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Business and Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Business and Management - Essay Example is reveals that instead of having loads of weaknesses, the organization gained higher profits in comparison to the previous year and industry average. Increment in the sales volume and sales amount had the highest contribution to make this possible. Effective cost management can also be considered as the contributing factor. Lower Gearing Ratio: Basically gearing ratio indicates the relationship between the equity capital and debt. The reason behind calculating this ratio is to determine the long term financial position of the firm and risk factor associated with the organization. Gearing ratio reveals the sustainability of capitalization of the organization. In that case, it can be concluded that being comparatively low geared in comparison to the industry, the company has a scope of taking more debt. Lower Acid Test Ratio: Acid test ratio is more important than the current ratio as CR does not consider value of inventory. Therefore, it can be assumed that acid test ratio indicates more accurate financial position of the organization than the current ratio. Basically according to the rule of thumb, the standard ratio is perceived to be 1 for this particular ratio but it is quite lower in this case. Even the acid test ratio of the company of 2009 is not only lower than 2008 but also from the industry average. Therefore it can be considered as the weakness for the company. Here it is important to mention that there is huge difference in the result of the two years. There is a 57.59% fall in acid test ratio in the year of 2009 when compared with 2008. Zero bank balance can be blamed for this significant change. Again in 2008, there was no bank overdraft, which again had the contribution to enhance the acid test ratio. A lower liquidity ratio refers that the financial position of the company is not sound enough to meet the current obligation immediately. Lower Current Ratio: The current ratio of the organization in the year 2009 is 1.15 and it refers that current

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Cango Analysis Essay Example for Free

Cango Analysis Essay Like Liz mentions in the video (speech); CanGo acts as a personal shopper for their customers. Customers don’t have go to different store to buy their merchandise when they can buy online at the same place and for affordable prices. Weaknesses: When Liz was asked to prepare a speech of how their company developed over time, she had no clue of where to start. She didn’t plan anything ahead, for example; she mentions in the resolution video that if she had done some planning for her company, her company would have gone much far from where they are at now. CanGo didn’t have a strategic plan for online gaming. Liz and her employees just had a small meeting and without giving a notice ahead of time, she just announced that they are entering into a new market of online gaming. All her employees were surprised at first. She didn’t ask any of her employees before that if they liked the idea of online gaming or not. She just went ahead and asked for preliminary marketing plan. The employees seemed hesitant as to asking questions. The employees at CanGo don’t work together and are not working in a team setting as should be implemented. Furthermore, the company doesn’t determine what this online gaming includes. Further, the company didn’t speak to determine what would be the various levels of support it would provide to its customers. CanGo didn’t develop a strategy explaining how it will conduct its business. Opportunities: As one of the employee mentions what about online â€Å"football† game ? I think it would be great idea for the company to go ahead and implement an online football game, since a lot of customers like to play football or sports. It could be that during the football season they can get a huge rush. Secondly online gaming also allows people from different countries to play at the same time which is a huge plus. Threats: CanGo doesn’t have a huge capital to invest. If they waste it on the idea of online gaming without knowing if they have any future with it, CanGo will be in a huge debt. If they are going to train their staff to do the operations, their customers are going to be unhappy because they have few people and there is a lot of work to do. They would have to increase wages of their employees because they will be handling more work than they are supposed to. Recommendation: CanGo company needs to have a mission and vision statement. Mission statement is going to describe what their company does and vision statement is where management wants to see their company in future. First step is, to have these two statements ready, which this company is missing. I don’t think CanGo should expand on their idea of online gaming without having a strategic plan. They were missing all the elements of strategic planning which are implementation, evaluation and formation. There were no questions about the future of online gaming nor there do any report to see how much success other companies had so far with online gaming. No one discussed about the equipment they are going to need to build this huge project. Liz has put the whole burden on one employee. There is no teamwork; what if that person gets lazy and comes up a lazy marketing plan. Then everyone would have to agree to it because no other member knows anything about marketing. Liz should have told her employees that everyone needs to come up with marketing plan and then in the next meeting they will choose the best one by consensus. I don’t think company is in its best financial condition. If they go ahead with their idea of online gaming, operational costs of buying equipment and software are going to cost a lot by itself. I also think they need new personnel; training old employees about the new technology is going to be a tough job. Hiring the new staff will be cheaper. May be they should wait for the financial times to get better or they should outsource. The company can outsource the implementation of equipment which would save them a lot of money and keeping the customer service here in America. CanGo’s customers will be very happy because they will be able to talk to their own people in their language comfortably. Customer Service should be the priority in any decision they make or any service they provide. References: Devry. (n. d. ). CanGo videos. Retrieved July 15, 2009, from devry: www. devry. edu/ec/crs

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Essay --

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in Cupertino, California founded Apple Inc. in 1976 (Glen Sanford 1996). The two first just created Apple Computers in the beginning and as their company became more successful, they branched out to other types of electronics such as laptops, various musical devices, computer software, and e-book compatible machines. Apple Inc was started because both Jobs and Wozniak had always been interested in electronics throughout their lives. Wozniak was part of the creation since he was interested in computer-design. Jobs was the one who encouraged Wozniak to sell the computer to see what would happen. On April 1, 1976 the first Apple Computer was created. The organizational chart of Apple Inc. includes three key elements which are centralization, span of control, and departmentalization. Centralization is defined as the foundation of power and control which in this case is the CEO of the company, Timothy D. Cook. The next part of the organizational chart is the span of control; it refers to the amount of people a manager overlooks (BUSN 235). Since Apple Inc. is a rather large corporation there are numerous managers who overlook lower-ranking employees in the office. There is not a specified amount of employees that are assigned to one particular manager. It is based on what the strengths and weaknesses are of the manager and subordinates, the workload, as well as the location of the staff members (235). The last part of the organizational chart is departmentalization; the breakdown of employees into rational groups such as functional, product, and geographical, customer, and process (235). The ones that apply to Apple is functional, product, and geographical. Functional departmentalization involves separat... and they would not have been prepared for it. Also, to stay on top, companies must have to have a secure global database and Apple does not. Their jobs are mostly concentrated in the United States and then the parts to make the products are made and constructed overseas. Since I could not find a definitive mission statement, they will eventually have one set instead of having a list of achievements passing as their mission statement. A recommendation I would give to Apple is to create products that are cheaper because then more products would be sold. Another recommendation would be to construct offices that are around the world making products that are related to that particular country’s needs and satisfaction. I also agree with Shaughnessy about making Apple’s product market more elaborate and varied as well as to focus on the future instead of in the present.

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Promising Medical Applications for Embryonic Stem Cells Essay -- Explo

Promising Medical Applications for Embryonic Stem Cells Special cells that are taken from human embryos, called embryonic stem cells (ES cells), actually possess the power to save your life. The importance of embryonic stem cells rests in their lack of specialization. These basic cells are present in the earliest stages of developing embryos and are able to develop into virtually any type of cell and tissue in the body. Being self-renewing, they offer a potentially limitless source of cells and tissue. The versatility of these unique cells is what makes them so valuable and vital to human existence. These cells can serve many medical purposes and have the ability to benefit people in infinite ways. a. Joint replacement? There is great potential for stem cell use in joint repair and replacement as several recent studies have shown. For instance, a team of researchers at the University of Calgary used embryonic stem cells to create osteoblasts, or bone producing cells. The osteoblasts were generated in culture at a limited scale. The team cites the limited availability of embryonic stem cells as a major limiting factor to future studies. Most scientists are avoiding the ethical issues surrounding embryonic stem cell research by studying the potential uses of adult stem cells. In January of 2004, Dr. Michael Longaker of the Stanford University Medical Center and a team of doctors published their findings on bone replacement using adult stem cells in mice. They used adult stem cells derived from subcutaneous fat to create bone on premolded scaffolds. These bone structures were used to repair congenital craniofacial deformations in mouse subjects. An extension of this procedure to humans could result in monumental advanc... .... â€Å"Researchers Aim To Create â€Å"Living Glue† For Replacement Joints.† Stem Cell Research Foundation. September 2004. â€Å"Stem Cells Regenerate Injured Heart Muscle.† Stem Cell Research Foundation. August 2004. . â€Å"Stem cells therapy ‘may grow tissue’.† BBC News. 11 February, 2002. . â€Å"Stem Cell Research Targets Cerebral Palsy.† Stem Cell Research Foundation. August 2004. . Warren, Stephen M. MD; Nacamuli, Randall K. MD; Song, HanJoon M. MD; Longaker, Michael T. MD, FACS. â€Å"Tissue-Engineered Bone Using Mesenchymal Stem Cells and a Biodegradable Scaffold.† Journal of Craniofacial Surgery. January 2004: Vol. 15: 1.

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Explain How Communication Affects Relationships Essay

Communication affects relationships at work in a big way. Communicating in a positive manner will give me a very different response to communicating in a negative manner, it is also important that I alter the way i communicate dependant on who I am speaking to as everybody will respond differently to different styles and variations of communication. One of the parts of my job is to communicate with my colleagues. I must insure that as the environment I work in can and often is stressful, that I speak in a calm manner and that I am clear and concise. By doing this I lessen the chance of information that I passed on being misheard or misunderstood and by being calm I have a reassuring effect on my colleagues. When speaking to families of patient I must insure that I an understanding and come across friendly and professional as a good relationship with a patient’s family can have positive effects on the patients because it is important that families understand the patients treatment plan and how they can have positive influence on the patient. I must communicate with the patients in the most effective way possible. As a health Care worker I need to be able to build trust and a good relationship with those I look after. It is important that I use variation of communication skills to relay what I am trying to get across, this will help the patient understand what is be communicated and in turn will help the patient communicate there needs.

