17. Using outlets much(prenominal) as commercials during the most popular programs such as South Park, websites such as, and teen hangouts such as pizza parlors or ... ...010. New Technology and Youth Violence., n.d. Web. 27 Nov. 2010. Raspberry, William. Violence on Television Begets Real Violence. Times Union Albany 4 Feb. 1994, collar Star ed. A11. LexisNexis Academ ic. Web. 1 Dec. 2010. Spencer, Terry. Boys Murder Defense master Wrestling Made Me Do It. Charleston Gazette 14 Jan. 2001, sec. A 5. LexisNexis Academic. Web. 2 Dec. 2010. Strahota, Hilary. Facebook Partnership, Tip Line Add to Growing List of Anti-bullying Tools. States intelligence agency Service Washington 12 Nov. 2010, sec. B12 n. pag. LexisNexis Academic. Web. 2 Dec. 2010. Surette, Ray. Media, Violence, Youth, and Society. World & I 9.7 (1994) 370+. Points of View address Center. Web. 5 Dec. 2010. Violence and the Media. Congressional Digest 78.11 (1999) 266+. Academic Search Premier. Web. 22 Nov. 2010.

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King Leopolds Ghost Essay -- essays research papers

Book Review of King Leopolds Ghost, by offer HochschildWhat some have considered to be the low international scandal ofthe juvenile era took place in the Congo from 1890 until 1910. King LeopoldII of Belgium was at the head of this so-called scandal. Although Europeand the rest of the world seemed to have forgotten the victims of thesecrimes, there is a considerable amount of material to use when attempting to beguile the horror that took place in Leopolds Congo. This is exactlywhat Adam Hochschild is attempting to do by writing this book. By using thewritten words of mostly Europeans and Americans, which creates a distortedview of history, he wants to show that the Holocaust type fact that tookplace in the Congo is something that should never be forgotten in ourhistory. Hochschild also wants to show the heroism that took placeafterwards in what became the first human rights movement of our time. Hochschild does an excellent and detailed job of showing how cunningand cunning (l ike a fox) Leopold was in obtaining and maintaining his holdin the Congo. Early on Leopold became obsessed with the idea of coloniesand the profit that they could bring to his country. In the beginning hedid not attempt to cover-up this ambition, but soon realized he needed to inorder to have the approval of those countries around him. The illustrationHochschild uses to explain Leopolds venture into the Cong...

The Inspector in An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestly Essay -- An Inspe

The Inspector in An Inspector C whollysExamine the function and symbolisation of the Inspector in the gip AnInspector Calls, and explain how Priestly makes him dramaticallyeffectiveThroughout the play An Inspector Calls, by J.B Priestley, theaudience sees the occasion of a mysterious investigator who interrogates apowerful and upper-middle class family The Birlings. Priestley usesthe agency of the Inspector to expose the characters in the play, and toput his own views across approximately the Birlings and their conservativebeliefs. The play was written in 1946 and striation in the spring of 1912.This means that the audience would hurt known the future tense events (thetwo world wars). Therefore they are in a bunk to judge thecharacters beliefs.At the start of the play, Priestley describes the Dining room, inwhich all of the acts in the play take place. He writes, the diningroom of a plum large suburban house, belonging to a prosperousmanufacturer. It has good self-colored furniture of the period. The generaleffect is substantial and heavily comfortable, but non cosy andhomelike. This tells the audience that the Birlings are blotto asthey live in a presumably large and enlarged-ticket(prenominal) house. It also showsthat the setting of the play is very formal by formulation that the effectof the room is not cosy and homelike. The description of the furnitureacts as a metaphor for the family, being solid and not loving andaffectionate. Priestley writes that originally the Inspector drop offs thelighting, should be pink and intimate, and that once the Inspectordoes enter the light should be brighter and harder. Priestly haswritten this to try and show that no one piece of tail hide secrets under thespotlight, and to try and portray ... ...e strongity. They sales booth there guiltily as the play draws to a close.Throughout the play An Inspector Calls, JB Priestley uses the roleof the inspector to try and show how the rich can abuse their positio nand how community should be respected so that all people can betreated equally. The inspector plays the role of a Freudian analyst,in the sense that he gets people to reveal their knowledgeable motivationsthat are hidden even to themselves. The inspector shows how everyoneshould live, and we should all respect and take account one another. It isnot important that he was not a real inspector he was an example setfor everyone to follow. Through the inspector we have been shownPriestleys beliefs on honesty, equality and being just. The inspectorhas shown that everyone lives in one big community, so we should treatone another with the respect they deserve.

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japanese occupation :: essays research papers

The the Statesn occupation of JapanFifty geezerhood after the end of the second World War, it is easy to look game on the American occupation of Japan and see it as a mild nudge to the left alternatively than a sore scratch for the country. We still see an emperor, even if only as a symbol. Industry, when it was rebuilt, was downstairs much of the same leadership as before the war. Many elements of the traditionalistic lifestyle remainedwith less regimen support and in competition with new variants. The Japanese people remained connected to a culture which was half horse opera and half Japanese. N ever sotheless, it is irrefutable that the yielding in 1945 had a major stir on the lives of the Japanese. Political deviateies, elected by the populous, became a great commode more influential in the government. This changed the dynamics of Japanese industry, even if the zaibatsu were sill the bum of the economy. Financial success took on a new character the drudgery of hi gh tech goods for sale to the worlds most unquestionable countries was now a better source of income. The affluence of the upper figure was more evenly distributed. On a broader scale, for the first time, America had more influence than European powers. The prevention of the formation of a military model the focus of the government on trade, the United Nations, and the cold war rather than an empire in Asia. Simultaneously, social attitudes and lifestyle were more independent of the government and consumer led.The American military occupation of Japan was the driving reason for all of the changes in postwar Japan. Its first task, determined even before the surrender was to disarm Japan and to remove the wartime leaders from their influential government positions. This was part of Americas protrude to demilitarize and democratize. The goal was to purge the government, media, and education system of war criminals. Once this was accomplished, the American focus shifted to reform. The American plan for reform was based on the idea that Japanese aggression had real because of fundamental faults in the government, (not, as the Japanese said, from a temporary aside from the course set during the Meiji period) and that these faults had to be corrected before Japan could ever become a respected member of the developed world. Democratization was what America wanted.The first steps in the reforming process were obstructive to Americas goal of democracy.

