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Analysis Of Abe Kobos The Red :: essays research papers

Gen successionlly speaking, the purpose of intimately forms of fine behaveion such as literary art, music, or art itself is a mode by which the actor can express him/herself with. They use their respective skills and/or interests to express feelings or thoughts on any given topic. Short fiction is by no means exempt from this. Many writers use their literary skills to express dreams, aspirations, opinions, or even semipolitical viewpoints. In order to make a dertermination of a probable origin for a stage, research into the authors life and beliefs most likely will prove benefical. With this in mind, Abe Kobo&8217s story &8220The Red Cocoon seems to be a prime example of an author expressing his political viewpoints and his personal conflicts with society through literature. Given this, researching his life and political stance might help to support or negate such an assumption.      &8220The Red Cocoon begins with a man walking down a street di scussing with himself the problem of not having a abode to go root word to. The narrator, who is also the main character, jumps abruptly from topic to topic throughout the story, nevertheless this reoccuring theme of the lack of a place seems to be a telephone exchange idea. As the narrator comtemplates, he admires if he has fair forgotten his house and proceeds to knock on the door of a random house to find out if this is what has happened. After he has explained his plight to the woman who answers the door, he begins arguing with her over having proof that it is not his house. Shortly thereafter, the narrator begins to study wether or not things such as concrete pipes or commons benches are his house. Deciding that they are on their way to belonging to individual or that they belong to everyone and not just one person, he begins to wonder if anything exsists that belongs to no one. At the end of the story, he finds that one of his legs begins to unwind into a silk thread and wrap him up in a cocoon.      Abe Kobo&8217s story is quite abstract and seems to have little meaning. In fact, that is just the opposite. After reading some information about Abe Kobo, the story seems to pull back on a new meaning. Abe Kobo is considered to be one of the leading authors during the post-WWII era of Japanese history. Many of his works use what was then radical artistic methods of literature (&8220Abe Kobo).

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cordless tech :: essays research papers fc

A Cordless Future Wireless technology, from cell phones to duty networks is revolutionizing the world we live in. Now we can access the Internet duration in our cars, on the beach, and even at dinner. This wave of technology ordain soon be felt in full force as we begin to travel with the assistance of a computer, run businesses with high tincture networks, and check last nights game on our digital phones and personal digital assistants (PDA). Advancements made by wireless technology are allowing us great degrees of freedom, security, and efficiency. Cars are feeling the wave of wireless technology as we speak. commonplace Motors Corp.s navigation systems subsidiary, OnStar Communications, pull up stakes provide drivers component access to the Internet, beginning with 30 of its 2001 models. The OnStar service provides airbag deployment notification, remote door unlocking, location services, stolen-vehicle tracking, and remote diagnostics (Wallace). It is easy to see why this technology is sought after, authorities will arrive on the seen faster, thieves will be detoured, and locking ones keys in the car wont incorporate the vandalistic approach once used. excessively it is figured that 50-80% of all cellular phone calls are made from vehicles, with this recent technology voice activated technology, users can expect to have two hands free while talking. With the new services, drivers will set up profiles from their desktop PC that are then kept on servers in OnStars service centers. With a hands free, voice-activated interface, OnStar subscribers will use voice prompts, such as Start my E-mail or Start my phone line quotes to receive information via the Internet. The service will convert Internet schoolbook to speech and read the information via synthesizes voice (Wallace). And if that isnt enough, the price ranges from $199 to $399 a year, a great buy, as it will cut ones insurance bill down to size. Trucking companies are also victimisation wire less connections to the Internet. Wireless Internet access is just fine with ePaccar, a division of truck maker Paccar Inc. in Mt Vernon, Wash. The unit is mental synthesis a package that will let truck drivers access to a greater extent than weather and directions using a wireless Windows CE device in their cabs. The commercial transportation industry is working on razor-thin profit margins and is fiercely competitive, so the ability to provide the fastest and virtually fuel-efficient passageway saves truckers time and money. And providing them with wireless access to load-brokering sites lets them pick up more cargo and make more money without deviating much from their original route (Wallace, Wireless Everything).

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Definition of Literature Essay

books is an outlet of escape from reality. At the end of the day, I open a book and bear the story to take me to a world where my ca occasion fades into a distant memory. With e rattling turn of a page, my imagination is excess to reinvent a narrative that is better than the reality I live. publications can be non- prevarication and found on facts surrounding real events, people, and places. Examples admit history books, memoirs, biographies, newspapers, self-help, devotionals, and textbooks. Literature can besides be publications based not on truth, entirely on the imagination and creativity of the creator.This acknowledges fiction novels and children story books. A lot of times authors of fiction will string their idea from a real life event and then they totallyow their imagination to recreate the characters and plot. Aside from being fiction or non-fiction, lit can also fall into different categories according to the genre, purpose, and air. Some genres include r omance, science fiction, Christian, suspense, and western. The authors purpose for writing will likely determine what expression and genre they will use. Poetry and drama ar forms of literature that are stylistically different from other writings.E genuinely writer wants to engage their reference and capture their attention in order to convey a message. The recollect of the text may hold differing messages within the audience, but it is the goal of the author to captivate the lecturer and keep them wanting to read more(prenominal). John metalworker wrote historical accounts of life while he was living. His writings brought insight and believe regarding English settlement during the early 1600s. The General tale of Virginia is hard-fought to cutting in areas because I am unfamiliar with his use and style of language, but nonetheless it is a beautifully written piece of literature.John smiths targeted audience was about likely the people of his time, with the goal of making known them of recent events. I appreciate the port he portrays the struggles of daily life realistically and in a way that inspires and intrigues. William Bradford was not formally educauted, even so he was a wise and well-read man. His writings spread passim the world and feature been studied and quoted by m some(prenominal). As with most of the literature from his time period, Bradfords style is simple, but he writes with such execration that demands the attention and respect of the reader.Bradford was a man of faith and often verbalized this in his writing. In Of Plymouth Plantation he often refers to Gods providence and makes continuous references to God. Bradford may refer to God more than any other author in this colonial unit. Anne Bradstreet was a powerful sop up in literature during the 1960s because she was one of the first recognized women poets. Centuries later(prenominal) she is a revered writer and her poetry remains enchanting. Thou incorrect offsprin g of my feeble brain is the opening line to her poem The generator of Her Book and illustrates just how feeble her brain is not.She has the unique capacity to use words to express herself so creatively and with so much emotion. To My honorable and Loving Husband is a great romantic poem that I admire. Bradstreets style reminds me slightly of my own. However I need more experience and practice to become nearly as talented as she. Upon the Burning of Our House reminds of my own experience of a house waken and has inspired me to attempt to capture my experience through poetry. Through all Anne Bradstreets work, she inspires others to recognize the beauty and power in writing.Edward Taylor was a highly educated, well respected, and devout religious man who used poetry as a private expression of his faith. He did not seek fame or recognition for his writing, rather just the cheer it brought him. Taylor writes of God beautifully and is a master of creating moving and emotional kit an d boodle of art without intending to. As with most poets, Taylor and Bradstreet used metaphors and had a personal style unique from others. There is also an overflowing of emotion from both Taylor and Bradstreet within all their writings.William Byrd was a very accomplished man of his time. He was well educated, respected, and prosperous. His most famous writings are the journals that he wrote to describe day to day life. In The History of the Dividing Line I was able to pick up on the idea that has lead Byrd to be one of the first distinct comedic writers. The humor is not pee your pants funny rather it is more light-hearted humor that makes the reader smile. It is evident in his writing that Byrd was indeed well-read. A writer is competent of learning a great deal about language, word usage, and style through reading.Byrds style is simple, yet he articulates his message very well and although he wrote for himself, he managed to write in a way that would capture an audiences atte ntion. Jonathan Edwards was an intelligent man of God who served as a preacher. As an author, he wrote popular sermons and other serious works on religion, metaphysics, and philosophy. Edwards style of writing is quite different from other authors in this unit because unlike the others he gives the reader an array of possible positions for the take he is presenting.In the sermon Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God, Edwards develops his grab on destruction and punishment from verses in Deuteronomy. Not only does he explain how he interprets the scripture, he also gives other possible views. St. jean De Crevecoeur wrote about religion but he did not profess or maintain that he believed in God. He was a well-educated add-on who served his people and country. I found Letters from an American Farmer difficult to get through because his style of writing is unexciting. I was also dour off by the way he wrote about certain topics peculiarly African American issues.Crevecoeur was not a racist man, but he lacked some sensitivity in discussing his unique view on negroes and parenting. He believed that negroes should not continue having children because if they did misery would undeniably result for themselves and their offspring. I understand that he is referring to slaves and perhaps even slaves may have wished to not have children in order to save future generations from being forced into slavery. Crevecoeur impress me with the boldness in his writing. The progression of writing from Smith to Crevecoeur is interesting to track and there are noticeable changes in language and word usage.As defined earlier, literature to me is written art that engages my imagination and takes my mind apart from reality. Not every piece of literature will bring me the pleasure of leaving my own world for a moment and that does not mean the author has failed. Genre plays an important role in this element of the definition. For example the writings from the colonies unit are prim arily non-fiction history writings that are meant to inform more than entertain. Anne Bradstreet is an exception. As the writer of poetry, her style is most manifestly different from the more serious and constructed essays of the other writers.Every writer has a style that is unique, however one similarity in the colonial writings is the purpose of the authors writing. Many of the writers were writing for the sake of preserve daily life and making historical accounts of slavery, war, and developing colony life. Centuries later, authors such as Smith, Bradford, Bradstreet, Taylor, Edwards, and Crevecoeur are recognized as masters in the line of merchandise of writing. Writers during the establishment of the colonies wrote simple, yet serious and powerful pieces of art. They have a style of writing and voice that still captures the hearts of readers.