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Warwick Castle Essay Example

Warwick Castle Essay Example Warwick Castle Essay Warwick Castle Essay Warwick Castle Robert Craven and Stuart Chambers Warwick Castle the finest mediaeval castle in England. INTRODUCTION The Stratford-on-Avon and District Hotels and Caterers Association (SCATA) publishes a brochure which has described the Castle as follows; â€Å"This magnificent ancient Castle, situated at the very centre of England, is a treasure house of great beauty and splendid, rare quality collections of pictures, furniture, furnishings and an outstanding collection of arms and armour which bear witness to the power and influence of the Earls of Warwick down through the centuries. The beautiful grounds landscaped by Capability Brown, where peacocks roam freely, are a delight in all seasons. . . Excellent catering facilities are available all year round to suit every pocket and disposition, as well as several gift shops† Warwick Castle is less than two hours by road from London with easy access from all major cities by motorway, road and rail. This excellent infrastructure allows the area to be part of the itinerary of any visitor to the UK. The County of Warwickshire is lyrically described in the SCATA brochure: â€Å"Stratford-an-Avon and Shakespeares Country. When you think of England, and the very best of England, you are probably thinking about this fascinating region. Here in this most English of English landscapes, the broad rolling sweep of the Cotswolds, the classic half-timbered villages of the Vale of Evesham and leafy Warwickshire, there is an unparalleled variety of attractions. The birthplace of the worlds greatest dramatist, William Shakespeare; the finest mediaeval Castle and most-visited stately home at Warwick; Englands most magnificent palace at Blenheim; and the worlds most famous theatre in Stratford† THE CASTLE The Castle is part of the Tussauds Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pearson plc, which also owns the Financial Times Group and Royal Doulton among other varied interests. The Tussauds Group runs entertainment centres that include: Madame Tussauds, the famous waxworks in Baker Street, London; the London Planetarium and Laserium; the Royalty and Empire Exhibition at Windsor; Alton Towers, the UKs only world-rated leisure park; and Chessington World of Adventures and Zoo. The Castles General Manager, Martin Westwood, works in the stately home, from a majestic suite of offices overlooking the grounds. He is enthusiastic about the Castle both as a building steeped in history and as a business. In the relaxed atmosphere of his office, where he is surrounded by portraits and old paintings of the Castle, he refers to it as a brand leader in stately homes for it is in the top five most visited historic sites that charge entry fees (see Table 1). Table 1 Historic sites attracting more than 300,000 paid admissions 1 Tower of London 2 Roman Baths and Pump Room, Bath 3 State Apartments, Windsor 4 Stonehenge, Wiltshire 5 Warwick Castle 6 Shakespeares Birthplace, Stratford 7 Leeds Castle, Kent 8 Hampton Court Palace, near London 9 Tower Bridge, London 10 Blenheim Palace, Wood stock, Oxford 11 Beaulieu, Hampshire 12 Cutty Sark, Greenwich, London 13 St Georges Chapel, Windsor 14 Anne Hathaways Cottage, Stratford 15 HMS Victory, Portsmouth 16 Mary Rose, Portsmouth 17 Royal Pavilion, Brighton 18 Chatsworth House, Derbyshire 19 Hever Castle, Kent 20 Fountains Abbey, North Yorks. Paid admissions (000s) 2298 950 855 703 685 604 540 525 528 517 493 411 372 365 340 333 314 306 303 300 As you pass through the ticket office from the large car park you catch your first view of the Castle. The view truly takes your breath away and fully warrants the description given by Sir Walter Scott in 1828: the most noble sight in England. MARKETING Marketing Manager, Sarah Montgomery, is another enthusiast of the outstanding beauty of the Castle. Discussing the marketing of the business she considers that the Castles unique selling point must be that carried on all the promotional material: Warwick Castle the finest mediaeval castle in England. But she does not discount the Castles unique state of preservation, the breadth of attractions it offers, its location on the banks of the River Avon or its thousand-year span of history. In the year 1068 the first castle was built at Warwick and since that time it slowly developed into a mighty stronghold and later a grand mansion befitting the station of a high ranking nobleman. . In November 1978 the present Earl sold Warwick Castle and its contents to Madame Tussauds of London. The Castles marketing team recognised that the Castle attracted a diverse audience, each segment of which wanted different things from a visit. So in targeting audiences the team had to decide whether it was trying to sell the Castle aspect, the stately home aspect or the gardens. It was felt that all thre e areas attracted different audiences and conjured up different expectations. Research had established that from the publics point of view castles were not associated with grounds and formal gardens, and neither were they associated with the notion of being someones home. On the other hand, stately homes were associated with grounds and gardens but were felt to be formal and museum-like, with ropes keeping the public away from the interesting areas. So, was the most visited Stately Home in Britain really a castle, or was the Castle also a stately home? This conundrum had to be solved. The Castle management has a deliberate policy of charging one overall admission charge for all areas of the Castle and Grounds open to visitors. In the past they had considered charging separate admission prices for the Castle and the Grounds but this, it was felt, would confuse the customer. (See Figure 1 for price and attraction details. ) The Castle regularly has detailed market research questionnaires compiled by an outside company. Sarah said that market research is taken very seriously by the team: â€Å"On average, overseas visitors represent 42 per cent of the total. Twenty-five per cent of our customers seem to come in groups of greater than 20 and these groups are predominantly from overseas. On the other hand, 58 per cent of visitors come from the UK, of which roughly half come from within a 100 km radius of the site. Another interesting point is that 25 per cent of all customers are repeat visitors which we feel reflects the popularity of the Castle. With UK visitors 33 per cent are repeats. Of the nonlocals, that is UK residents from outside the 100 km radius, 78 per cent stay overnight in the area and the remainder have travelled over 100 km to visit the area for the day. With the recent opening of the M 40 motorway into London (approximately180 km} it is felt that travel time may be a more important factor to consider than distance travelled in kilometres† Figure 1 Admission Rates and attractions at Warwick Castle The data are collected over a period of days, and the market research reports sent to Sarah include not only the profile of visitors but what parts of the Castle they visit. The popularity of various parts of the complex varies according to how busy the site is. For instance, on a quiet day 87 per cent might visit the Private Apartments, but on a busy day this igure drops to 68 per cent. Likewise, during one such busy period, the visitors to the Woodland Gardens increased from 17 per cent to 20 per cent, to the Mound from 46 per cent to 52 per cent, and to the River Island from 34 per cent to 40 per cent. On average, visitors stayed on the site for three hours. Coach parties tended to visit for three hours, probably because the Castle was part of a full-day, tightly scheduled excursion that included other nearby tourist attractions. Competition for the paying tourists disposable cash was quite fierce in the area, it was felt. Other sites competing for the leisure pound were the Black Country Museum, Drayton Manor (Adventure) Park, West Midlands Safari Park, Cadbury World, Blenheim Palace, Alton Towers Theme Park, Ironbridge, Stratford’s Shakespeare and Chatsworth House in Derbyshire. In the Undercroft Restaurant marketing researchers overheard an elderly professor in conversation with a friend he had encountered in the Castle grounds: â€Å"I came early in the morning to avoid the rush. Any major historic tourist site is going to be heaving by midday in the summer and personally I hate all the queuing and tourists with cameras and all that. I got here at about 10 a. m. when the place opened this morning. I was able to enjoy the pure magic of the building with relatively few other people around. By lunch-time the queues were what I felt to be unreasonably long, but it is August and this must surely be their peak time here. I do wonder, for instance, should they not encourage more visitors out of season and what about allowing people to visit early morning or in the evening to avoid the lunch-time crush? † MANAGING DEMAND Warwick Castle brochures show a wide variety of activities that supplement turnover outside the peak season. According to Sarah, this literature was intended to push up the shoulders of demand: Every Friday and Saturday evening the Undercroft provides the setting for splendid five-course mediaeval banquets recreating the eve of the Battle of Agincourt. . A special events calendar has been published (see Figure 2). The Warwick Arts Festival uses the Castle as a venue in the evenings for a week in July. Exclusive tours of the Castle, and separately of the Gardens, are run by experts for pre-booked groups. These are available during the periods October to March, and March to November respectively, except during school half-term holidays and bank holidays. As a profit centre for the Pearson Group, the Castle is given targets that increase at a rate exceeding inflation. From these, prices are derived based on product developments, the prices that competitors are charging and known external factors that may affect demand (such as exchange rates and elections! ). The Castle expected between 700,000 and 800,000 visitors in the next year and profit projections were made based on these estimates. All catering facilities are run by the Castle, recognising franchising to another company would result in lost control and reduce potential to participate in profitable activities. Martin Westwood commented on fluctuations in demand: â€Å"Staffing varies relatively little with demand. It is felt that once the basic positions around the Castle are attended by staff, there is little that an additional staff member can provide. Winter weekends attract more visitors than winter weekdays, such that Saturday and Sunday combined turnover is the same as the other five days of the week put together. In summer things are more even, a Saturday or a Sunday being equivalent to two weekdays, although Sunday is usually busier than Saturday† Figure 2 Warwick castle Special Events Calendar BUSINESS OBJECTIVES Martin is clear that the Castles prime objective is to achieve growth in earnings per share for its shareholders. At the same time he emphasizes the sense of responsibility the management feels as custodians of this precious monument to work within it and use integrity and sensitivity at all times. Hence all signs, directions and facilities take a very low profile. Flashing neon lights are not the order of the day! Sarah Montgomery commented on the need to underplay the commercial side of the organisation: â€Å"Coca-Cola have offered us a sponsorship deal. They will give us money for a particular project which will increase our revenue and also the number of visitors we are getting. The problem is that Coke is the epitome of youth and fizz while the Castles target market is adults ABC 1, average age somewhere around 45! So how do we pull this deal together? † It is the integrity of the business in which the management take pride. It is not any business site but a very special building that is loved and cherished by the staff. Their constant concern is how to run a business from the Castle without destroying the charm and romance of the buildings, and without covering it with obtrusive signs and facilities. All staff are very polite and courteous and, though they are available to the public, tend not to interfere with the customers visit. In fact they blend in with visitors as they wear little that suggests they are actually staff. And when the Castle is relatively empty of visitors it has a really enchanting atmosphere. PERFORMANCE Evaluation of the performance of the business has difficulties. On the one hand, queues are an obvious problem (see Table 2) but then the customers do not seem to mind too much! Above all, the business is going from strength to strength, and achieving healthy profit performance. So, while the criticisms have to be noted, management has been achieving the high returns and growth that the shareholders require. Table 2 Observations of queuing and flow, Tuesday afternoon Queue to Private Apartments (number of people) 1. 00pm 130 1. 20 147 1. 40 128 2. 00 153 2. 20 132 2. 40 119 3. 00 137 Flow through doors to Private Apartments (number of people) 1. 00-1. 20 104 1. 20-1. 40 113 1. 40-2. 0 107 Flow from Private Apartments and State Rooms (number of people) 1. 00-1. 20 127 1. 20-1. 40 117 1. 40-2. 00 121 Queue to Rampart Walk 0-20 people at anyone time Number of people entering Rampart Walk 1. 40-1. 50 174 Queue at top of ramparts to get down (number of people) 6 minutes 63 Martin Westwood was defensive on the question of queues: â€Å"What popular to urist attraction doesnt have queues, and in any case, the queues here move pretty quickly. If we get queues for one part of the Castle we simply put out a sign suggesting people move on to the next attraction, although, to be frank, that doesnt really work. You see, the trouble is, that once people see a queue they dont want to miss out so they still join on the end of it. Our marketing questionnaires (see Appendix 1) suggest that weve got the operation about right, but theres always room for some improvement† The Professor in the Undercroft Restaurant had raised several issues connected with this: â€Å"The Castle really is in a unique condition of preservation. Its truly marvellous but I wouldnt seriously consider visiting it in the peak season. I just happen to be in the area because were going over to Stratford tonight to see Twelfth Night at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. Im really looking forward to it! I wonder why they dont have off-peak rates for those not visiting around midday and maybe open earlier and close later. I would be more than happy to spend more time on the site if it werent for all the other tourists everywhere. And another thing, couldnt they do a package deal with the theatre at Stratford? Im sure a lot of visitors here also go there. In fact, I would pay a premium price to have the Castle almost to myself. For instance, Id find it simply delightful to sip a Pimms or a gin and tonic in the grounds as the sun went down. I know that I am rambling but I am sure theres a way to re-jig the prices so that the site basically generates more income throughout the year. And even if you say they do things out of season Ive not heard about them, so whats the use of publicity if it doesnt reach the people that want to spend money? † Sarah Montgomery, mindful of the need to keep a close eye on customers diverse requirements, often talked to individuals at the exit. A transcript of one such encounter is reproduced in Appendix 2. APPENDIX 1 MARKETING QUESTIONNAIRE OF RANDOM SAMPLE OF PEOPLE LEAVING WARWICK CASTLE Age range 0-5 6-15 16-25 26-35 36-45 46-55 56-65 66+ 7 37 27 25 34 17 20 33 Area of origination Local (within 100 km) UK (outside 100 km) Europe (excl. UK) USA/Canada S. America Australia Africa Asia Other/unspecified Length of stay in area Day trip 1-3 days 4-7 days 8+ days Method of transport Coach trip Own transport Hire car Public transport Other (bicycles etc. ) 37 27 25 47 3 11 5 14 2 96 50 13 5 96 74 31 20 12 Did you find that you had to queue very much? Yes 186 No 12 No comment 2 Did you feel that the queues were the same as other large tourist sites? Same 190 Better 4 Worse 6 Did you visit? State Rooms and Great Hall The Private Apartments The Watergate (Ghost) Tower The Armory The Dungeon The Torture Chamber The Gatehouse and Barbican 191 190 31 104 193 183 87 Guys Tower, the Rampart Walk and Clarence Tower The Victorian Rose Garden The Peacock Gardens The Conservatory The River Island Foxes Study and Cedar Walk Pageant Field The Mound Refreshment Stall Stables Restaurant and Tearoom Undercroft Restaurant The Bookshop Did you.. .? Bring your own picnic Did you see the Red Knight Did you buy a brochure How long have you spent at the Castle? hours Is this your first visit? Yes No Would you visit again? Yes No Maybe Dont know 186 103 117 102 57 31 101 54 118 52 71 62 32 81 99 5 67 75 37 16 148 52 144 31 23 2 APPENDIX 2 TRANSCRIPT OF A CONVERSATION WITH A VISITOR Christabelle Trymko, Oldbury-on-Severn, Gloucester We got here at about midday. We came up for the day from Gloucestershire. It was quite a good trip and the kids behaved t hemselves in the car. We had heard a lot about the Castle from some friends who have just moved up to Stratford, which is just down the road from Warwick. The Castles in superb condition! You dont know what its going to be like until you get past the ticket office and it really is amazing. It has been kept in impeccable condition, and the gardens are beautiful as well as being far less crowded than the Castle. There were too many people in and around the Castle. The queues were an irritation but I parked my husband in the queue and took the kids elsewhere until he was near the front and then we joined him. I think a few people got upset because we seemed to be pushing in, but Im not prepared to wait with three children in long queues in the sun. Mind you, its nothing like the queues at Madame Tussauds in London, they really are crazy. I didnt realise quite how big the grounds were. If I had known I think we would have spent longer at Warwick Castle and made a full day of it. We should have come here at about ten and then spent the whole day here. That way the queues inside the Castle would have been shorter for us. The grounds are lovely and theyve got special picnic areas which I thought was a nice idea. (I wish wed brought a picnic. ) Mind you, it does seem to be more than a bit light on entertainment for the kids. Nicky loved the man with the wonderful moustache dressed up in full Crusader uniform on the horse. He was very good with the kids. Nicky also liked the waxworks in the Private Apartments place. The queue wound its way up, down and around the place but apart from mild feelings of claustrophobia (thats my problem, I suppose) it went at about the right speed and I guess it lasted a bit under an hour. Oh yes, the Ra mpart Walk, they ought to warn you about just how many stairs you have to climb. I mean, I know there is a sign but you dont take it seriously, do you! You go up and up and then theres that great spiral staircase up the inside of that tower, I wont do that again in a rush! But it was worth it for the view. All in all it was a good day. More interesting than the average castle and not full of the usual touristoriented rubbish associated with tourist attractions. The commercial side is very much underplayed and I like that. You dont feel obliged to buy ice creams and tee-shirts and pencils and tea towels. Maybe some of the signs were a bit too discreet we had to ask where the toilets were but it makes a pleasant change. Also I like the one price for everything. At other places, I object to paying an admission charge and then paying on top of that for particular attractions. You always feel mean if you dont pay up, and then you also feel that you might be missing something. No, Id recommend the place and its so much less hassle than the tourist places in London which you almost feel obliged to visit every so often. This case is from : Cases in Operations Management (Second edition) Johnston, Chambers, Harland, Harrison, Slack, FT Prentice Hall 1997