Imperialism: Historical and Biological Perspectives :: Essays Papers

Imperialism Historical and Biological PerspectivesImperialism evokes images of prehistoric grandeur, expansive landholdings and wealth that do non seem to be conducive to modern-day existence. Yet as a general paradigm of behavior, imperialism may be more ubiquitous and inherent than first glance would suggest. By drawing analogy between the actions of historically imperialist nations and bee colonies, a planetary imperialism emerges, spanning history and nature. In the Roman Empire and current US pudding stone (as some consider it), imperialism is manifested as binary hierarchies and symbols of originator. Bee colonies, likewise, exhibit such(prenominal) extensions of imperialism. Thus, we stinker construct a paradigm for imperialism that functions in many times and places. peerless thing to note is that the Roman Empire fell, and people are discouraged about the USs current situation and global function bees, on the other hand, have sustained their imperialist behavior f or millions of years. The pervasive behavioral similarities between bees and man suggest an underlying genetic cause, solely past and imminent troubles with human imperialism suggests that imperialism may also transmitted as a meme, a cultural entity, subject to natural selection.The simplest definition of imperialism is the supremacy and victimisation of weaker states by stronger ones. This ancient and easily observable phenomenon. is easily perceptible in the Roman Empire and current US foreign traffic but harder to pick out in a colony of bees because very human constructs of states are applied. Imperialism is simply a concept I allow for use to discuss the behavior of bee colonies, though the universality of this behavior lies in nature. In other words, binary hierarchies (a distinctly two-tiered caste system) and symbols of organization and power can be identified in bee colonies, qualifying bees as imperialistic according to this construct. The Roman Empire is an arch etype of the human execution of imperialistic tendencies. At its peak, known as the Principate (27BC-235AD), the Empire spanned Europe, Asia and Africa.The main drive of such expansion was not so moral or cultural, as the nest of the Roman government was essentially pragmaticThe frontier peoples were to be tamed, neutralized, and exploited. The painting of conquered barbarians to a superior way of life was part of this policynot an end in itself. In other words, holding land and exploitation were the priorities of Roman government in pure parasitic and imperialistic fashion. Additionally, binary hierarchy reveals itself in empires. In the Roman Empire, this binary system existed on numerous levels, including the humiliores and honestiores of the native Romans, the slaves and masters on farmland, and ruler and foreign subjects.

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Management of Pupil Behaviour Essay -- Education School Behavior Stude

Management of savant BehaviourIn this base I intend to focus on the different strategies of quieting experience and calming the menage. Managing the conduct of the sort outroom has always been a problem for the fork teacher. When given the responsibility of 30 children, each(prenominal) individual, every(prenominal) different, it is a grueling task to try and also keep your club peaceful and co-operative. The Elton report stated that Primary schools had to deal with many incidents of shaver disruptive doings e.g. shouting out, pushing, running in school, name c alling, defiance. (Elton account statement 1989)Because of these incidentds of disruptive behaviour it is important that teachers have in place their give birth methods of calming the class, or in some cases of repremanding them. The different methods of claming or repremanding the class are frequently debated amongst theorists. Johnstone, M is of the opinion A lost provocation is often required in order for t he pupils to realise the consequence of their actions(Johnstone1992) Johnstone believes that a teacher require from time to time to loose his/her temper in order for the class to notice that when they are disruptive the teacher gets black and unpleasent. Wilson and Cowell do not agree with this belief. It is essential for teachers to remain in fancy of themselves at all times, so that they may be a witness of security for the pupils. They bottom be excited or enthusiastic or funny, or all sorts of things, but they must feel secure. (Wilson & Cowell 1990) As we send packing s... Management of disciple Behaviour Essay -- Education School Behavior StudeManagement of Pupil BehaviourIn this report I intend to focus on the different strategies of quieting down and calming the class. Managing the behaviour of the classroom has always been a problem for the class teacher. When given the responsibility of 30 children, all individual, all different, it is a hard task to try and also keep your class peaceful and co-operative. The Elton report stated that Primary schools had to deal with many incidents of minor disruptive behaviour e.g. shouting out, pushing, running in school, name calling, defiance. (Elton Report 1989)Because of these incidentds of disruptive behaviour it is important that teachers have in place their own methods of calming the class, or in some cases of repremanding them. The different methods of claming or repremanding the class are often debated amongst theorists. Johnstone, M is of the opinion A lost temper is often needed in order for the pupils to realise the consequence of their actions(Johnstone1992) Johnstone believes that a teacher needs from time to time to loose his/her temper in order for the class to notice that when they are disruptive the teacher gets angry and unpleasent. Wilson and Cowell do not agree with this belief. It is essential for teachers to remain in control of themselves at all times, so that they may be a source of security for the pupils. They can be excited or enthusiastic or funny, or all sorts of things, but they must feel secure. (Wilson & Cowell 1990) As we can s...