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Reflections on Kinsey, the Movie

Every prognosis in the film was worth paying attention to. The plot that is base on the real life story of Prof. Alfred Kinsey is unusual and enlightening. The movie has efficaciously depicted the life of the professor and has shown the audience his struggles in his research on valet de chambre sexuality. Kinsey manifested how taboo the typeface of sex and adult male sexuality was during the late(a) 1940s. Moreover, the film has clearly shown how complicated it was to explore the subject and to impart the culture to the public.Thus, efforts of Prof. Kinsey to let out in the open all(a) about the subject charter created noise during the said period. There was a part in the film where he stated that people are anxious and iniquitous over sex because they are not aware of how others engage in it. Because of his research on piece sexuality, he was acc utilise of aiding the communist school of weakening and deteriorating the youth of America. Furthermore, the book he wrote abo ut the sexuality of the gentle male created chaos, even at the national level. At the same time, but, his kit and boodle opened the minds of its readers.In addition, all the key actors in the movie pay back portrayed their parts well. Liam Neeson in particular, effectively played the role of Prof. Alfred Kinsey. Meanwhile, my positron emission tomography character in the movie is Prof. Kinseys wife, Clare McMillan whom he fondly called mack. She described herself as free spirited, which in the film, was actually depicted. She is extremely corroborative to Prof. Kinsey in all that he does.There was a scene in the movie where I admired how Macs emotional impuissance manifested strength. It was when she showed Prof. Kinsey how hurt she was when he slept with a male friend, Clyde. Here, she questioned Prof. Kinsey where marriage and family stands amidst all these human sexuality research that he has gotten obsessed with. Though she was supportive of Prof. Kinseys endeavors, she a ppeared to disagree at some aspects and ensured to let Prof. Kinsey know. virtuoso surprise however was when she also agreed to have sex with Clyde. It was not clear to me why she exactly did that but it seems she wanted to let Prof. Kinsey feel how she did when, he in the first place, slept with Clyde. As she also enjoyed the act, perhaps she has also learned to ascertain Prof. Kinseys reasons for sleeping with him.I think Prof. Kinsey became obsessed with the subject of human sexuality because of his eagerness to create change by increasing the sentience of people on the subject of human sexuality. As mentioned, sex was therefore taboo. It appears that Prof. Kinsey wanted to unravel all secrets regarding human sexuality and let these all out into the open. Prof. Kinsey was aware of the chaos that was certain to happen but let off aimed to let the people know the diversity and richness of human sexuality.As I understand it, his interest in the subject all started when he himsel f encountered difficulty in engaging in sex as shown in the scene where they first made love. He thought of consulting with an expert and has in conclusion managed to work on their sexual relationship. Meanwhile in the university, he spoke with some students and learned that they had a lot of incorrect notions on sex. He suggested to the academe that sex education should be part of the curriculum. The teaching body, however, was diamond to this idea. He then held a marriage course given to the engaged-to-be-married couples where he started teaching about sex, in a scientific and methodical approach.One can see the intensity of his drive to research on this national when he dramatically shifted focus from studying wasps to studying humans sexual acts, homosexuality, sexual rituals, extramarital and premarital sex. In addition, he used his own body for research when he inflicted ail on himself by cutting his foreskin, intending to grasp why others find pleasure in pain during sex . He even created a team, which later on seemingly became greaseball pigs, as they engaged in group sex.After watching the film, I realized that humans may be animals, as Kinsey maintains, but have morals that have delineated decent form indecent, the socially unsufferable and acceptable. This makes us distinct from dogs, pigs and other animals. I think Prof. Kinsey went overboard in looking at sex objectively. We let off are subject to emotions and feelings. I also learned that though science aims to quantify all things, human sexuality is still, most of the time, governed by morals and social norms. There still are boundaries and limitations.  

Comparing and contrasting Bandura’s cognitive theory Essay

Introduction Perhaps at that place are as many differences as in that respect are connaturalities surrounded by the ideas expressed in Banduras cognitive Theory and Becks cognitive Theory. Many similarities exist between the two theories because they are both establish on the study of human fashion and individualality. However, the ideas expressed and mechanisms used in analysis confer some discord between the two theories. It is manifest that no two somebodys in the world would have exclusively similar thoughts about a phenomenon hence, differences are always abound.Since studies in similar palm are usually related in a way, prevalence of similarities should not occur as a surprise. For example, the fact that behavior is affected by, among separate things, the surround, is embraced in the detail of both theories. The two theorists are also of viridity opinion that negative thoughts are likely to trigger negative behavior and dysfunction in many activities. For example, Ban duras possible action spiritedlights that people with high opinions about themselves are usually better performers in many activities than those who reckon themselves on a lower scale.In the same way, Becks theory is emphatic of the point that negative thoughts in people lead much(prenominal) people to have low opinion of themselves and evaluate themselves negatively. Banduras Cognitive Theory and Becks Cognitive Theory both view the environment as a determinant of personality and behavior. While Bandura (1976) used environmental factors in his triad, Beck (1976) showed that the world (in reference to the environment) is one of the factors that shape a persons behavior, attitudes and perceptions about various phenomena.Both theorists agree that the environment acts together with other factors to shape a persons character and behavior. For instance, Bandura (1986) ascertained that aggressive behavior in adolescents is caused by the environment, but the behavior as well creates a n environment. Bandura referred to such a relationship as reciprocal determinism. On the other hand, Beck (1976) noted that the world shapes a persons character since a person acts in accordance with what is happening in the general world.Disparities in Banduras and Becks theories are evident right from the beginning of the model. While there is a similarity of the use of a triad, the constituents of the triads are the source of dissonance. This is in addition to many other instances in the illustration of the applications of the two models. This newspaper publisher gives an analysis of the similarities and differences in the two theories and the implications or causes of such scenario. Moreover, the paper exit highlight the key areas where similarities as well as differences occur between the two theories.

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Wiccan Beliefs and Practices

When I think of military arts, I think or so the first fourth di custodysion I saw my first Bruce Lee moving-picture show. With alone in all the fast movements of Karate or Tae Kwon Do, it seems as though every movie they put go forth about war resembling arts in the beginning you would bring on the t each(prenominal)er cookery the student and past the student taking on the teacher and genius time he demonstrates that he can beat the teacher or he is proficient at whatever task the teacher has assigned then he can move on to the next journey or stage. Each stage of soldierlike arts is unspoiled, and each student essential learn concentration.In this paper I will show you the likeness between warriorlike arts in the get together States and other countries of origin. The however reason martial arts are so great is because it strengthens each of these aspects of body and mind to make a beautiful display of movement. militant arts are commonly associated with East Asian cultures, but are by no means unique to Asia. Throughout Europe in that respect was an extensive system of combat martial arts, collectively referred to as historic European martial arts, until modern times and now they are world reconstructed by several organizations.Native the Statesns have a customs of open-handed martial arts, that includes wrestling and Hawaiians have historically practiced martial arts featuring small and large joints manipulation, its a mess up of origins that occur in the athletic movements of Capoeira that was created in Brazil by Slaves, ground on skills brought with them from Africa. Also, in that respect is an early legend in martial 3 comparison the teaching methods of martial arts in the US and Asia arts that tells the account of an Indian monk Bodhi dharma (also called Daruma), believed to have lived around 550 A. D. He is credited with found the meditative philosophy of Zen Buddhism and with influencing the unarmed combat arts of the Shaolin synagogue in China. The martial virtues of discipline, humility, restraint and respect are attributed to this philosophy. The teaching of martial arts in Asia has historically followed the cultural traditions of teacher-disciple apprenticeship. Students are skilful in a strictly hierarchical system by a higher-up instructor Sifu in Cantonese or Shifu in Mandarin Sensei in Nipponese Sa Bum Nim in Korean.The native peoples of North America and South America had their own martial training which began in childhood. Some First Nations men and more rarely, some women were called warriors only after they had proved themselves in battle. to the highest degree groups selected individuals for training in the use bows, knives, blowguns, spears, and war clubs in early adolescence. struggle clubs were the preferred martial limb because Native American warriors could raise their well-disposed status by killing enemies in single combat see to face.Warriors honed their weapons skil ls and stalking techniques through lifelong training. martial(a) arts in the United States have evolved into everything from simple to complex system of fighting. The truth of the affaire is all martial arts are similar, they teach similar principles but in various ways. Its like religion, there are many contrasting 4 Comparing the teachings of martial arts in the US and Asia religions but they all have something in common, they worship some form of deity. The one thing they have in common is they promote self-defense.Some martial arts are linked to unearthly or religious beliefs, philosophies such as Daoism, Shinto or Buddhism and other have their own spiritual code of honor. Martial arts are another way of reflexion the art of combat or it is a weapon used to survive. consume or be killed. It is a set of movements used for offensive or defensive purposes (called Katas or forms). It can also be a set of movements used to promote health, it has structure and every movement h as a meaning. It has been said that the late Bruce Lee taught that one should take the best from all arts and adapt them to whatever situation one finds oneself in.No matter where you look, or where you are in the world, you will see different kinds of martial arts dojo and training centers. Martial arts have also evolved to appease the needs of different ages, from kids and toddlers to grownups. For example, a dojo that offers karate can teach different classes for male person and female from varying age levels. What martial arts have grow beyond their countries of origin and become popular in the US and wherefore? Martial arts like karate, taekwondo, judo and other oriental styles may have come from Asia.There are other forms of martial arts that originated from countries like Europe and South America. Each style has a unique expression that 5 Comparing the teachings of martial arts in the US and Asia makes them different from other martial arts, methods of training vary and m ay include outfit or forms (kata), which are sets or routines of techniques that are performed alone or sometimes with a partner. The Western interest in East Asian Martial arts dates back to the late 19th century, due to the increase in trade between America with China and Japan.Relatively few Westerners genuinely practiced the arts, and considering it to be mere performance. Exposure to martial arts during the Korean War was also significant and as Western influence grew in East Asia a large number of military personnel exhausted time in China, Japan, and Korea. In the late 1970s and 1980s there was an increase interest in martial arts thanks to Asian and Hollywood martial arts movies. Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Li were prominent movie actors that are responsible for promoting Chinese martial arts. In Europe, with the rise of firearms, martial arts declined.As a result, martial arts with historical grow in Europe do not exist today, to the same utmost as in Asia, since th e handed-down martial arts either died out or developed into sports. Swordsmanship developed into fencing. Boxing as well as forms of wrestling have endured. European martial arts have generally adapted to changing technology so that while some traditional martial arts still exist, military personnel are trained in skills like bayonet combat and marksmanship. Some European weapon systems have also survived as for sports and as self-defense methods. 6 Comparing the teachings of martial arts in the US and AsiaIn conclusion when examine Eastern religions and martial arts in the US and in Asia, how martial arts are taught and practiced differently I found that all martial arts are similar, they teach similar principles but in different ways. In order to learn martial arts you moldiness have self- discipline. The martial virtues of discipline, humility, restraint and respect are attributed to the Zen philosophy. The teaching of martial arts in Asia has historically followed the cultur al traditions of teacher-disciple apprenticeship however in the US the teachings are more along the lines of self-defense and competition styles.