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As Well As Does Not Mean And

As Well As Does Not Mean And â€Å"As Well As† Does Not Mean â€Å"And† â€Å"As Well As† Does Not Mean â€Å"And† By Maeve Maddox A reader asks, Will you please comment on the use of â€Å"as well as† as used below: â€Å"Deng Xiaoping made a significant contribution with his theoretical courage of Marxism,  matter-of-fact attitude, rich experience, as well as his foresight and sagacity.† â€Å"As well as† doesn’t seem to me to be equivalent to â€Å"and.† According to Merriam-Webster, â€Å"as well as† is equivalent to and: as well as conjunction: and in addition, and. According to The Chicago Manual of Style, however, it is not: Note that the phrase as well as is not equivalent to and. WRONG: The team fielded one Mazda, two Corvettes, three Bugattis, as well as a battered Plymouth Belvedere. RIGHT: The team fielded one Mazda, two Corvettes, and three Bugattis, as well as a battered Plymouth Belvedere.- 6.18 The phrase â€Å"as well as† and the single word and are not equivalents because and joins two elements of equal importance, but â€Å"as well as† places more emphasis on one of the elements. Compare: My dog and cat bring me things to throw. My cat and dog bring me things to throw. My cat, as well as my dog, brings me things to throw. In the first two sentences, no distinction is made between cat and dog. In the third sentence, an unequal emphasis is placed upon cat, suggesting that there is something notable about the action as it applies to the cat. This use of â€Å"as well as† is similar to the correlative â€Å"not onlybut also,† but the emphasis falls on the element that precedes â€Å"as well as.† Note: When â€Å"as well as† is mistakenly perceived to mean and, problems of agreement arise. Chicago addresses this in Paragraph 5.133: [The intervening â€Å"as well as†] seems to create a compound subject, and [a] modifying prepositional phrase may itself contain one or more plural objects. If the singular verb sounds awkward in such a sentence, it may be better to use the conjunction and instead: WRONG: The bride as well as her bridesmaids were dressed in mauve. RIGHT: The bride as well as her bridesmaids was dressed in mauve. BETTER: The bride and her bridesmaids were dressed in mauve. If no contrasting emphasis is intended, and is the better choice. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Expressions category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:The Yiddish Handbook: 40 Words You Should KnowThat vs. WhichUses of the Past Participle

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The Top 5 Major Industry Jobs in the Southeast

