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A Role For Theory Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

A Role For Theory - Research Paper ExamplePublic constitution theory, the study or watchword of public policies (in this case relating to world-wide Warming) play an important role in the daily lives of a form _or_ system of government practitioner. It would ones first priority as a policy practitioner to keep up to date with what goes on in their world, their country, and the countrys government. To stay in touch with any crude changes that the government or official might decide to make or imply is what keeps a policy practitioner going, which has a high tendency of happening as Global Warming policy practitioner. at that place is much practical value to understanding the theories of public policy for policy practitioner or analyst because keeping their discussions as close to facts as possible is what is going to help them be better at what they do. If they start forming rhetorical theories about an issue they approach, it will be very hard for them to convince others to pu t one across their point of view.Environmental Sociology developed in the 1970s when increasing awareness on a companionable level about global warming or climate change started taking place. By 2007 sociologists who conk out to the studies of environmental problems had dedicated themselves to the investigation and application of conceptual approaches to global warming and are still ongoing.The U.S Global Change Research Program, developed in 1989, works with the coordination and integration of federal researches done on the changes in the global environment and their implications on society. The Executive Office of the President of U.S officially oversaw the U.S. Climate Change recognition Program, from 2002 to 2008 which was facilitated by the National Coordination Office.I believe that keeping public policies as close to the reality of the event is the best a practitioner can do.

Journalism, Mass Media and Communication Coursework

Journalism, Mass Media and Communication - Coursework ExampleThe Press Association, under this Ministry broke the story. This is the department which is responsible all over the evening papers regarding the ministry. As a result of the integration in the communication industry, the story builds up thus reaching the masses. In reference with Sally Grimes, a Stringer from Rome, it is evident that Alicia Beddi, the alleged, argued that the British government parson Riskitt left her flat in the Via Venuto. This is a report collected by the Sunday Watchdog. She in like manner adds in the report that the minister is living with some friends some distance from Rome (Kovach and Rosenstiel 2009).With an aim to honour his piazza in the government, Robin Bland, a staff reports that the minister reassigned from the government. His wife Sally also promises to back the economize in his defence against the allegation. The minister claims that he resigned to stand a firm position to defend the allegation. His touristed figure in the Old Town, resulting from his mothers achievements also pushes him to clean his name under the interest allegations. Jas Patel, Blacktown correspondent strongly backs the Ministers innocence. She claims that the MP has been a faithful member in go of his people. This was at a press conference at the MPs constituency. Mrs. Lorna the regional Chairperson also argues that is a national disgrace that the newspaper has made such publications alleging the misconduct by the MP. She states that she is convinced that the MP has answers to the allegations.

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Mozart Operas and Pre-Revolution Chinese Operas Contain Surprising Article

Mozart Operas and Pre-Revolution Chinese Operas adopt Surprising Relationship - Article ExampleAlso, the music takes greater importance in these works than the acting or singing, which is obvious in Mozarts opera houses, but much less so in Chinese operas. Each of these styles is driven by the music, rather than by the story or even the vocal performances. Finally, twain styles of opera confine an understated simplicity, making the attestator of the opera believe that he or she could have come up with the plot, which allows for more enjoyment of the music and the experience as a whole. This is not to declare that the plots of these operas do not have their complexities, but the basic plot is usually easy to follow, allowing for the casual viewer to simply enjoy the experience.The works of Mozart are widely regarded as some of the greatest in history. so far individuals who do not follow the opera or classical music closely have closely likely heard his name and have also hear d his music at some focus during their lives. What these individuals probably do not know, however, is how politically driven much of Mozarts work was. An example of this was Mozart opera entitled The Marriage of Figaro, which was originally banned in Vienna because it is a satirical look at aristocracy. Mozart had some very famous battles with the upper class over the course of his career, which got him into trouble because of his volatile personality.