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Reaction Paper Essay

Natural Disasters and the Philippine tenor Exchange Index A Garch-M Analysis by Adrian P. Gallido, Ph.D. and Martites A. Khanser, D.B.AThis consume examines the pitch of earthquakes, tropical cyclones and vol give the sackic eruptions on the Philippine Stock Exchange list (PSEi) over the period of 2 January 1985 to 30 December 2010. In the context of the Philippine Market, the composite index can be seen to support the gaining from loss hypothesis of Shelor et al. (1990), where it was implied that stock prices atomic number 18 positively influenced by disasters. The losses derived from disasters contribute to gains in several(prenominal) c be sector.For instance, the 1989 California earthquake can be viewed as unfavorable to very estate firms (Property index) but, in contrast, beneficial on the stock price of insurance firms. The negative chemical reaction of the stock prices on real estate firms was regarded as indication of the unfavorable location of the properties. I n contrast, the positive food securities indus deform response on the stock price of insurance firms was considered likely out-of-pocket to investor expectations of high demand for property-liability insurance-related products.Ive in like manner well-read that thither are criteria of events to be considered a disaster, According to Emergency Events Database (EM-DAT), an event is considered a disaster when it meets at least one of the ff. criteria i) 10 or more than volume are killed ii) 100 or more people are affected iii) a state of emergency is declared iv) a discover for international supporter was made.A good point on this study that Ive besides learned is that the future work can in like manner consider former(a) events including technological disasters as well as disasters of human origin much(prenominal)(prenominal) as t errorism (man-made disaster).In my own opinion, since investors sell shares at the slightest mesmerism of anything that might impact stocks n egatively, and that pushes the stock grocery down. The reverse is also accepted the good news is, the demand for stocks is higher and it motivates shareholders to buy. And as for the effect of instinctive disaster on the stock foodstuff, specifically, I think investors fear, at least in part, that when our country broadcasts or announces some disaster, it will contribute capacious sums of money and manpower to disaster aid, and it places a strain on our economy.Overall, Disasters moderate an in square effect on market returns and investors can consider including market nominal heads in measuring the impact of natural disasters, and can come up with disaster- ground strategies.This is an interesting study for those who wanted to invest or other s mete outholders such as investors to be aware of the extent disasters that can affect market performance for us to make appropriate steps to better struggle our portfolio and to be ensured if the market is doing good, resilient or st rong.Alissa L. MunezDr. TrinidadMBA- Colegio de San Juan de LetranPortfolio ManagementReaction newsprintThe Study of Relationship between Asian Stock Exchanges and New York Stock Exchange by Neda Bashiri, Amir Mohammad ZadehThis study investigates the linkages between equity markets of 5 Asian countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan and Turkey and those in the States employing coefficient of correlation digest and Vector Auto Regressive (VAR). The study of relationship between ASE and NYE gives familiarity of the degrees of relationship and co-movement among international financial markets that can dish out both separate and corporate investors to manage their portfolios for maximizing their risk and return trade-off. Also, co-movements between dickens countries can affect the pattern of the economy.It was learned that the time series are correlated and correlation between markets is positive, which tends to indicate that in that respect is common ignore/factor that is driving the markets in the same direction. According to the result in one of this study, the US was found to be the most exogenous. These results are achieved for Asian Markets, ground forces and Indonesia influence Malaysia. USA also influences Turkey. The Philippines are affected by Malaysia, Indonesia, and USA while Indonesia is affected by Malaysia and the Philippines, while Japan is affected by Malaysia and the USA. This study can help investors to look out for the movement or changes in different financial markets all over Asia.It was learned that in that respect is no stock transfigure that can affect the USA stock exchange but actually NYSE influences all unquestionable markets. The explanation for the US is the fact that it is the largest and most controlling market in the world. One of the ideas for this study originates from the fact that globalization is an salient trend. Substantial familiarity of globalization for the financial markets com es form the Modern Portfolio Theory, which allowed all international investors to turn globally in order to reduce their portfolios risk take to a level lower than their home countrys domineering risk level.In this study, Mentalities causes a great factor on the effect of the movement of the stock market, it was characterized by a lack of individuality, causing people to think and act like the general/major population in the world. Because of this mentality, investors become sensitive regarding on the news of financial crisis in USA and they quickly pull out from financial markets. However, this does non necessarily entail ontogenesiss in other markets should be completely ignored. Though, this is a great study that we learned the relationship between ASE and NYSE. And learned that the USA returns is a dominant market that influences most markets. Alissa L. MunezHave Filipino Households Become Less prudent? By Akiko Terada-HagiwaraIts an interesting study to k without delay why the intermediate household saving rate in the Philippines declined by 5.2 percentage points to almost a mere 5 percent disposable income from 1996-2006. By defering the bind based on Surveys, Decomposition Analysis and Estimations it shows the declining savings rate has been due to the reduced retardative motives as partly expected by development such as the expansion of social security clay. I adjudge that the slow moving income growth is magnified by more ample reporting of the transcription to the informal sector employees, which appears to have reduced households precautional savings.According to this article, a number of factors are relevant in modify the precautionary motive of the Filipino households. First, the Philippines Social Security System essential significantly during the 1990s. Existing studies found that the coverage by social programs, such as disability insurance, unemployment insurance and health insurance is negatively associated with savings. In 1988, only little than half of the Filipino workers were covered by the system. The system now covers 3 out of every 4 workers (75%). This expanded coverage of the selective service implies a reduce need for the younger cohorts to accumulate precautionary savings.I agree with the writer that the demographic factors do not amply explain the declining timesaving rate profile because it was more associated with the changing precautionary motives of Filipino households. The precautionary saving was strong in 1990s when the coverage of SSS is still contain. However, the precautionary motive does not seem to be present in the 2000s. The less prudent behaviors are found to be significant with households with informal sector jobs, but only in the 2000s validating the wide SSS being the major factor affecting the Filipino households savings behavior. Moreover, this impact is found particularly strong with lower income households in 2000s. vindicatory to add another reason why Filipi no households savings judge declined is our poor spending habits we wanted to have the latest gad sustains and anything that is trending. As for our OFWs, when they go home for vacation, they spend like a one day millionaire and go back to abroad to earn money and only to repeat the cycle. Also, the lose of Financial Knowledge, we know that Finance is a very complicated subject. I believe that we should start to invest in our knowledge. And if you ask most Filipinos well-nigh where their savings are, most of them will tell you that they keep their money in the Bank. Only few of us know about investments on stocks or mutual funds. Alissa L. MunezReaction PaperDynamic Correlation between stock prices and exchange rates by Chin-Hao Lee, Shuh-Chyi Doong and Pei-J ChouThis article is interesting because it examined the fundamental interaction between stock price and exchange rate and explored their dynamic correlation influenced by the stock market excitableness.  The correlation between stock market and contradictory exchange market is affected by the stock market volatility. The correlations become higher in Asian emerging countries except in the Philippines when their stock market is volatile. I agree with the writers that this study is particularly important for international investors and managers in diversifying their strategies for improving their investment performance because the correlations between stocks and foreign exchange markets become higher while the stock market volatility increases in Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan, but not in the Philippines.Moreover, based on the findings of this article, investors can hedge risk between stock and foreign exchange markets domestically when the domestic stock market is stable. Otherwise, when stock market becomes volatile, investors diversify their portfolios on purpose for hedging risk since the correlation between stock and foreign exchange rates becomes higher.So it was learned tha t an international company would certainly be directly affected by currency fluctuations. They will often try to mitigate this with a hedge fund, so any losses they take on one-currency balances with gains on another.I guess the stock price of a company is based on perceived value, not necessarily on the predicted value of their assets and relationships. However, as currency exchange rates are but indications of the general state of an economy, an issue that would affect a product based company, might or might not show up as a fluctuation in the currency exchange. A financial operate company is heavily influenced by exchange rates, but still, the perception of their value, would not immediately be affected.1. Lean Branch BankingPractice We are now implementing Lean Branch Banking, where we eliminate charge nobble, withdrawal slips and bills defrayment slips for otc transactions (cash and stigmatize deposit/bills payment, withdrawals).For Deposit- Each deposit or bills payment shall be supported by a duly validated slip or transaction receipt. The customer, payor or representative shall confirm the completeness and accuracy of the deposit or bills payment accepted via the issuance of transaction receipt by signing on the transaction receipt.For breakup- a duly validated Withdrawal/Debit slip or transaction receipt shall support each withdrawal. The processing teller shall ensure the completeness and accuracy of the posted withdrawal. Any qualifying on the withdrawal/Debit slip shall be signed wide-cut by the customer.This was implemented to improve customer experience on reservation deposit, bills payment or withdrawal by shifting to a paperless process. testimonial The Lean Branch Model that was implemented in our company was great but unlike other Banking institutions that provide this shape of services, they use a more systematic and enhance engineering. Where clients can be more answerable on doing their own banking transactions. Ive observe d that the implementation of the companys Lean Branch Banking really improves customer experience because clients just clutches their numbers to be called and just dictate their visor numbers and number they need to deposit or to withdraw. The only thing that they will do is to wait and to confirm their transaction before they sign the slip.But there are many instances of misposted transactions or wrong transactions that was lose by the teller and was signed by the client. The client did not check his/her transaction and just sign the slip. If not properly handled, such error may result to financial and reputational risk of the bank. So I elicit that, since were implementing a Lean Branch Model we should update more on the system and provide queuing machines to the sleevees.Where their clients could update their own passbooks, check their account balances, etc. inside the bank that can give knowledge on their clients and let them feel the Real Banking Experience. The bank shou ld not limit technology just by providing an online banking transaction outside its branches but must also provide online banking transaction inside the branches. Since we are now in the forward-looking era, where technology is more advance. We need to help one another to be familiarized on how to used this technology for faster, innovative and great banking experience.2. flamboyant Members VS. Senior Citizens, PWDs and Regular ClientsPractice Gold Members are clients with high muckamuck treatment who maintains their PHP100, 000 Average Daily Balance in the bank. They are minded(p) a precedency queuing just like the senior citizens and PWDs. in that respect are times that the clients with priority queuing get inside the bank all at once. Because they know that they should be prioritized, they dont get numbers for queuing and just go directly to the counter for their transaction.Recommendation Sometimes it just happened that your clients with priority queuing gets inside the ba nk all at once and will be disappointed if you will tell them to just wait for their turn because theres a client with the same level of priority that transacts first. This kind of situations must be opened to meetings or huddles on the Quality band to mitigate the problem and to maintain the quality service the company wants to implement. There should be a certain person/employee to collect or to amaze their transactions so that the process will be discreet by delivering the transaction to the processing teller and it will be delivered back to the client, without requiring the clients to get in line to be able to feel their privileges and importance in the organization.3. Human ResourcesPractice In a branch, theres limited employees that operates the system (4 employees per branch). There are times that the clients became disappointed on long Lines, Long waits, etc. and they will notice the number of employees should be change magnitude to give faster service. Since we know that management has a way on determining on how many employees that is needed in a branch to operate, it takes time to wait for a new hire employee that will be prone on a certain branch.Recommendation Since the Company is implementing a Lean Branch Model they will hire more fitting persons to be trained, give sufficient workshops and seminars to help their employees to grow and to be speedy on their assigned tasks. The Company must hire Auxiliary military group to fill up the gap of a branch office and to prevent future complaints.4. TrainingsPractice To the Loyal employees of the bank who are working for some(prenominal) years in the company, they are sometimes familiarized on the work theyre doing and since they almost know all about the operations and the systems of the bank, sometimes theyre having a hard time to understand the new system without the updated reproductions and workshops.Recommendation Give employees the trainings and workshops they deserved especially for those who is working for the company for some(prenominal) years. This is the person who remains loyal to the organization and they must be given training on updated systems and operations.5. Job Rotation/Employee RotationPractice Because there are one-man employees inside the branch, employees are not given a chance to be familiarized on another job to be able to learn how the whole branch operates. There are some instances you need to learn to do another job because your co-worker is brainsick or you need to be assigned to another branch because theres also a risk on being familiar or attached to our clients.Recommendation Job rotation can help employees be more productive. Rotation can raise worker team spirit because they get to try new jobs, so boredom and burnout are less of a problem. Sometimes employees may be less likely to call in sick, show up late or quit. Employees can also learn skills on one job that can be use to another job, which helps them perform work more eff iciently. This is why cross training increases productivity to the employees.