The Top 5 Major Industry Jobs in the Southeast If you’re looking for a career change (or a change of scenery!), here are some of the fastest-growing jobs for 2016 in the southeastern part of the United States. This includes Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. The southeast is poised for booming job growth in 2016, buoyed by industries like manufacturing, healthcare, and construction, as many Americans flee rough winters for warm southern charm and legendary food.1. Tech Job Outlook: Computer Systems AnalystMove over, Silicon Valley: the fastest-growing tech hubs are mid-sized cities which are capitalizing on nearby universities and large companies to attract talent. Cities like Nashville, TN, and Raleigh, NC, are leading the way here. Computer systems analysts will be a high-demand position as this industry grows.Systems analysts take current computer systems and processes and design solutions to make them run more effectively. This role, which typically requires a bachelor’s degree, has a median salary of $82,710 per year, and is expected to grow like gangbusters- 21% per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.2. Administrative Job Outlook: Market Research AnalystWith the population getting more diverse all the time, identifying trends and helping companies refine their outreach and branding is a key role. This is where market research analysts come in. They take consumer data and turn it into sales leads, marketing promotions, or market forecasts for companies. The field is expected to grown approximately 19%, and offers a median salary of $61,290.3. Logistics Job Outlook: MachinistsMany companies are relocating their manufacturing plants to the southeast. For example, Mercedes-Benz USA announced in 2015 that it would be moving its headquarters to Atlanta, GA, and bringing with it more than 1,000 jobs. Machinists are a large part of this industrial workforce, operating tools to produce and modify parts. The median salary for machinist s is $41,510, and the field is open to those with a high school diploma- or equivalent vocational training or experience.4. Healthcare Job Outlook: Home Health AideThe southeast has always been a popular retirement spot for Americans, and that trend is not slowing anytime soon. With an aging population comes very specific healthcare needs- many of which are addressed by home health aides. These aides provide in-home care for clients who have disabilities, chronic illnesses, or other impairments that interfere with the ability to carry out with daily tasks. In addition to helping with chores around the home, aides may also be responsible for monitoring vital signs and ensuring that clients take medication.There is no formal education requirement for home health aides, but some states may require additional certification. The median salary for this job is $21,380, and the field is expected to grow by 38%- much faster than average.5. Service Job Outlook: Medical Equipment RepairersGoin g hand in hand with the extreme growth in healthcare needs, professionals who maintain and repair medical equipment will also be in high demand. Medical equipment repairers install, maintain, and repair equipment used in diagnosis and patient care.The median salary for this job is $45,660, and employers generally prefer candidates with an Associate’s degree in engineering or biomedical technology.The southeast is on the upswing- and not just because you can sit  on a beach in December without freezing. People of all demographics are seeking opportunities in the region, and many industries are gearing up to accommodate that growth.

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Leadership Managment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Leadership Managment - Essay Example .while a satisfied customer brings along with him 3 to 5 customers. Socially active and interactive members are sought for this role and they should be highly friendly towards the customers. More than technical knowledge, the response and handling of customers is important in the customers service assistant position. Proper training and education helps improving the level of customer care and reaping maximum benefits out of the entire situation. Line manager: Line manager position of high importance as well as they ensure the smooth working of the overall organization. Their task is to ensure that the message and instructions are being conveyed accurately from top management and that the lower management and those involved in the frontline delivery are performing according to the requirement. The top management may be faced with an array of situations. Ranging from routine situations to that of emergency and unexpected. Defining the leader and leadership: Leader is the captain of the entire ship. His navigation skills enable achieving the objectives and completing the journey. However his role is not isolated and he is expected to coordinate with the unit itself. Leadership is an integrative process that involves equal participation of the members. Leaders must have the ability to take along the members with him. Involve them in decision making, bring the best out of them and provide them with all the requirements and facilities that are needed by the members in accomplishing the tasks. Leaders are also responsible for the appointment of suitable person for the suitable task. The principle of right man for the right job should be followed and a leader must be able enough to select the... This paper approves that a leader has a list of options to choose from with regard to his leadership style. While some might use the stick and carrot approach, others use total cooperative strategy that is more loosely based on the family structure where each is equal and contributes equally. While the participative theory provides the basis that the leader contributes in equal amount as do the team members. The transactional theory on other side is the contrast where the leader mostly monitors, and responds according to the performance. In such situations the leader more loosely acts as the watch dog and allows the team members to continue working as long as they are going smoothly and instructs them only when the leader feels for guiding and direction and strategy change. This essay makes a conclusion that without a leader an organization cannot expect to survive or work. Leaders are the like the pillars to the building and without them no building can with stand. However leadership without proper team work and team members cannot produce the desired results. A leader may choose any operative leadership strategy and theory as long as it is contributive enough towards the main goal of organization. The performance of team members is directly subject to the leaders’ performance and their responses. Motivation from them and guidance can improve the performance many folds while improper direction and lack of guidance can not only harm the individuals but the organization itself.

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Importance of a comprehensive business plan Essay

Importance of a comprehensive business plan - Essay Example A comprehensive business plan for a medium sized restaurant can be sub-divided into three parts: business concept, the marketplace and financial position. These three components are split down into more than half-dozen components that encompass the overview of the business plan, a detailed account of the business dealing in food, market strategies guiding the food industry, analysing the position of market rivals, design and development, details about operations and management, and the financial standing of business (Letovsky, & Banschbach, 2011). Unlike small business plans with fewer pages, comprehensive business plans offer the business executives with a detailed outline on how to approach various challenges and capitalize on the strengths and opportunities for the successful running of the business. Business plans serve the important roles of providing a guideline for running the business, especially for start-up ventures in the highly competitive and delicate market environment - the food industry. Business plans enable many small and medium enterprises to cultivate trust with not only credit facilities that may offer financial assistance, but investors who may see it wise to channel a given amount of money to the business. Business plans can also enable a business owner running a medium-sized restaurant to know the position of his or her company in the market (D'Angelo, 2007). Owing to the comprehensive nature of details to be incorporated, a business plan for a medium-sized restaurant can present several challenges as the work of developing one can be daunting and could consume more resources from the amount set aside for starting the business. Components of a comprehensive Business Plan A comprehensive business plan for a medium-sized restaurant has several sections. These sections are clearly detailed to allow business to allow the business owner(s) and managers to have at their finger-tips, what the business entails and what needs to be done at partic ular moments in the life of the business. These include: (a) Executive Summary The executive summary provides a one-glance assessment of what the business plan contains. This section is important because it enables key stakeholders to understand the position of the business, and the assets which are available at the business executives’ disposal for easy deployment when the need arises. (b) Company overview The company report section outlines important details about the business, such as location, size, what the business specializes on and what the goals of the business (Gjerde, & Harlow, 2010). The company overview allows for an easy connection with various stakeholders such as customers, and suppliers for successful business operations. The company overview may also outline the locations of the market rivals, who in this case can be other medium-sized restaurants. This essentially allows for the deployment of the right strategies for competition in order to have an edge ove r the market rivals. (c) Products or Services The part of the business plan which outlines the products or services, ought to offer a clear description of the kind of products and or services the business sells with more focus being based on the value for money. This section cultivates a cordial relationship with clients, thus wins over their loyalty. (d) Market Analysis This section of the business plan should offer a comprehensive description of the

Trends in International Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Trends in International Business - Essay Example Deregulation process has actually allowed global firms to expand and enter into the markets which were traditionally closed. Further, deregulation has created more efficiency and has allowed them to move beyond bureaucracies to implement better and more improved management practices. Deregulation of industries like Airline services has driven the prices down and further intensified the competition. This has therefore benefited common consumers to take advantage of lower prices and more efficient products and services. (Katsioloudes & Hadjidakis, 2012) The fall of Berlin Wall has actually paved the way for the integration of Europe and has allowed Eastern Europe to come out of the Communist influence. The changes in Eastern Europe since the fall has allowed these countries to become part of EU and thus gave access to new markets. International firms have also gained access to cheap labor in Europe besides Consumers getting low priced

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How EHR (Electronic Health Record) will benefit patients and Research Paper

How EHR (Electronic Health Record) will benefit patients and Healthcare providers - Research Paper Example of information at the point of care, 88% reporting improved clinical benefits while 75% reporting that EHRs allows them to deliver better patient care. The paper finally provides a conclusion and summary of how the adoption of EHRs can be enhanced. Our current society is so far a technology advanced society that is characterized by sophisticated computing technologies ever. This society has need radically transformed by the ever evolving digital technology. Majority of us use these devices daily which include web enabled devices, tablets, smartphones which have greatly transformed the way we communicate and interact on a daily basis. Additionally, technologies such as social-networking, mobile computing and cloud computing have enhanced the way we interact in the current society. The medical field is a very information rich field that greatly requires a steady, reliable flow to allow effective participation and service delivery. This flow of information is enabled by information systems and automation of the process in health care facilities. This makes the really needed information available whenever and wherever it is needed. The key to effective service delivery in many crucial sectors in the economy is currently dependent on the automation of the processes in these sectors. The health care provision is a vital sector in the economy that must be automated to effectively provide health care services. Health care facilities have been adopting automation and using information systems in the recent past. These systems are used for different purposes in these facilities given the diverse nature of the health facilities. Some of these systems include the Electronic Health Records systems. An electronic Health Record is defined as a digital version of the manual patient card, sheet or chart. The Electronic Heath Records are patient centered records that are real time and make availability of information to authorized users instant and timely. The use of these

Russian aggression Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Russian aggression - Essay Example In a global perspective, Ukraine is an easy target but it is exactly Ukraine that is a cornerstone which stands at the crossroads of western and eastern interests. These interests with full speed go towards the Cold War 2.0 and rebuilding of USSR. If nothing will be done in some time the Middle East will not be the only region that admires was and lives only for it. The most global, total and incredibly important conflict of recent times concentrated in the eastern Ukraine. It won’t be Yugoslavia, Iraq or Syria because it will be much worse due to the more political subjects in this highly risky game. Being the biggest European country with more than 45 million of citizens Ukraine will try to stand back but without help in some time, the Baltic States and even Scandinavian countries will feel the pressure. Annexation of Crimea shows that Russia will do anything while American and European promises and guarantees on the matter of Ukrainian independence and immunity of its borde rs from invasion don’t value much. Something must be done and done quickly. NATO started strategic and tactical of unheard scale. They are the biggest beginning from the last decade of the 20th century. Ukraine still has most of the gas transit checkpoints without which Europe will be left without gas. Ukrainian citizens won’t forget the cost with which they bought their choice of better life according to the European standards. Ukraine knows its value though its politics is still highly imperfect the key for the conflict’s probably the best solution is one united front.