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Brief critique Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Brief critique - Essay ExampleThe sources of the vitamin are the vegetables which consist of greens, tomatoes, and pieces of onions. The protein in the advertised meal is from the chicken that is sandwiched. The baked part of the sandwich is the main source of carbohydrates. The presence of only important nutrients in the advertised meal makes limcoonalds.com a good situate to visit when in indispensableness of a balanced diet. Additionally, the use of promotions such as Big Mac when a person visits the site limcoonalds.com makes many clients to register as the customers of the m Im lovin it. Despite this advertisement appearing in truth appealing to the consumers of fast foods, it has some weaknesses that make me dislike it. For instance, it has non provided any information about the physiological localization of the caf selling the meal (Smith 17). It is also evident that the advertisement has not unraveled the price of the meal its advertising. Additionally, it has not provi ded any information on the ratio of ingredients making up the advertised food. The lack of information pertaining the ingredients, price, and location of the selling spot makes the advertisement less important to the

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Shipping Logistics in the UK Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Shipping Logistics in the UK - Essay ExampleData for the search forget be gathered from both primary and secondary data where all participants go away be selected at random to reduce biasness in the research. Questionnaires will be used to admirer in data collection where headphone interviews will be used to help reduce cost of travelling. After data has been collected it will be analyzed using computer programs such as Ms. Excel and SPSS and presented using tables and graphs. Confidentiality will be observed as a strategy for enforcing ethics sin research. Background of the Research The term transportation has changed from what it was associated with in the past to include any form of transport moving goods from one point to an new(prenominal)(prenominal) (Lun, Lai and Cheng, 2010, p. 12). Previously, the term the term was associated with water borne transport. Consequently this extended meaning makes the industry a complex and dynamic. Logistics is set forth as the managem ent of the flow of commodities from the point of production to target point with an aim of meeting the necessitate of customers and companies. Logistics calls for assimilation of information, inventory, transportation, warehousing, handling and packaging of materials and security of the goods. According to Fremont (2009, p. 1), for the last 50 years, containerization has turned into the prop of globalization. Additionally, this catamenia has seen change magnitude international trade and consequently this calls for efficient shipping logistics. Companies and businesses bespeak for better synchronized shipping activities in terms of location and space by development of logistics chains. The total value of the UK logistics industry was $105.7 one million million in 2010 having grown by 9.9 percent in the 2009-10 fiscal years. This sector employs thousands of people and supports a remarkable proportion of the countrys economy. However, the sector is facing various constrains which may impede the efficient paper bag of its responsibilities to polar stakeholders. One primary concern in the sector is the security threats caused by pirates and increased terrorist act cases (Askins, 2012, p. 15). The other issue facing the UK shipping sector is that fact that with enlargement of European Union, competition has increased with the newer member states to the EU who have lower operational costs. Moreover, in the late 1990s, there was increased demand for bigger containers and tanker ships overstretched the capacity of the available ports thereby impeding trade. In light of these developments in this sector, it is life-sustaining to carry out a research into the shipping logistics in UK to meet the processes and procedures implemented by different companies to ensure smooth trade between UK and other countries. Aim and Objectives of the Research The aim of this research is to understand shipping logistics in United Kingdom the process, procedures and policies tha t control shipping in UK. Moreover, the research will help understand any impediments to the shipping logistics in UK and the problems faced by shippers in UK in relation to other shippers in the European Union. Objectives of the research 1. To find the security issues facing shippers in UK 2. To assess handling of goods at the port in UK 3. To investigate whether there is adequate capacity for shipping in UK Justification of the research Findings from this research will be help regulatory authorities make better informed decisions on

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Film Critique - Dances with Wolves Movie Review

Film Critique - Dances with Wolves - cinema Review ExampleThe Wind in His Hair, a young, angry Indian, did not trust him at all. When Dunbar brought pole Stands With a fist, who was a white girl that was living with the commonwealth and was attempting suicide following the death of her husband, Dunbar was looked upon the tribe less suspiciously by everybody. Then, when Dunbar came into the camp to tell the tribe about him spotting Buffalo, he come through mythical status, and everybody wanted to be his friend from that point on. Dunbar then started living with the tribe. He learned the vocabulary and married Stands With a Fist. Dunbar was captured by the army when he went back to his original post to retrieve his diary, cerebration that the diary would be used to find the Sioux tribe and kill them. The Sioux brothers of Dunbar ambushed the Army men who were taking Dunbar to be tried for treason and probably hanged. Dunbar knew that his presence in the tribe made the whole tri be a target, and put everybody in danger, so he knew that he had to leave. With a heavy heart, he and Stands With a Fist left the tribe. In the captions, it was made known that the entire tribe had submitted to the white mans reign over 18 months later. One of the major bailiwicks that ran all the delegacy through the movie was the white mans disregard for nature and animals. Through this theme ran an tinge that the white man had no regard for life, period. The theme of having a ecumenical disregard for nature, thus having a general disregard for animals, was subtly introduced to the character of derriere Dunbars guide.... The Sioux brothers of Dunbar ambushed the Army men who were taking Dunbar to be tried for treason and probably hanged. Dunbar knew that his presence in the tribe made the entire tribe a target, and put everybody in danger, so he knew that he had to leave. With a heavy heart, he and Stands With a Fist left the tribe. In the captions, it was made known that th e entire tribe had submitted to the white mans rule 18 months later. Themes One of the major themes that ran all the way through the movie was the white mans disregard for nature and animals. Through this theme ran an undercurrent that the white man had no regard for life, period. The theme of having general disregard for nature, thus having a general disregard for animals, was subtly introduced in the character of John Dunbars guide. This guide threw a tin chiffonier into the prairie, and by the way that Dunbar looked upon this action, it was clear that Dunbar did not approve of this. The theme was touched upon much more all the way in a subsequent scene there were dead animals in a pond, all of them scissure to death. It wasnt clear why these animals were killed they apparently were not killed for their hide, or their meat, because the entire carcasses were left to rot in the water. They apparently were killed only for sport. The next instance where the audience was shown tha t the white man had no respect for animals or nature came during a scene where there were thousands of buffaloes rotting in the sun. They were stripped of their hides and their tongues, then left on the prairie to rot. This was an insult to the Indians they depended upon the buffalo for the meat, the hide, the organs, the bones, everything. They did not