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Peace Like A River REACTION Paper

Trust idol Peace bid a River, By Leaf Anger is about how miracles can die hard throughout your life. The book displays examples of hardship that god guides the Land family through. They turn to God and have confidence during the worst times, and they remember that He has already interpreted care of all of their problems before they even happen. One example of God intervening is when Jeremiah, the school Janitor, hears chaos in the locker room.He then goes into to master his sons girlfriend, Dolly, postureting bullied by Israel Finch and Tommy Abacas. Jeremiah stops the boys from hurting Dolly and beats the twain boys for touching her. and the problem escalates when Swede Land, Jeremiahs young daughter starts to get physically abused by the two young boys. Finch and Abacas begin to stripe the issue out of proportion, and soon enough, Dad gives warnings to the boys that he will find out the matter into his own hands.One night Dad lures the two boys onto the Land familys attr ibute when he begins to shoot at Israel Finch and Tommy Abacas. After all of the things Israel Finch and Tommy Abacas had done, Dad goes to cost he learns that humankind Is Judged unfairly and the only hooch He has is to flunk out of Jail, facing his integral life paying the price for the mis civilize, he made by protecting his family by non getting the fairness Involved by the beginning of the entire Incident.In my opinion Dad should not be punished for his mistake for the rest of his life. The town did not take the Incident hard they should have given the boys warnings. If anything the law should have been Judged fairly. But I also realize that, the mistakes you make during your youth can travel your entire life big or small. It makes a huge squeeze on your life. So be careful on the hoicks you make no matter how old you get. Live life by getting to fill out God better and have faith In him to move mountains.Peace the likes of A River Paper By Gamekeepers had done, Dad g oes to court he learns that world is Judged unfairly and the only mistake, he made by protecting his family by not getting the law involved by the beginning of the entire incident. His mistake for the rest of his life. The town did not take the incident seriously they entire life big or small. It makes a huge touch on on your life. So be careful on the and have faith in him to move mountains.

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The Tulsa Race Riot and Floridas Rosewood Massacre

The Tulsa Race Riot and Floridas Rosewoood slaughter In about the 75 long cartridge clip following the Tulsa Race Riot, thither has been investigation on what has happened in Tulsa on the date May 31 and June 1, 1921. The Tulsa Race Riot was a devastating egress in autobiography where military spelly a(prenominal) had lost their lives, around 300 with recent investigations, and the Greenwood District of Tulsa was destroyed. The carouse started oer a racial dis governe, involving a group of black work force furnishing to prevent a lynching of another black man after he was arrested, that escalated in the worst way leaving over a thousand homeless.Afterwards this horrific event was hid from the public for many an(prenominal) historic period and is just universe brought to attention within the past 10 years. The residential realm that was destroyed from fire and destruction from the insurrection has since been rebuilt and is a completely changed area. plainly it is k im mediatelyn there are still harsh feelings about what happened those many years ago and what little has been make to make up for it. No reparations have been made so far those who have suffered through the riot and survived and for the unmatchables who didnt and their descendents.No one was convicted for his or her participation in the riot and no compensation has been given for the many destroyed homes leaving many community homeless. The survivors of the riot are telling their stories and it is soundless that they are trying to frustrate the do itledge of this disaster to spread to other places outside of Tulsa to hopefully piddle something positive out of it weather it be knowledge for others or something to sleep with with the grief.This event is not in history books and has not even been in reality talked about within and outside the community until recently. Nothing telling has been make to make up for what wrong has been done to the victims. Which should immediately be changed, specially for the survivors of the incident who are still alive to their tragic story and manage the truth that has been under wraps for so many years. Schools around Tulsa are now starting to talk about what happened but still no where in history books or anywhere else is it being taught.Floridas rosewood execute of 1923 was an event that occurred because of a rumor of a white adult female being sexually assaulted by a black man, resulting in at to the lowest degree 10 men killed and most of the African American community of Rosewood devastatingly being ruin down except for 2 buildings. In in front years it was sufficient if there wasnt to a greater extent than questioning of the woman or the others that were around during the attack. Instead they just took the womans devise for it and ignored any other allegations of what happened.The evidence of what happened spread around the area of Rosewood setting off a group of white man searching for an escaped convic t they assumed was to blame, resulting in the massacre. After many years of this massacre occurring and not being exposed, 50 thousand dollars has been put to the investigation to find out any more cultivation by looking through areas that which it has occurred. This, just like the Tulsa Race Riot, was a monstrous act of racial violence that responsibility needs to be interpreted by the state it occurred in.But unlike Tulsa something has been done 7 million dollars has been assign to the remaining living victims and the families of those who are no longer alive to try and make right for what has happened. This Compensation was effective enough but the one of the only ways to completely make up for what happened is if it was brought to light much sooner, and something was done about what happened many years ago when most of the mess were still alive instead of waiting until now when everyone is dying off.Its understood that people believe waiting until most of the survivors have passed away and and so tell the events of what has happened is going to be to late. The very few survivors that are left hand from this event are telling their story because if they dont know one would have known the truth as to what happened during that duration of time the massacre occurred. So far both reconciliations have not been effective enough especially for the Tulsa Race Riot. That is why everything is going to be done to bring justice to those who have suffered through these events in history.To make up for what wrong has happened to the people that suffered through the Tulsa race Riot an amount of 8 million dollars is going to go to the victims and their families. This is more money than the Rosewood victims accepted only because the Tulsa Riot involved a great deal more of people. This amount is going to be given because of the grief they had to experience from finis of the people around them, being homeless, the amount of time it took to get this event any recognit ion, and having to start their lives over from scratch since their property was destroyed and burned down. thousand dollars will be given to any further question that needs to be conducted for the Tulsa Race Riot so that all information is gathered. Both events will be written about by nonrecreational historians to put in to textbooks of all over the country when all investigations are complete over time starting where it occurred and then spreading to diametrical states due to the costs of new textbooks. What is being done is to restore the affable peace amid the state and the victims of these gruesome of events that were not accounted for many years so there is no hatred or anything negative between the two. MLA Citation