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How EHR (Electronic Health Record) will benefit patients and Research Paper

How EHR (Electronic Health Record) will benefit patients and Healthcare providers - Research Paper Example of information at the point of care, 88% reporting improved clinical benefits while 75% reporting that EHRs allows them to deliver better patient care. The paper finally provides a conclusion and summary of how the adoption of EHRs can be enhanced. Our current society is so far a technology advanced society that is characterized by sophisticated computing technologies ever. This society has need radically transformed by the ever evolving digital technology. Majority of us use these devices daily which include web enabled devices, tablets, smartphones which have greatly transformed the way we communicate and interact on a daily basis. Additionally, technologies such as social-networking, mobile computing and cloud computing have enhanced the way we interact in the current society. The medical field is a very information rich field that greatly requires a steady, reliable flow to allow effective participation and service delivery. This flow of information is enabled by information systems and automation of the process in health care facilities. This makes the really needed information available whenever and wherever it is needed. The key to effective service delivery in many crucial sectors in the economy is currently dependent on the automation of the processes in these sectors. The health care provision is a vital sector in the economy that must be automated to effectively provide health care services. Health care facilities have been adopting automation and using information systems in the recent past. These systems are used for different purposes in these facilities given the diverse nature of the health facilities. Some of these systems include the Electronic Health Records systems. An electronic Health Record is defined as a digital version of the manual patient card, sheet or chart. The Electronic Heath Records are patient centered records that are real time and make availability of information to authorized users instant and timely. The use of these

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German Military Able To Succeed With Operation Barbarossa Essay

German Military Able To Succeed With Operation Barbarossa - Essay Example One should also bear in mind the fact that it was the adverse effects of operation Barbarossa that prompted Soviet Union to step down as the unchallenged world super power. The preparation for Operation Barbarossa had been on track on December 18, 1940 and Hitler had made all the stealthy arrangements of the operation and the military maneuver lasted from the year of 1941.The operational goal of the attack was the quick conquest of the European part of the Russia which connects the cities of Arkhangelsk and Astrakhan and Germans had acquired a number of remarkable initial victory against Soviet Union. Their planned military operation against Soviet forces reveals their intention. On June 22nd 1941, â€Å"Adolf Hitler launched the greatest land-air attack in the history of war – Operation Barbarossa. The assault comprised of 3 million troops, 3,500 tanks, and 1,800 aircraft† (Focus on World War II: Operation Barbarossa). Hitler met with initial success as his strategies, German Blitzkrieg tactics, and operations were well-planned and well-executed. One can find that the Axis had performed mobility and obliteration, efficient communication and confidence in battlefield.

World Religion Essay Example for Free

World Religion Essay Confucianism and Daoism are two of the most influential schools of thought in ancient China. Both are not only ways of thinking, but ways of life. They are not religions: they have no teaching of worship of gods, or the afterlife; each philosophy focuses on the individual and their behavior. Confucianism and Daoism are often considered polar opposites for several reasons, although they have a few similarities. Confucianism has a core of morality, ethics, and activism. It encourages social harmony and mutual respect. Confucianists sought to perfect their character by living a virtuous life and seeking goodness. They valued ethics, respect for elders, and propriety. Confucius, the originator of Confucian thought, believed political order would be found by the proper ordering of human relationships, and so did not bother himself with the structure of the state. He stressed that a good government must fill their positions with well-educated and conscientious people, called Junzi. Confucius was followed by his disciples Mencius and Xunzi. They also possessed the same optimism that humans could improve themselves to perfection. Daoism has a core of self-reflection and oneness with the cosmos. They refused to meddle with problems that they thought defied solution, and were the prominent critics of Confucian activism. They devoted their energy to introspection, in hopes that they could better understand the natural principles of the world. The central concept of Daoism is Dao, roughly meaning “the way of nature”. The exact definition of Dao is unclear; it is portrayed as an unchanging, passive force that “does” without “doing”. Daoists try to follow Dao through Wuwei complete disengagement from competition and activism, and instead living in harmony with nature. This philosophy discouraged the presence of any government or empires, just small self-sufficient communities. There are a few similarities between Confucianism and Daoism. They were both created as a solution for the chaos that emerged from the fall of the Zhou Dynasty, although it was the arrival of Legalism that created unification in China. They both focus on self-improvement: Confucianism in the form of  relations with others, and Daoism in the form of relations with oneself and nature. Confucianism and Daoism clearly have strong contrasts, but many people believe that for a person to be whole, they should incorporate elements from each. References: Taoism and confucianism — ancient philosophies. (2012). Retrieved from (Taoism and confucianism, 2012). Kapaj, L. (10 A). Via historia. Retrieved from (Kapaj, 10 A). Huzhang. (2000). Discussion of confucianism. Retrieved from (Huzhang, 2000).

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New Zealands Government Drug Policy

New Zealands Government Drug Policy HOW THE EXISTING POLICY STARTED AND HOW IT WORKS New Zealand Government’s drug policy was enclosed in the National Drug Policy 2007 – 2012. This policy was first approved in 1998 to give direction for drug policy in Aoteoroa New Zealand as a whole. Within the framework provided by this policy, local government, non- government agencies and organizations that are part of the drug and alcohol sector developed their respective programs and set priorities. The National Drug Policy admits that drug use is mainly a health issue; therefore it should be addressed through health- based actions. New Zealand Drug policy was also created based on the principle of harm minimization. The main goal of NDP is to minimize the economic, social and health harms due to misuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. In addition, the update of the National Drug Policy was built on the existing method (the three pillars) adapted by the government such as reducing demand, helping people with drug and alcohol problems and controlling drug supply. Significantly, the drug policy will also allow a larger support which will be given to the families and communities of those who misuse drugs as well as for children affected by alcohol and drugs living in households (Ministry of Health, 2013). ALCOHOL AND DRUG USE IN AOTEAROA NEW ZEALAND Existing research shows that drug use is high in Aotearoa New Zealand compared to other countries, predominantly for amphetamine, new psychoactive substances and cannabis. Alcohol is also considered by far the most significant leisure drug in New Zealand, when it comes to widespread use and misuse. Recent surveys shows that 95% of adult New Zealanders (aged 16- 64 years) also outlined drug related harm, drug use and had consumed alcohol at some point of their lifetime. This includes recreational drug use aside from tobacco and alcohol, together with prohibited drugs and drugs that are used for illegal purposes like diverted pharmaceuticals. Furthermore, almost half or 49% of all respondents had used any drugs for recreational purposes at some stage of their lives, roughly 1,292,700 people (Ministry of Health, 2010). The New Zealand government has responded to these issues of drug use by presenting different approaches that attempt to diminish drug use and other drug related harms. The first National Drug Policy in New Zealand covered the period 1998- 2003, since then it continuously provides guidance for the governments’ activities through to 2006. During that time, the National Drug Policy in collaboration with other government agencies and the Ministry of Health, reviewed the existing program until, the second National Drug Policy was implemented comprising the period 2007- 2012. OBJECTIVES AND THREE PILLARS OF THE NATIONAL DRUG POLICY New Zealand’s National Drug Policy presents Governments’ policy and legislative aims for alcohol, tobacco and prohibited drugs. The policy was built on the value of harm minimisation which covers a broad and combined approach to minimising the impairment or injuries caused by drug use comprising of the three ‘pillars’. First is the Supply control that aims to regulate and limit the availability of drugs. Second is the demand reduction, which involves a wide variety of activities that will restrict the use of drugs of individuals, which also includes abstinence. Lastly, the problem limitation which will reduce the harm that arises from existing drug use. The National Drug Policy makers believe that there is a wide range of harm linked with how drugs are being use and that there is no single strategy or tactic that can address the problems instead, a continuum plans are needed. This will require an improvement of a particular plan that is not just receptive, but also culturally suitable in addressing the necessities of Maori, Young and Pacific people provided the over representation of these groups in terms of many drug related problems THE POLICY MAKERS AND INTEREST GROUPS THEY REPRESENT The Minister of Health and the Chair of the Ministerial Committee on Drug Policy (MCDP) (National Drug Policy, 2007) in collaboration with other Ministerial colleagues, The (IACD) or Inter- Agency Committee on drugs and Expert Advisory Committee on Drugs (EACD) are the policy makers of NDP. As mentioned above, there is a wide range of issues concerning drug and alcohol usage in New Zealand. The NDP is one way of ensuring that these organizations that are involved in these issues take constant action in addressing them. In the past and even today, NDP primarily focuses or represents specific groups such as Maori, Pacific People and Young New Zealanders. Migrants in New Zealand are also considered as contributory factor because every community group has its own habits, attitudes and beliefs that can be very different from those of New Zealand’s culture and mainstream society. (Ministerial Committee on Drug Policy, 2007) BEHIND THE POLICY, STRATEGIES AND ACHEIVEMENTS The Ministry of Health, in association with other government and non-government organizations have their respective role on how to reduce and prevent harm caused by alcohol and other drugs. The NDP brings these diverse range of people, different agencies and stakeholders to work in partnership to be able to develop interventions, mechanism and right approach for the development of the policy. The publication of the first National Drug Policy in 1998, was also the release of several other significant national alcohol and drug policies, plans and strategies over the past years, such as National Strategic Framework for Alcohol and Drug Services in 2001, The National Alcohol Strategy in 2001 (NAS), Action Plan on Methamphetamines in 2003, The Action Plan on Alcohol and Illicit Drugs in 2004, In 2005 the Te Tahuhu (Mental Health and Addiction Plan), The Te Kokiri (Mental Health and Addiction Action Plan) in 2006 and the release of the second National Drug Policy in 2007 ( Ann Flintoft, 2008). Since the release of the first NDP there have been several significant achievements as well, these includes, the founding of the National Drug Policy Discretionary Grant Fund in 2004 which provides pool of funding research for latest projects to fill up gaps in all drug policy work. Aiming to provide funding for high cross- departmental projects, for a quick response to changes in current and developing drug trends. Alcohol Advisory Council (ALAC) with the primary objective of promotion and encouragement of moderation in the liquor use, reduction and discouragement of the misuse of liquor and minimization of the economic, social and personal harm that emanated from misuse of liquor, with the aim of change for all New Zealanders drinking culture. Community Action on Youth and Drugs (CAYAD) is a national project which involves partnership with communities, aiming to decrease harm to young people/ families/whanau from illegal drugs and alcohol. Smoke-free Environments Amendment Act 2003 , an amendment from the Smoke-free Environment Act of 1990, banned tobacco from buildings, school grounds, even licensed premises such as bars, sports clubs, cafes, restaurants and other workplaces became smoke-free indoors. Restrictions to the displays of tobacco products in retail outlets and further restrictions of access for those under age 18, herbal smoking products also has been banned under this act (Ministerial Committee on Drug Policy, 2007). KEEPING WHAT WORKS AND MAKING IT BETTER, TOWARDS A NEW DIRECTION We commend the Ministry of Health and all the policy makers of the NDP on their robust focus on reducing inequalities in the recent NDP. We believe that addressing the social determinants of health and reducing harm should continue to be the main principle of the National Drug Policy. We also applaud their past and recent achievements and support their plans by building on and just updating the policy from the previous NDP rather than changing it. In the previous policy, it focuses on interventions for those who are alcohol and drug users. It cannot be denied that this has been important for alcohol and drug user prevention with good effect for the broader community. However, we strongly believe that this policy can be updated for the better. We do believe that the existing policy is good, but it would be an advantage or would be better if the next National Drug Policy will expand or develop its definition of â€Å"harm† to give a greatly importance on the harm that other drugs and alcohol cause to the others aside from the users itself. The outdated National drug Policy focuses on prevention and reduction of harm between people who are alcohol and drug users. However, policy makers should also focus or give importance to communities, families and society that are greatly affected by the harm triggered by alcohol and drugs misuse, which can be in a form of ensuring that the involved groups (communities, families and soc iety) are protected by the policy. Furthermore, we also recommend that the new policy would focus more on the â€Å"outcomes† rather than just mentioning or educating people/society about certain substances and how to properly use these substances. The policy makers may talk or may emphasize about the ideal outcome for people and societies, such as aiming on reducing people’s access to cannabis and also try to decrease the number of young people being expelled from school because of drugs and alcohol violations. Lastly, we do support that the new policy uphold the principle of harm minimization and the three pillars of demand control, problem limitation and supply reduction. We believe that the existing structure is well aligned to what other countries do and guarantees that it is suitable for the purpose of reducing harm in New Zealand. References: Ministerial Committee on Drug Policy (2007). The National Drug Policy. Retrieved from Ministry of Health (2013) The National drug Policy. Retrieved from Ann Flintoft (2008), How Good is New Zealand’s Alcohol and Drug Policy?. Addiction Treatment Research News, Volume 12. Retrieved from At the heart of the matter. NZ Drug Foundation. Reshaping New Zealand’s Alcohol and other Drug Policy. Retrieved from