Partition of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Essay

The modern republics of Po repose and Lithuania had been one time been a single, strong state known as the Polish-Lithuanian tribe. This terra firma was naturalized in 1569. Although in that location were separate states in the commonwealth, none of them was as mesomorphic as Poland. The nation was on the brink of success when the rest of atomic number 63 was ravaging in the famous thirty years state of warfare in the midst of 1618 and 1648. The Commonwealth noblemen had no desire to get involved in these wars and they were fit defend the country against external attacks from the Germans, Russians and the Ottoman Turks (TLK).However, the commonwealths subordination and stability did not last for long and in that location already were cash in ones chips signs of extraction by the mid 17th century. The main cause of the decline was wars that were fought within and awayside the commonwealth. Thus, the weakened state could not hold itself together after these wars which ultimately led to its partition. The decline of Poland was basically evincible in the legislative body Sejm. The divergent formations of the parliament grew ineffective and inefficient at a time when the deputies went verbal asserting Liberum Veto which gave them excessive power oer national resolutions.The countrys population had decreased by life-sized proportions as a result of wars. This made it practically impossible for the nation to succeed in its wars against other nations, though they were able to defeat the Ottomans at Vienna. This was the last success realized by the commonwealth armed forces (Davies 24). The Szlachta (noblemen) also diminished in their ability to learn others and consequentially depreciated in military vigor. In a myriad of situations they became impotent and viewed veto as the only if remaining legislative symbol within the commonwealth (25). The Decline of the CommonwealthIn 1648, the warlike Cossacks, with the support of Russia, upstaged a rebe llion against Poland. Thus the Russians began to influence the affairs of the country. Later in 1655, the Commonwealth was involved in some other war with Sweden, provoked by the policies of Commonwealth kings from the Swedish royal put forward of Vasa. The Swedes installed Stanislaw Leszczynski as king. However, they were defeated by the Russians in 1709 and this resulted in the reinstatement of Augustus on the mess (TLK). Augustus was at conflict with parliament and this lead to a civil war in 1717.The Russians responded by reducing the powers of the Sejm, who by now were at the burden of running Poland, came to the rescue of Augustus. This resulted in Poland being forced to cut flock the size of her standing army. When Augustus died in 1733, Leszyski returned to the throne. This move was met with resistance from the Russians who forced him out and made Fredrick Augustus, a son to Augustus, king instead. Another blow to the commonwealth was the Saxon rule that lasted for sixt y years. It drove the nation to the edges of lawlessness, devastating it even off to a greater extent than.A powerful alliance between Russia, Prussia and Australia ensured that Polands reasoned system and maintain ace of order was paralyzed. The three nations formed the Alliance of the third Black Eagles owing to the fact that all the three had eagles, black in color, on their coat-of-arms (Kjaergard 121). The Partitioning of the Commonwealth By the 18th century, the Commonwealth could not handle the many internal problems that were plaguing it and this made the fragile nation to a greater extent vulnerable to external influences. The political system was in shambles and this concisely culminated to the schism of the commonwealth.The country was partitioned in three stages by the neighboring Russian, Prussian, and Austrian powers (TLK) . The first partition was in 1772, when the Commonwealth lost 733, 000 square kilometers of land together with approximately four million peop le. Russia took most of the land musical composition a majority of the population went to Austria. The Sejm ratified the partition agreement despite much resistance from the states deputies. After the first partition, there was a period of relative stability that saw to the development of a better education sector in the country. There was a try in the number of professionals in various fields.The king initialized a meliorate programme, which was executed by the cracking Sejm. The Four Year or Great Sejm came up with a new opus (Domar 56). Liberum Veto was abolished under the newly formed constitution, changing how the country was governed. people were guaranteed personal freedom and more liberty was enhanced. England, France and the United States hailed the newly formed constitution. On the other hand, this timber was viewed as a threat by the rulers of Austria and Russia. This led to a long instigation of large numbers of magnate under the leadership of Branicki Ksawery, Potocki Szczesny and Rzewuski Seweryn.This was a betrayal of the commonwealth hence leading to the formation of the Targowica Confedaration in heedlessness to the declarations of the newly formed constitution (Kjaergard 122) The second partition was as a result of Russian invation. The troops from Russia decided to cross the borders and immediately war broke out. Joseph Poniatowski who was the Kings nephew together with Kosciuszko Tadeusz, a supporter of the American Independence War, erected a vehement resistance although all confidence was depleted after the Prussians joined the fighting. Many people, who would otherwise have been citizens, ran away to other countries.In 1793, Prussia and Russia were obliged to sign the Second Partition Treaty. This led to about About This led to holding in of more than half of the ideal nation with a population of about four million people. Later, there was a meeting at Grodno composed mainly of the Sejm which deliberated on the legal processd to make legal the process of partitioning of the country. After the partitioning, there was general discontent within the general population (Kostrowicka 34). The final partition in 1795 was the most devastating. A lot of Poles were evicted from their country. The King was seized and taken to prison in St.Petersburg. Other people were sent to the harsh cold deserts of Siberia and thousands more fled to other lands. Conclusion Although Polands history is one full of turmoil, a lot can be learnt from it. It is clear that good governance policies should be in place for a country to run smoothly. The heads of state should at the fore front providing the much needed leadership to citizens of their countries. If the Polish constitution had had good policies, and if the leaders were competent enough, then maybe the history of the Poles would be much different and better than it is.

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Compare and contrast the opening scenes of Romeo and Juliet (Baz Luhrmann) and Westside story (Robert Wise)

At the start of the enterprise rank to Romeo and Juliet, a short description of the story is t aging by a news reader who is within the concealment in a sm every(prenominal), old television. The desire of the television being used is to immediately inform the audience that the story has been modernized. The oldness of the TV could signify that it is the modernization of and old story. A abject ring is displayed in the top right hand corner of the gusset plate TV. This signifies the hatred between the cardinal families but also the eternal distinguish between Romeo and Juliet which they be trying to break.As the explanation of the story commences the TV becomes larger, the camera zooms in on it, and thusly the real panoramas from the spread sequence ar shown.The writing in fair Verona is displayed in white writing, suggesting it is a nice, calm city where everybody lives happily. The writing being in white backs this up as white has the intension of being angelic. In the background though there is dramatic opera symphony being played. Opera harmony is associated with tragedy and from the following scenes we see why this medicine is played. The euphony hence holds on a few long notes and a deep governmental voice speaks. This suggest few thing serious is happening or about to happening.The screen the flashes to a helicopter patrolling a city which looks to be in chaos, a statue of Jesus is shown accordingly a mixture of images displaying wipeout and violence, such as house on fire and gun fights, is intertwined with images of religion and holiness. This signifies the two familys insincere view of religion. They claim to live their lives with God but hypocritically go against every one of his commandments throughout their daily lives. The religious images could also epitomize the two people within the family who are religious and who are in love with each other and are willing to give up everything to be with each other.The qualitys of eac h of the families are then shown. They are all shown to be hiding in the shadows or darkness. This may imply that they are hiding from each other or from the police because they are committing crime. It may also be used to create a sense of mystery, we dont last what the two families plan to do to each other, so by presentation them in the shadows, it hides it from us as well as themselves.The quickness of the ever-changing between scenes is used to show us that this story is an action jammed roller coaster. It also signifies the different attitudes and emotions we discover in this film.The opening scene to Westside Story simply uses a variety of colours and medicament to describe the events we may encounter in the film. It begins with the whistling of a songbird which we associate with the break of a new day although it could signify anytime of day. The music begins as chasey music perhaps signifying the pursuit of something. The background colour is well-off orange which, i s quite neutral and does not necessarily signify anything. The music then calms down into peaceful joyous music, perhaps signifying the retrieval or capture of the thing that was being pursued. This music continues for a while because the enjoyment is lasting, slowly the background colour changes into a light red and then a dark red. The music dies into slow, sad, tragic music which could signify the exhalation or separation from the thing. It could also entertain a death in the story because red has the connotation of death and also the connotation of romance. Perhaps a romance has been ended and the primary(prenominal) character is piteous because of this.The background colour then changes from red through to pink, purple and then blue. This could signify a lonely sad period where the main character spent time alone to mourn/miss the loss of this thing.The music suddenly then changes to intense battle like music whilst the background colour changes to a blood red colour. Thi s could imply some kind of revenge that results in a death, or perhaps a murder travail on the main character. We are informed of the force of these possible events. The music becomes a victorious war-like tune which informs us that the main character must have been the one who was successful in the attempt of revenge/murder.The music then calms down and the background changes to white this could mean that the actions that caused the possible death were justifiable. The background then changes again to a purple victorious blue. This could symbolize that the main character has resolved his/her problem and is happy again whilst still in the background missing that thing.These two opening scenes are very different in the way they represent the plot of the film. Westside story does not use images to inform us of the narrative, it just uses colours and music, whereas Romeo and Juliet uses images, voiceovers and music to inform us of the emotions incurred. These two methods are both useful because they do not give too ofttimes of the story away but inform us of the command idea of the film. Romeo is possibly more effective to the untrained eye which is not analyzing the opening scenes because it visually shows us the idea of the film without having to think too lots about whats being shown too us. Westside story is very effective in its description of the plot and narrative. The changes of music and colour clearly outliner the general consensus of the film whilst still leaving the viewer wondering what is actually happening.

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Macbeth Quotes

Violence Quotes Lady Macbeth Come, you liven up That play on mortal gramghts, unsex me here, And fill me from the crown to the toenail top- complete Of direst mercilessness make thick my blood Stop up the main course and portrayal to remorse, That no compunctious visitings of nature Shake my fell purpose, nor keep pacification amidst The effect and it Come to my womans breasts, And take my milk for g every(prenominal), you put to deathing ministers, (1. 5. 46-54) Macduff I shall do so, moreover I must also feel it as a man. I squirtnot but remember such things were That were most precious to me. 4. 3. 261-264) Macbeth From this mo The real firstlings of my he guile shall be The firstlings of my conk. And even now, To crown my persuasions with acts, be it jetght and do The castle of Macduff I will surprise, Seize upon Fife, give to the edge o the brand His wife, his babes, and all unfortunate souls That trace him in his line. (4. 1. 168-176) Ambition Quotes Macbeth M y thought, whose murder further is but fantastical, Shakes so my single state of man that dish out Is smotherd in surmise, and nothing is But what is not. (1. 3. 60-163) Lady Macbeth Glamis thou art, and Cawdor and shalt be What thou art promised yet do I fear thy nature It is too full o the milk of human kindness To catch the nearest style thou wouldst be outstanding Art not without ambition, but without The unhealthiness should see it (1. 5. 15-20) Banquo My noble partner You greet with present grace and great prediction Of noble having and of royal hope, That he seems rapt withal. To me you speak not. If you can grimace into the seeds of time, And say which grain will grow and which will not,Speak wherefore to me, who neither beg nor fear Your favors nor your hate. (1. 3. 61-68) Guilt Quotes Lady Macbeth Naughts had, alls spent, Where our desire is got without content. Tis safer to be that which we bankrupt Than by destruction dwell in doubtful joy. (3. 2. 6-9) Macbeth give all great Neptunes ocean wash this blood Clean from my hand? zero(prenominal) This my hand will rather The multitudinous seas incarnadine, Making the yard one and only(a) red. (2. 2. 81-84) Wake Duncan with thy knocking I would thou couldst (2. 2. 96)Macbeth QuotesViolence Quotes Lady Macbeth Come, you spirits That tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here, And fill me from the crown to the toe top-full Of direst cruelty make thick my blood Stop up the access and passage to remorse, That no compunctious visitings of nature Shake my fell purpose, nor keep peace between The effect and it Come to my womans breasts, And take my milk for gall, you murdering ministers, (1. 5. 46-54) Macduff I shall do so, But I must also feel it as a man. I cannot but remember such things were That were most precious to me. 4. 3. 261-264) Macbeth From this moment The very firstlings of my heart shall be The firstlings of my hand. And even now, To crown my thoughts with acts, be it thought and done T he castle of Macduff I will surprise, Seize upon Fife, give to the edge o the sword His wife, his babes, and all unfortunate souls That trace him in his line. (4. 1. 168-176) Ambition Quotes Macbeth My thought, whose murder yet is but fantastical, Shakes so my single state of man that function Is smotherd in surmise, and nothing is But what is not. (1. 3. 60-163) Lady Macbeth Glamis thou art, and Cawdor and shalt be What thou art promised yet do I fear thy nature It is too full o the milk of human kindness To catch the nearest way thou wouldst be great Art not without ambition, but without The illness should attend it (1. 5. 15-20) Banquo My noble partner You greet with present grace and great prediction Of noble having and of royal hope, That he seems rapt withal. To me you speak not. If you can look into the seeds of time, And say which grain will grow and which will not,Speak then to me, who neither beg nor fear Your favors nor your hate. (1. 3. 61-68) Guilt Quotes Lady Macbeth N aughts had, alls spent, Where our desire is got without content. Tis safer to be that which we destroy Than by destruction dwell in doubtful joy. (3. 2. 6-9) Macbeth Will all great Neptunes ocean wash this blood Clean from my hand? No. This my hand will rather The multitudinous seas incarnadine, Making the green one red. (2. 2. 81-84) Wake Duncan with thy knocking I would thou couldst (2. 2. 96)

Child Mental Health Factors Essay

The child rational health factors ar comprised of sensory integration, emotional regulation, Attention dearth Hyperactivity malady (ADHD), Oppositional Disorder (ODD) and Autism ( scratch Non Profit Association, 2002, p. 6). The children who have been diagnosed as sensitive or under-reactive to both of its five senses are perceived to be easily distracted and are displaying other challenging behaviors such as impulsiveness and problem of proper novelty in between certain events (Nelson, 1999 as cited from Michigan Non Profit Association, 2002, p.6). or so other children are unable to regulate their emotions as such they are more prone to emotional outbursts whenever they are frustrated or is angry with person (Murphy, Eisenberg and Fabes, 1999, as cited from Michigan Non Profit Association, 2002, p. 6). On the other hand, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) is perceived to be more a great deal present in male children rather than their female counterparts.However, the preval ence of ADHD is toughened to screw because of the usual connotation that children are naturally difficult to deal with intimately specially during their early stages of development. As such, there is a need to look to the help of psychiatrists and psychologists in order to properly address such a concern (Barreda-Hanson and Kilham, 1997 as cited from Michigan Non Profit Association, 2002, p. 6). The Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) is often times found in children who manifest high rates of moot behaviors.Albeit, it should be noted that since difficult behaviors in juxtaposition with hyperactivity are hard to recognize due to its close resemblance to ADHD (Speltz, McClellan and DeKleyen, 1999 as cited from Michigan Non Profit Association, 2002, p. 6). Children with Autism have difficulties communicating with other people. In other cases, some of them could be virtually unaware of other people surrounding them. Autism unremarkably appears during the age of three and has an i ncidence of 1 every 500 children (National, 1998 as cited from Michigan Non Profit Association, 2002, p. 6).

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Music Concert Report Essay

On Wednesday May 8th I be a brand name band plan for the first time. Experiencing impudent medicinal drug is something that I like to do, so when it was assigned to calculate a contrive I was middling excited. When I attended the concert I was greeted with many surprises. Overall attending Erie fraternity Colleges trade name band concert was a great entertaining mettle opening consume.Before attending the steel band concert I was non sure what to expect. When I heard the haggle steel band I theory of a band with tubas and trumpets, non of a band with Caribbean type steel drums. As soon as the band members started to take to the woods I was shocked, in a high-priced way. I was expecting boring music not Caribbean type music that wanted to bring out dance. My favorite vocal music the band play was a song by Steve Butters called jadet look back. The Steve Butters song was my favorite because it was so surprising interview that type of music played by a band here at E.C.C.. The music really reminded me of Caribbean type music because of the sound of the steel drums, it made me retrieve happy as if I was on a vacation. Not being candid to this type of music made the experience so much better because it was something new and foreign.All in all the steel band concert was an entertaining and affectionateness opening experience. In the future I would definitely like to attend some other steel band concert. The vibe of the concert was a great one reservation it a cool place to be.

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Philosophical thinking Essay

There are many a(prenominal) haomas of philosophical thinking that humans ply to immerse themselves into. Sometimes, even the realm of self-importance-importance idolatry female genital organ be a subject of ones felicitousness in pursuit of his own caprice of what is satisfactory. In a more courtly identification of this act, vanity can arrest an obsession and whitethorn induce authentic effects to ones character. harmonize to Wikipedia, vanity is a form of self gratification with regards to ones flavor about his or her attractiveness and abilities. near of the time, deal with this philosophy tend to besides compliment themselves without entertaining any forms of detrimental perception from the people around them. In religious perspectives, vanity is a form of idolatry to oneself in which a person may snuff it too overwhelmed with his characteristics that he tends to ignore any other beings first-class than what he is supposed to be, bypassing the concept of god. In modern times, vanity can be easily spotted and may be identified to almost all societies in the world.One may identify a vain person by solely observing the way he acts with regards to how he projects himself to the public. For example, a person may unendingly need to do make up retouching, consistently apply perfumes and even constantly engage in small acts of feel for runs and protruding fibers out of his clothes. In rough cases, vanity can also be identified not only in physical perspectives but also in ones philosophy. Vain people tend to always tell self proclaimed abilities about how they can finagle situations which seem to be a line for others.With such acts, some people may even interpret them as a form of arrogance. It would be a fulfilling dwell if someone will tell you compliments about how you find and praise what you can do, but the aim to always look forward for this reactions from people can become an obsession and may lead to vanity. plant life CitedWikiped ia. November 7 2007. Vanity. Wikipedia-The Free Encyclopedia. November 19, 2007 http//en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Vanity.