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Essay --

Participation of hyperglycemia in triggering the multiple oxidative stress pathways in the course of diabetes. AngII: angiotensin II; eNOS: endothelial nitric oxide synthase; Jac/STAT: janus kinase (Jac)-signal transducer and activator of transcription (STAT); LDL: low density lipoprotein cholesterol; MAPK: mitogen-activated protein kinase; MetS: metabolic syndrome; NF-ÃŽ ºb: nuclear transcription factor ÃŽ ºb; †¢NO: nitric oxide; NOS: nitric oxide synthase; †¢O2−: superoxide anion radical; †¢OH: hydroxyl radical; ONOO−: peroxynitrite; PCKÃŽ ´: protein kinase C ÃŽ ´. Adapted from Johansen et al., 2005 The increased oxidative stress in subjects with type 2 diabetes is therefore a magnitude of several abnormalities, including hyperglycemia, insulin resistance, hyperinsulinemia, and dyslipidemia, each of which contributes to mitochondrial superoxide overproduction in endothelial cells of large and small vessels as well as the myocardium[15] COMPLICATIONS OF DIABETES Whether diabetes occurs as a result of type 1, the early-onset and predominantly insulin-dependent form, or type 2, the late-onset... Essay -- Participation of hyperglycemia in triggering the multiple oxidative stress pathways in the course of diabetes. AngII: angiotensin II; eNOS: endothelial nitric oxide synthase; Jac/STAT: janus kinase (Jac)-signal transducer and activator of transcription (STAT); LDL: low density lipoprotein cholesterol; MAPK: mitogen-activated protein kinase; MetS: metabolic syndrome; NF-ÃŽ ºb: nuclear transcription factor ÃŽ ºb; †¢NO: nitric oxide; NOS: nitric oxide synthase; †¢O2−: superoxide anion radical; †¢OH: hydroxyl radical; ONOO−: peroxynitrite; PCKÃŽ ´: protein kinase C ÃŽ ´. Adapted from Johansen et al., 2005 The increased oxidative stress in subjects with type 2 diabetes is therefore a magnitude of several abnormalities, including hyperglycemia, insulin resistance, hyperinsulinemia, and dyslipidemia, each of which contributes to mitochondrial superoxide overproduction in endothelial cells of large and small vessels as well as the myocardium[15] COMPLICATIONS OF DIABETES Whether diabetes occurs as a result of type 1, the early-onset and predominantly insulin-dependent form, or type 2, the late-onset...

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Do You Choose to be Homosexual? Essay -- Biology Essays Research Paper

Do You Choose to be Homosexual? Is it possible for one to choose his or her sexual orientation? Is one's sexual orientation something that can be changed, or is it a fixed attraction? These are a few questions, among many others that have been raised by researchers and religious organizations, as well as everyday people. Particularly, over the last decade there have been various debates over whether sexual orientation is based on genetic factors or whether it is a choice. Most researchers find that homosexuality, like many others psychological conditions, is due to a combination of social, biological, or psychological factors (1). Psychiatrist Jeffrey Satinover believes influences including a postnatal environment have an impact on one's sexual orientation. Examples within this postnatal environment include cultural behavior as well as the behavior of one's parents and siblings (1). This is just one specification that one's sexual orientation is determined at a young age, and is a lifestyle that is not chosen. A statement issued by the American Psychological Association can support this observation. A spokesperson for the organization states that "...However, many scientists share the view that sexual orientation is shaped for most people at an early age through complex interactions of biological, psychological, and social factors" (1). Richard Green, a psychiatrist at the University of California, Los Angeles, conducted a study that compared effeminate and "masculine" boys (3). In this study, Green found that children who grow up to become homosexual often engage in "gender inappropriate play" in their early childhood. "Feminine" boys generally played four times as much with dolls and about a third as much with trucks ... ...y other suggested factors. One's sexual orientation cannot just change over night or within a couple of years. In many aspects, it is much like those who sing and dance. To elaborate, when hearing the biographies of many of today's stars, it is said that a vast majority of them started singing or dancing between the ages two and five. The same concept holds true for one's sexual orientation; it is developed early in one's childhood. References 1)Is Sexual Orientation Fixed at Birth? 2)Is Being Gay Natural and Do We Have a Choice? 3)Homosexuality: Chosen Lifestyle or Fixed Orientation? 4)Homosexuality: Genetics & the Bible

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Human Resource Management Plan Essay