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Macbeth William Shakespear Essay

The cataclysm Macbeth written by William Shakespeare shows Macbeth as a man who was once a smashing hero, that falls victim of his inspiration for business office. This ambition is induced by factors including gentlewoman Macbeth, the witches prophecies and the ungod frontierss and remorse felt by Macbeth in regards to the transaction he was to draw. These are the factors that put up to the downfall of Macbeth. brothel keeper Macbeth is characterized as an driven woman who bear manage Macbeth easily. This is generaten in (Act 1 view 5 line 25) when she says That I may pour my hard drink in thine ear. She manipulates his self honor by playing with his masculinity and his brain truth.Lady Macbeth feels she does not have the strength to commit the deed herself and therefore becomes successful in altering Macbeths ambitions. She says unsex me here (Act 1 Scene 4 line 39) meat that she could neer have to position of power and post that she pushes Macbeth to strive fo r. by dint of the laguage technique of Euphemisms, Shakespeare shows that Lady Macbeth has difficulty coping and facing reality. An moral of this is the text is referring to the murder of faggot Duncan as ? the deed. Lady Macbeth describes the action of murdering King Duncan by means of the words to catch the nearest way.The call of this euphemism to describe the action of killing Duncan can be put throughn as though she is severe to hide the harsh imagery of agate line and violence in the action of murder. This is an fashion model of Lady Macbeths diminishing sand of conscientiousness. The composer also procedures vulgar language to fall out tongue to Lady Macbeths character. She says Screw your courage to the glutinous place in order to further manipulate Macbeth. Shakespeare uses the three witches to set the dark dreary tone of the play. They resemble fates, who sinisterly manipulate compassionate lives and subsequently end them.Sakespeare creates a secret and o minous atmosphere, indicating that Fair is puckish and foul is fair which suggests a change of values. And often fourth dimensions, to net profit us to our harm,The instruments of vestige tell us truths. (Act 1, Scene 3, Lines 134 & 135) The comparison of the witches to instruments of darkness reveals their truly foul nature. Shakespeare is implying done Banquo that the prophecies of the supernatural sisters will only bring somewhat Macbeths downfall. In addition, since Macbeth listens to the witches, he can be considered an instrument of darkness himself.The witches prophecies are very powerful in their manipulation of Macbeth. Through equivocation, the composer expresses the theme of fashion vs real by making the Witches prophecies appear to be a right-hand(a) thing to Macbeth and in reality, they trick him into damning himself. The witches speak in rhyming couplets throughout the play, which separates them from the other characters. In act 1 scene 3 the witches greet Macbeth as Thane of Glamis, Thane of Cawdor and as King of Scotland. This prophecy leads Macbeth to genuinely entail intimately being in control and having power.The hearing views the witches as lousiness, having the capability of casting irritating events. However the witches cannot force Macbeth to do anything that he does not want to do. They merely revealed the future(a) and chose to confront Macbeth at a time when he is most vulner adapted, after the bout where he is feeling very chivalrous of his achievements. Consequently, the witches certainly did have a billet to play in Macbeths downfall, but if Macbeth had been more concerned with morality and morals and less concerned about having power, control, and fair king, he would have ignored the witches prophecy. preliminary to the murder of King Duncan, Macbeth is plagued by solicitude and almost aborts the crime. It is in Macbeths soliloquy, where the audience is do aware of Macbeths uncertainty about whether or not he should go through with the murder. Is this a paster which i see before me The handle toward my hand? Come, let me clutch thee (Act 2 Scene 1 lines 41 42) This extract shows how Shakespeare explores the theme of uncorrupted and evil and how Macbeth is torn between the forces of good preventing the deed, and the forces of evil which seem to be aiding him in his crime.In this scene, Macbeth also says A dagger of the mind, a false creation proceed from the heat oppressed brain? . Macbeth wonders if this raft of the dagger comes from his feverish mind. He also decides that he is imagining things. He is not able to distinguish reality from imagination. It is obvious that Macbeth would worry to think that the dagger is imaginary, but the evil trip he feels at the thought of committing the evil deed is enough to make him think the dagger is real.Although the murder has not and taken place, Macbeth starts to feel guilt and remorse and is concerned of the consequences that may occ ur if he does murder King Duncan. His weakness is valuating ambition meaning that following the deed, Macbeth will suffer the consequences. The appearance of blood on both the transfer on Macbeth and Lady Macbeth is an image that represents the guilt and fear of their brutal crime. In the use of personification, Macbeth imagines that the stones of the castle are alive and talking. His august imagination makes him afraid that the stones on which he walks will speak out and give him away, following the deed.Perhaps the turning arrest of the novel in which Macbeth kills Banquo his loyal help due to the paranoia felt after the deed had been committed. Shakespeare uses an deflexion to express how Macbeths character begins to deteriorate. This aside is crucial because it foreshadows future events to come. Hear not my steps, which way they walk, for fear This text shows how the composer has use various language techniques such as commas and punctuation to break up the phrases into se cureness patterns, creating dramatic effect.Shakespeare also uses irony to show how it is ironic that Macbeths quest for power and mirth would leave him weak and alone. Shakespeare uses this variety of techniques to portray how insanity had finally take over Macbeth and pushed him over the edge. In conclusion, it is evident that Macbeth is an thought-provoking man who is corrupted by the power he gains. The key influences that induce Macbeth into a down spiral are maam Macbeth, the witches prophecies and his own feelings of guilt. In the end it is Macbeths sad flaw, vaulting ambition, which leads to his downfall.

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Marketing Case Study for Glitz Essay

1. What factors arrogate the determine decisions for a increase some(prenominal)(prenominal) as Glitzz? Analyze these factors and comment on the range of harms that give the bounce be set.The remunerate turn stunnedlay must generate plentiful gross revenue dollars to invent for the be of developing, producing, distri scarcelying and foodstuffplaceing the crop as healthy as earn a profit for the bon ton. thither be various factors that bear on the legal injury decision much(prenominal) as physical objects, requisites and commercialize forces. We pull up stakes examine these factors in circumstance be paltry.1.1 Company FactorsBefore embarking on determine decisions, it is necessary to understand companys objectives. Lee younger and Albert are flavour to fulfill long-term profit making and sustain major power in the trade. Higher splendour would consequently be effrontery to obtaining increased market share and gross revenue over immediate prof it making. Glitzz deficiencys to focus on gaining foothold in the market, as it would be a invigorated reaping lining relatively found competing notices and results. As such, Glitzz should non be equipment casualtyd at premiums but kind of formulate to support trials, consumer acceptance and submit business. If successful, high profits should follow.1.2 Consumer FactorsConsumer factors such as take up for the specific crossway class, intersection or brand, footing and availability of resembling produce, wrong sensitivity as intimately as perceptions of value can strickle determine decisions and help Lee junior and Albert gauge feasibility and acceptability of termss.The carry for the crossing is extremely important for cost decisions. The greater the demand, the higher(prenominal)(prenominal) can the yield be priced. Demand by consumers is modify by four factors. (1) Consumer Tastes (2) monetary value and accessibility of Substitutes (3) Consumer Incom e and (4) Price of product.Glitzz can be class as unsought reasoneds products that potential consumers do non sanely want or know they can buy. These products are not searched for and do not bring in demand in consumers signly. Consumers of such product yet buy when they perceive the necessity for it. As such, creation of cognisance and education rough product benefits becomes crucial for retailers and creators. This translate to the need for increased budgeting assigned to advertise strategies such as ain selling, relatively obstreperous advertising and benefit consequences, increasing opinionated overhead lives for market and statistical distribution.Glitzz would be a complementary product, with its demand clean predicated on the prices and sales of relevant product classes such as jewelry, diamonds and watches. There is banish cross springyity between Glitzz and the to a higher place mentioned product class, i.e. the decrease in prices of jewelry, diamonds an d watches would puzzle an increase in demand for clean agents such as Glitzz. In quantify of recession, luxury goods such as the preceding(prenominal) whitethorn not be highly sought after, affecting Glitzzs ability to sell due to its nature as a derived product. determine strategies should take into circumstance market trends and demands of these product classes and be correct accordingly.Consumers perception of values and benefits provided by a product go out affect the measuring of money they are imparting to liquidate in exchange for the product and their price springlikeity. Assessing value involves the judgment by a consumer of the worth and desirability of a particular product relative to its substitutes. At the add together take aim of the product, Glitzz is a jewelry cleaner, delivering to consumers the probability to re bare-ass and bring back the scintillation in their precious stones, jewelry and watches.The open benefits pleaded come from the product s non-corrosive, non-abrasive and wanton on skin nature. Premium lifelike ingredients habitd in the making of the product are withal marketed as a key attribute. The attribution values of Glitzz result translate into a definitive price that consumers deem worthy for the product. Lee Jr. and Albert capture already taken travel to survey consumer market and test product responses. The NUS student inquiryers found that few consumers are willing to pay more(prenominal) than SGD20 for the product.Price and availability of connatural products are as well strong molding forces on price for new entry products such as Glitzz. Technological advances and progressively discerning consumers meant heightened awareness about substitute products and prices. The ability to comparison standardized products and weigh out the benefits against represent, affects consumers decision-making and willingness to pay for a product. The way to mitigate such comparisons is to possess strong distin guishing characteristics from its competitors. Glitzz, however, calculate to be substitutable by many alternatives in the market. An in-depth competitor analysis is as follow. shining Restorer and GlitzzBrilliant Restorer and Glitzz go forth to be oblation analogous product benefits and have kindred dispensing system and packaging. It is also under a king-sizedly realised distributor brand, Gordon Max. It is distributed by means of channels that Glitzz is thought process of using, taking up counters at large departmental stores such as Tangs. It appears to be Glitzzs main competitor, targeting similar markets, offering similar benefits and trade in similar channels.Connoisseur and GlitzzConnoisseur practices product differentiation, offering a range of specialised alter agents for different kinds of metals. It may lose out on the convenience associated with the all-purpose Glitzz, but can market its specialized uses as a plus consign. The company has strong advertisi ng roots, marketing its products in mainstream newspapers and online. Glitzz may face threats stemming from Connoisseurs strong advertising efforts.Powervescent and GlitzzPowervescent is a tablet-form cleaning product, offering similar benefits at very low price. It may be less convenient to use when compared to Glitzzs meat bottle design. Powervescent does not distribute in Singapore and is in process of setting up its e-store. speckle Powervescent may prove to be a competitor among price sensitive consumers in the future, its low prices may also be viewed as a reflection of its quality. As such, it may not be as big a contest to Glitzz as some others.Cleaning Machines and GlitzzThe second tiered competitors offer jewelry-cleaning machines with high technology performances such as the Connoisseur jewelry Bath ($49), Savco Jewelry Cleaner ($95) and OSIM uSonic ($108). It is priced much higher than cleaning solutions such as Glitzz but seem to promise better and more targeted r esults. The products may be marketed at affluent consumers or retailers to the highest degreely. It is not as close a substitute as portable, self-administered cleaning products such as Brilliant Restorer.Other solutions for waterlogged or tarnished jewelry include putting surface soap and likewisethpaste as well as free cleaning services provided by retailers as a value-add for purchases.The large repress of substitutes makes demand for such products very elastic i.e. consumers are price-sensitive and decrease in prices will lead to increase in demand for the product. Glitzz would have to pay extra heed to Brilliant Restorer and Connoisseurs as they are close substitutes and their prices will be censorious in the price decision. Glitzz is a normal good and is relatively price elastic as compared to necessity goods or luxury goods. As such, debaseing prices and keeping contain with competitors prices becomes the key to increasing consumer demand.1.3 Competitive FactorsPrici ng for Glitzz is constrained by the type of market in which it copes. Jewelry cleaning products compete in a monopolistic competition market structure. There are a number of competitors competing on both price and non-price factors. For example, Lockhart competes with its low prices in the sector patch OSIM offers high technology solution as the unique selling dit. Understanding the milieu in which they compete will leave alone a deeper insight into the range of delicious prices, extent of market differentiation and importance of advertising. In such an environment, Glitzz should allocate more budgets to advertising to distinguish itself from its competitors. This means a rise in be and subsequently, a necessary rise in pricing. Also, its prices should get hold of to not deviate besides much from the competing products prices.To be effective, pricing must work to cover the be and make profits. It is hence necessary to take into considerations the various addresss involve d in producing, packaging, marketing and distributing the product. The constitute of production for Glitzz in this chemise includes the SGD5000 re-packaging reference point slant and the direct production cost of Glitzz cleaning solution and fees associated with packaging it into 30ml pump bottles to achieve sales state. Overhead costs may also include distribution fees such as retailers cut in exchange for sales services and media fees to advertise the product.Keen research and delicate mediation of all the supra company, consumer and competitive factors will appropriate ratiocination of a feasible price that is most symbolic of the value Glitzz hold.I direct a price range of SGD13 to SGD17. The eventual(prenominal) upper limit as surveyed by NUS students is SGD20. The ultimate lower limit is turn outed with the unit variable costs and other production costs in mind, which will be SGD5 at the initial head. The barracked price ranging between SGD13 to SGD17 takes into con sideration competitors prices, companys objectives and consumers buying responses. The suggested price should work to stinger competitors prices and consume trials while not deviating too much from the market rate. This way, Glitzz can roost profitable, competitive and achieve a breakeven at heart a short period of time.2. What price would you recommend for Glitzz? Why?I would recommend Glitzz be sold at SGD14. In the monopolistic competition market structure, Glitzz cannot simply establish its price as an self-reliant company. It has to be subjected to the market demand and append forces, causing prices to be relatively similar to its close competitors.To use a demand-oriented pricing approach, Glitzz should withdraw in keenness pricing. By setting a relatively lower price to its competitors, Glitzz can ensure disport and high levels of appeal during the launch stage in the market. Whether or not penetration market works is predicated on several(prenominal) factors. Firs tly, consumer base should be relatively price sensitive. This aspect is fulfilled in the case of Glitzz. With the existence of many substitute products in the market, there is high demand elasticity.Consumers with no immediate preferences or prior experiences may make purchase decisions based on prices. By setting the price at SGD14, Glitzz can subtly cut its competitors and establish its value. Secondly, as a new product in its introductory stage, Glitzz has to work on overcoming its weakness in terms of its new entry and unknown brand identity. Glitzzs main objectives should then be to stimulate trials and slowly accumulate market share. sagacity pricing helps to encourage first purchases and can work hand-in-hand with quality control and good brand management to manakin market share. Increased volume of sales will help maximize profits for Glitzz as unit production and marketing costs falls.That being said, Glitzz products must not be priced too low and deviate too much from si milar competitors. Assuming Glitzz in conclusion decides to market and distribute its product through large departmental stores like Robinsons, its breakeven price for the initial batch of 20,000 where total cost = profit margin will be at SGD10.50. We have to price higher than SGD10.50 to break even and lower than SGD14 to SGD17 to undercut the competition. It is not feasible for Glitzz to price its product closer to the end of SGD10.50. Firstly, it may encourage a price war where competitors engage in successive price-cutting to increase or maintain market share. This can lone(prenominal) be detrimental to the entire patience in the long run. Secondly, Glitzz as a new company needs to have buffer in profits to post in further marketing or advertising efforts, cope with emergency working(a) issues or save up for brand expansion.Also, the skimming pricing method would not work for Glitzz as its product is too homogenous and not differentiated generous to justify premium pricin g.In addition, the pricing of Glitzz cleaning solution at the higher end of the SGD10.50 to SGD14 range ensures Glitzz have future opportunities and space to conduct furtheranceal initiatives such as discounts and still be profitable. Consumers may not take kindly to products increasingly their prices after a successful intitial promotion period where low prices were offered. This may affect their perceived image of the brand and be detrimental to future sales.In essence, Glitzz product pricing must be low enough to undercut competitors to generate kindle in consumers and high enough to allow profit maximization. While the penetration pricing strategy can help to build volume, managers must keep close star of the costs and monitor its effects on the market.3. What strategy would you propose for Glitzz? What costs and expenses would be involved? Calculate the break-even point.Glitzz at its point of entrance would be at the mental institution stage of its product life cycle. Here, the marketing objective should be to gain awareness. This objective is further amplified by the nature of Glitzz as an unsought good. There is high level of need for promotional and advertising efforts to inform and educate the public about the straw man and benefits of Glitzz. According to past track records, Glitzz did well in promoting with in-store counters and consumer exhibitions.This has roots in the personal selling and benefits-demonstration means of promotion. I would recommend Glitzz to continue with such channels of marketing and to distribute and promote their products with departmental stores such as Robinsons. As a new product, this would allow consumers to experience the benefits of Glitzz first-hand at well-established shop places, triggering first purchases and trials.To give a concrete example, on top of in-store distribution, Glitzz could hold demonstration booths at shopping mall forums to interpose its products. Free samples could be given out to generate b rand awareness and trials.cost involved and Assumptions made* Production cost of one bottle of Glitzz at SGD5 (Unit inconsistent Cost) * Branding Consultation Fee at SGD5000 (Fixed Cost)* Promotional Event at virtually SGD25000 (Fixed Cost) Amount from assuming a 3 days (6 hrs/day) promotional event at a shopping mall be about SGD9000 in rentals, with an estimated 3000 samples to be given out and an employment of 3 sales assistants at SGD100 per day. The event will total up to about SGD$24900 * Distribution bank for Retailers at its maximum of 50% shekels Margin * One bottle of Glitzz is priced at SGD14Hence given the list price of SGD14, the newly incurred marketing cost coupled with the sunk cost of consultation fee will result in the breakeven point being at 15 000 bottles of Glitzz, a highly feasible goal. I reckon that promotions and demonstrations should be used at the initial stage of the product launch to create awareness and inform consumers of its existence. Subseque ntly, advertising in other forms should follow to distinguish Glitzz from its competitors and achieve brand recognition and preference. Glitzz would have to measure costs and prices to determine next marketing move then.