As a startup healthcare staffing agency for per diem, temporary and travel healthcare employment, human resources are our product; as such, a Human Resource Management Plan is vital to the success of this agency. This plan has been put together with input of management/ recruitment, sales and employee representatives. This is tool to aid in the building of this company, clearly defining roles and job responsibilities of the administrative staff; stressing the laws with which this company will comply; adding clear cut job descriptions for the labor force; and includes information on staffing, employee development/training and compensation strategies. Roles and Responsibilities Manager – Is responsible for the overall success of the human resource department. The manager will implement and define job descriptions; the training program; and contracts. The manager will procure all insurance, will assure compliance with JCAHO regulations and make sure that all state and federal statues are met as well as that all relevant laws and regulations are adhered to. The manager is responsible for acquiring human resources as well as being the final decision maker as to the hiring and termination of all employees. The manager must possess the following skills: leadership/management, budgeting, compliance will all legal binds, and effective communication. Sales Manager- the SM will be responsible for: initiating all contact with clients; following up on these contacts; negotiating for a contract between this company and client; ensuring that all contractual agreements are complied with; and developing a working relationship with client’s HR departments. The SM must possess the following skills: leadership, compliance with all legal binds, effective communication, the autonomy to make decisions and the ability to project respect of client and engender the appearance of trust, integrity and a positive image of the company. Support Personnel – the SP will be responsible for: all coding and billing; answering phones; requesting all background searches (criminal as well as credit); light booking such as time sheets and payroll; keeping track of all licenses, certification, contract and insurance expiration dates; scheduling of all employees; sending and sorting all correspondence; placing advertisements; and updating the website as needed. The SP must have the following skills: organization, trustworthiness, ability to comply with all reasonable requests by management and sales, keep a consistent and reliable work schedule, have the ability to keep all information private, and have a good work ethic and personality that reflects the image this company wants to convey. Legal Requirements The sales product of our company is its human resources. As such, there is a myriad of laws and statutes that require total attention to address HR legal compliance. Adhering to these regulations is tantamount to success for this company. The Equal Employment Opportunity Act is the chief statute that this company must adhere to. Every attempt will be made to reduce/avoid violations of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act that protects against discrimination of race, color, sex (including pregnancy), religion and national origin (EEOC, 2012). Nor will there be violations of the Age Discrimination Act of 1967 and its’ amendments. There will be training in and awareness of disparate treatment of applicants including the EEOC’s new regulations on not hiring based on criminal background so that these laws are not violated (EEOC, 2012). It is our responsibility to give our clients the best candidate to fit their requirements so the job description should reflect clearly and without any ambiguity, the limitations of each position. However, records will be kept in accordance with EEOC regulations of all applicants as well as ensuring that all accommodations are made for any disabilities Punitive and compensatory damages can be levied against this company for violations of these acts. Benefits Required Until this company acquires 20+ employees it is not required to offer certain benefits (EEOC, 2012). The majority of its’ employees will be contract workers and as such, they are required to possess their own liability insurance, will not have access to company provided health insurance, disability or retirement benefits. Government required assistances such as COBRA, FMLA and ERIS plans will not be included in any benefit package until such time as this company hires salaried employees at the required minimum (EEOC, Disabilities 2012). At that time this policy will be revisited. OSHA regulations will be strictly enforced at the company’s geographical location and the appropriate information will be posted. Violations can be subject to penalties of up to $500,000. 00 and up to six months in jail (U. S. Legal, 2010-2013). Job Description of Contract Staff Attached is a sample job description for a RN with a psych component and psych experience. (See addendum 1). This description has been carefully analyzed and developed in accordance with all laws and regulations and will be give to our clients for comparison so that their HR department’s job escriptions are legally within all perimeters required and reflect essential job functions. This description was designed with help from the O*Net Online website and the Uniform Guidelines for Employee Selection Procedures. This company’s mission is to supply RNs’, LPNs’, CNAs’, NAs’, Social service, therapeutic, as well as any other healthcare related staff on temporary need basis for hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities, including home care. Our job descriptions must reflect this clearly and include the requirements given us in the contract with our clients. Any limitations are those supplied to us by our client’s HR department and do not represent limitations on hiring by this company or any employees of this company. Each individual HR department will provide NOLA Nursing Agency with their job descriptions but we reserve the right to change any portion of this design to reflect current laws in agreement with the client’s HR department (Fried and Fottler, 2012, pp. 171,173,174, 176). Staffing and Employee Development Staffing will be guided by each individual job description. Jobs will be filled with the applicants who best fit with the requirements of our clients, suitability of the position and expectations of NOLA Nursing. Our hiring motto is â€Å"Best Person, Best Fit, equals Best Care. † To ensure excellence in training of our per diem staff by NNA before additional training is undertaken after hire, we will use the COPA model by Lenburg. The COPA model of assessment of competency by Lenburg provides for a framework to ensure that teaching and learning of skills by nurses are interactive and student focused. NNA will use this framework to prepare per diem nurses/healthcare staff for employment. Below are the four major questions complied in this model: 1. What are the essential competencies and outcomes for contemporary practice? 2. What are the indicators that define those competencies? 3. What are the most effective ways to learn those competencies? And, 4. What are the most effective ways to document that learners and/or practioners have achieved the required competencies? To further prepare our healthcare staff will use Lenburg’s eight core practice competencies with sub skill to grade new staff and use the data collected to fill out each individual’s skill set. See Addendum 2) It will also be incumbent upon NOLA Nursing Agency: * To recruit the best applicants to fulfill the specified job qualifications for our clients. This will include the initial structured interview which will test job-competency and access the applicant’s suitability for the position. A realistic job preview will be given to the chosen applicant before selection to increase th e success of the person-job/organization fit. (Fried et al, 2012, pp. 209, 211-212) * An employment agreement will be drafted and signed by NNA along the candidate and will be enforced by NNA. A separation agreement will also be initiated by NNA after receiving information by client and if necessary, an exit interview will be performed by same. * Preform all background checks including: job and education histories, criminal and civil backgrounds, validation of licenses/certifications/credentials, and checks of personal and professional references. A report will be made available to clients with signed permission of the applicant and adhering to required laws. Drug screening and physical abilities confirmed if required on job description, * Current individual liability insurance validated: copies kept on file as well as expiration dates of the insurance for each contract employee. * Protected class applications will be cataloged and statistics will be submitted to the appropriate government regulation agencies * CEUs for each applicant will be kept up to date and appropriate to the job description * Each applicant will be tested in a skills inventory and given necessary instruction in weak skills. A web bank of nursing skills will be made available so contract applicants can improve on their skill base. * Compensation and any benefits will be negotiated between NOLA Nursing and the applicant * Any issues that arise in the working environment will be mediated by NOLA Nursing and our client. * NOLA Nursing will monitor their contract employee’s job performances and any deficits will be addressed. * A critical incidents analysis will be kept on each contract employee to better select quality candidates for our clients Recruitment will be through advertisements in web based Job Boards, newspapers and participation in job fairs. An active bank of all applicants will be kept updated with a surplus of personnel available for each potential position. All necessary legal regulations and statutes will be considered in job placement and all information given on a particular candidate will be considered on a need to know basis. Our focus should be on giving our client a smooth, issue-free solution to their staffing deficits. While all attempts will be made to make a right person/right fit for each job description, voluntary and involuntary terminations will occur. To this end, the employment agreement between NNA and the applicant will include a section to negotiate issues resulting in a voluntary termination in an attempt to stay the dissolution of the contract. In case of a non-voluntary termination, NNA will act as representative of the employee to mediate any solutions that could result in the fulfillment of the contractual period. With due diligence performed by our company, turnover rates of temporary staff should be above the rate of regular employees. We make all efforts to satisfy our clients and our most important resource, our employees. Evidence based research by Cummins, J. in the online article, Nurse retention strategies: A growing priority, and Perrine, J, in Recruitment and retention report: Strategies to boost RN retention, have shown that the following strategies have improved retention rates, increasing motivation, satisfaction and performance: 1. Promote an environment where RN’s actively participate in the decision making processes that occur at the unit on the institutional level 2. Improve the perception of respect 3. Improve access between RNs’ and the organizational leadership 4.  Assist staff with education and training to meet the changing market needs 5. Lead by Example Compensation Contracts between job applicants and NOLA Nursing will be finalized after compensatory benefits are agreed upon and contracted by NNA and our client. Compensation will be on an hourly and per diem basis. HR will be cognizant of the market pay scale for each job description and compensation will stay above market value to attract competent candidates. Special attention will be given to equal pay for equal opportunities (Equal Pay Act). Diversity Evidence based research by Singleton, K and Krause, E (Sept 2009) in the Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, has found a correlation between the improving health of a patient and the nurse being of the same culture as the patient. Within legal limits, considerations will be given to the population climate of the institution where the deficit of nurses is occurring. We are an equal opportunity employer so anyone who applies will have the same opportunity to be placed in a position per the job description perimeters. Selection will not be determined by race, age, gender, sexual preference, color, religion or national origin. Realities are that nationwide, 90% of U. S. nurses are Caucasian, and blacks and Hispanics are underrepresented per the US population (Aiken, 2007). All applicants will be looked at equally and attempts will be made to place any qualified applicant. Historical Perspective and Current Trends With the cycles of supply and demand on nursing labor market, the opening of the 21st century found healthcare systems trying to catch up with demand (Fried, et al, pp. 90). Many foreign nurses were brought into the States to meet the demand; nearly 15,000 passed the Nclex in 2005 according Aiken, however at the time, â€Å"American nursing schools were turning away applicants because of capacity limitations. † (Aiken, 2007) Projections are that the shortage in 2020 could reach 800,000 to 1. 1 million with a large block of nurses looking to retire from the labor force by 2020. Aiken quotes that graduation of nurses fell from over 95,000 in 1994 to below 70,000 by 2001 with a false increase from 2002-2005 being older nurses reentering the workforce and foreign educated nurses. Current trends have been to raise salaries, provide scholarships and give other incentives to retain and gain nursing staff. However with the lack of nursing teachers, and facilities, there will be again a nursing shortage of graduate nurses and on the other end of the spectrum; retiring nurses. Per Fried and Fottler (pp. 90), more than 30,000 qualified applicants were not accepted into baccalaureate nursing programs in 2007. With the increase in Magnate policies and the increase in associate nursing programs, there will be a shortage of 4 year nurses in the near future. Per Aiken, increases and shortages of nurses into the labor market is contingent upon federal subsidies. When there was a trend toward nursing layoffs in the period between 1995 to 2000 graduations fell causing the latest shortage of nurses. Wages grew 12. 8 % between 2000 -2004. This caused an upsurge in nursing school applicants and many were turned away. Aiken feels that graduations of nurses into the labor pool seem to be keeping up with demand. However the Affordable Care Act will open up primary care to an additional 40 million Americans with a rise in the market for additional nurses (Wakefield, 2010). Government subsidies have changed per the HRSA scholarship opportunities in the last two years. Where concentration was on increasing RN subsidies, now HRSA is concentrating on grants for nurse practitioners and nursing educators and has significantly reduced the monies offered to two and four year RNs. Once again the cycle of reduced enrollments in nursing school should follow the trend of reduced federal subsidies less nursing candidates. This bodes well for our job market niche and should be the basis for growth in this company

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Explore the ways Shakespeare presents the Duke in Act one of measure for measure

In a play we get to know about a character by what he says what he does and what other people think about him. When the duke abandons the city it cause society to collapse and the whole city to fall into chaos. Any eratical behaviour made by the duke, at the top of the hierarchical pyramid would be amplified as you go down. People at the bottom will want to know what is going on and the people near the top will try and grab a piece of power. In the 17th Century the audience then would of reacted very differently to an audience of today. Back then a audience would think that it was a terrible thing that the duke had done as he is the only one who can do the job as he has the divine right. For them the duke leaving would be a very dramatic story line. However an audience of today would not be as shocked because they are used to a society of so many leaders that if the Priminister went off, yes it would be shocking but there are plenty of people that can take his place. Today's audience would probably have more sympathy as they understand stress more and would just think he needs a bit of a break. The laws in Vienna have not been used for a long time and now are useless at protecting the people and the city, much like a rusty set of armour that has been â€Å"hung by th'wall† as Claudio describes them.. They normally protect people but they have been discarded and now are useless. Now the city is full of crime depravity and all the suburbs are full of Brothels. The Duke has discarded the laws so that the people of the city like him. He no longer likes his job as he has a lot of responsibility and is depended on. He feels isolated because of all the pressure of people behind him trying to get his power. He is loved by the public for something he isn't and he knows this. All these factors make him very uncomfortable. The duke has two choices for who he could chose to stand in for him – Angelo or Esculus. Esculas's name sounds like the word scales implying that he would be balanced and would bring balance to the city. He has a lot of knowledge of the city and is old and wise. Angelo's name sounds like the word angels who are virtuous. He chooses Angelo as he wants to test his virtues. The duke quotes â€Å"Angelo is a man of stricture and firm abstinence.† When Angelo is told that he will stand in for the duke he sounds modest but could be pretending. He is probable pretending to be modest and really being obsequious. He tells the Friar that he is going back to the city to see how it is going without him and to see if Angelo is really as virtuous as he seems. In Scene one the duke decides to leave because he can't take the pressure. Whereas in scene two he says he is leaving because he can't control the people. This shows that he is either not sure why he is leaving; he just doesn't want to be the duke any more or he wants to check up on people when he's not there. When the duke is in disguise Lucio says how the duke had been so slack with the laws and how terrible he was. In act one the speech is very rushed and shows us how much of a rush the Duke is in.

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In your opinion and using a case study, what is the most dangerous Essay

In your opinion and using a case study, what is the most dangerous type of terrorism in the globalized, twenty-first century Fr - Essay Example According to certain observations made by recent researchers, it has been determined that ‘Terrorism’ has detained the world’s attention in recent years since mainly 2001. In this context, it has been the result of the destructive 9/11 attacks upon the two core symbols of the power political country i.e. United States of America. The targeted buildings of America were the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon. The attack has attained a great emblematic stature as an outrage to the reputable global order and an encounter to the world’s leading power. There are various types of terrorism within the society. A few of them are ‘Sate terrorism’, ‘Cyber terrorism ‘and ‘Narco-terrorism’ among others. In recent years, religious terrorism has emerged in terms of its occurrence, measure of violence and international reach. Furthermore, it has also been observed that there has been a relative decline within secular terrorism. The ol d philosophies of class battle, anti-colonial deliverance and material chauvinism have been transformed by new and energetic infusion of religious ideologies. In this context, it can be further ascertained that religious violence has been supported by Grassroots extremist, which has been widely spread amidst the population living in the repressive societies (Martin, 2012). This study mainly focuses on the relevance of religious terrorism worldwide. Such type of terrorism usually affects the heart of common masses and attains a great reach within a shorter tenure. Furthermore, the paper intends to discuss the dangerous aspects of religious terrorism along with ascertaining the policies that are being implemented to stop it. With regard to limitations and problems that had been faced, in order to segregate the requisite materials certain difficulties arose. Based on religious beliefs and norms of the people, it was difficult to collect secondary sources pertaining to the concerned stu dy aspects. Religion is a term, which depicts emotional attachment of common masses. Consequently, a research study on such aspects involves in-depth analysis of cultural values and religious differences. The study also involves the blood shed of common masses pertaining to such dangerous act of terrorism. Part One Religious terrorism is represented as a political violence. It is propagated by a strong belief that has been imposed by the higher powerful authorities as a command for continuing with the terrorist violence. This worldly power is imposed to gain a greater glory in relation to faith. Violent acts are the results that have been committed mainly by the beliefs of the worldly power, which preaches about receiving of rewards afterlife. Considering the historical perspective related to the ‘Religious Violence’, terrorism is the end result of the strict norms and beliefs, which has been in long-term associated with human affairs. Histories related to various masse s, civilizations, nations and realms are filled with numerous examples of revolutionary believers. In this context, the revolutionary believers engaged themselves in violent activities for promoting their strong belief. Furthermore, in-depth analysis of ‘Religious Terrorism’ has proclaimed that a few of the religious terrorists are greatly inspired by the defensive motives,

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DELL company update Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

DELL company update - Research Paper Example This strategy has helped the firm to actually capture that segment of the market which was looking for low priced computers in place of expensive IBM PCs- Over the period of time, Dell has expanded into other markets by forming strategic partnerships with different other players in the PC industry. Starting as a PC manufacturer, Dell has subsequently expanded into the Servers, Printers, memory and storage devices, LCD TVs, portable music players etc. Dell however, has subsequently discarded some of the products due to thin margins. Case also further discusses as to how the better assembly and manufacturing system, effective inventory management as well as direct sales approach of the firm has helped it to gain market share. The Update Since the end of 2008 there have been major changes in the information technology market as the new products and services changed the way market behaved in the past. The introduction of the Smartphones as well as the tablets in the market has made a gre at impact on the personal computers industry as more and more consumers preferred to use products like IPAD and Iphone to have entertainment on the go. There has been also a great change in the business computing as more focus was placed on the information technology security and safety. Recognizing this change in the market, Dell has also responded to these market changes and introduced new products and services which were potentially aimed at catering to the changing needs of the consumers. The introduction of new products such as Dell Venue Pro as well as Dell Streak outlines the shift in the strategy of the firm towards offering innovative products and services. Dell Inc has also focused on making a transition towards a services oriented firm rather than a purely hardware manufacturing firm. The use of social networking services to initiate a more personalized interaction with the customers therefore outline the necessary change in the attitude of the firm. The offering of enter prise wide services such as IT security Services, Data Storage Services etc therefore suggest that Dell is making a gigantic shift in its strategy to systematically lessen its dependence of personal computers as the major source of revenue for the firm. The Strategy Since 2008, Dell Inc has focused on the strategy of acquiring new firms in order to build its capacity to serve the different segments of the market. Dell Inc has systematically initiated the strategic acquisition process to acquire firms which can build its capacity to offer diversified range of services across different segments of the market. The acquisition strategy has proved successful for the firm as Dell Inc specially has been able to cater to the needs of its business customers. By acquiring firms like SystemWorks, Dell has been able to offer enterprise wide services to its customers. Acquisition strategy has been successfully implemented and executed by Google therefore it seems that Dell is also following into the footsteps of Google to expand its overall base of services by acquiring small and medium businesses and utilize its research and development expertise to bring in more innovation and creativity into the overall product offering. There may also be a shift in the way Dell Inc has traditionally marketed

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Project Management (organizing a talent show) Essay

Project Management (organizing a talent show) - Essay Example Second section presents critical reflection of team work, key skills of project managers and skills and competencies gained during the project. Last section critically discusses the four articles on Project management from academic journals that are related to the study area focused during the project management task. Table of Contents Section No Title Page No Critical Evaluation 1.1 Introduction 1.2 SWOT Analysis 1.3 PESTLE Analysis 1.4 Gantt Chart 1.5 Cost Volume Profit Analysis 1.6 Summary Critical Reflection 2.1 Introduction 2.2 Team Work 2.3 Leadership 2.4 Skills and Learning 2.5 Summary Critical Discussion 3.1 Evaluation of Journal Articles Critical Evaluation 1.1 Introduction This section is an endeavor to critically evaluate the significance and implications of four out of the ten techniques namely SWOT analysis, PESTLE analysis, Gantt chart and CVP analysis in managing the project. The analyses of these tools and techniques would then be made part of the subsequent presentat ion to discuss their validity. From an objective point of learning, the study and utilization of these techniques is not only critical to educational domain but also crucial to existing practices in the industry. 1.2 SWOT Analysis SWOT Analysis is an instrumental subjective tool to identify the internal organizational factors, Strength and Weakness, and external factors, threat and opportunities to best align the organization with its strategic objectives and identify the best possible scenario for operation by augmenting the decision making process as guide reference and not with precision. Although it is a much acknowledged and widely used tool in industry, but Fine (2009) has questioned the limitations of SWOT analysis to effectively determine the strategic objectives and course of actions to be adopted by any organization. Wikipedia (2011) pointed that it is quite possible for an organization to overlook certain key facts and view the overall scenario as quite simple since the t ool lacks precision in its application. Because of its simplicity to become a mere list of facts, Cartwright (2002) suggested carrying out further analysis and research for determining the relation between negative and positive factors and how they affect each other, their magnitude and their significance in comparison to that of competitors. Piercy and Giles (1989), is of the view that categorizing facts in internal and external factors is a subjective exercise and may not deal with inherent uncertainty prevailing in the market. According to Pickton and Wright (1992), since the tool is subjective in its application, there is strong probability that accomplishments may be categorized as strength, threats as opportunities and weaknesses as decisions. As a counter argument, Coman and Ronen (2009) stressed that SWOT analysis is an effective tool to build a company’s strength, maximize opportunities, reverse its weaknesses and overcome threats. He further adds merits to the capab ility of this tool for effectively identifying the core competencies of the company. Felton (2004) goes on adding that it is not the failure of the effectiveness of a tool to present good analysis rather failure of applying it effectively. Besides the inherent limitations associated with SWOT analysis and criticism by many authors questioning its