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Qualitative research Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

soft research - Coursework ExampleBasically, it enables people to comprehend social structures and how certain complexities can be overcome.Another figure of speech applied in interpretivism is assumptions the concept of assumptions in interpretivism entails a scenario where issues have to be examined holistically to facilitate individuals to understand their structures and functionality (Walsham, 1993). thither is also the paradigm of positivism, which is basically a scientific approach. Positivism entails utilization of mathematical data as a means to gain greater insights of social dynamics.The corpus of solipsism entails a scenario whereby one believes in the institution of his own mind as the valid and reliable source of information (Teensma, 1974). Philosophers have also argued that it is a theory that believes in ones own existence.Heshusius, L., & Ballard, K. (1996). From positivism to interpretivism and beyond tales of transformation in educational and social research (th e mind-body connection). New York Teachers College

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The Internal Assessment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Internal Assessment - Essay ExampleService spending showed a modest form in the later parts of the year. The core inflation declined in the year 2013 to as low as almost full percentage point below the Board of Governors of Federal Reserve Systems long term propose. The Board of Governors of Federal Reserve Systems long term target was at 2%. The bank also experienced an increase in US household shekels worth in the year 2013. There was an approximate growth of 12% in the home prices in the year 2013. However, signs of deceleration were seen in the final parts of the year. The treasury yield also experienced a rise over the course of the year despite the speculations that the Federal Reserve would adjust their pace of purchase mortgage backed securities.Despite the fact that there was a federal official government shutdown in the month of October, there was very minimal impact on the performance of the economy of the United States of America. the federal reserve made an annou ncement that it will reduce its security purchases in the year 2014. However, they had no intentions of pinnacle the federal fund rates unless the employment rate had reaches the 6.5% threshold.Non-interest expense experienced a decrease from $2.9 one thousand thousand to $69.2 billion. With relation to the project New BAC, which was first introduced during the third quarter of 2011, the bank continued to get personify saving in some noninterest expense categories (Adrien, Anderson, Garden, Lusthaus and Montalvan 89). This helped them in the process of streamlining their workforce. The bank expects the total savings from this project to get to $12 billion by the year 2015. $1.5 billion per quarter of the same has already been realized by the year 2014.The banks effective tax rate for 2013 was driven by their recurring tax preference items and by some tax benefits relating to non-U.S. operations, including additional tax benefits from the 2012 non- U.S. restructurings. These benef its were partially counterpoise by the $1.1 billion

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Can it be decided by you Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Can it be decided by you - attempt ExampleHowever, their strong holds were later to be shaken. As a matter of fact the major governmental changes in the region occurred from 1809 to 1825. This is according to the historyworld.net website. (historyworld.net, 2009)The royal family of Portugal stayed on in brazil and a treaty was sign-language(a) between Portugal and England in 1810 and this overlapped the treaty of Methuen of the year 1703. This recognized a direct accessibility to Brazil by the traders of Britain which made faster the movement towards the political independence of Brazil. (Birmingham, 2003 p99) This study is set out to analyze the Brazilian case of independence movement and make a comparison of this case with other Latin American Spanish colonized states. To this an answer will be provided for the study question, How was the Spanish- Latin American countries independence movements much violent compared to Brazil?The Brazilian case of decolonization was not devoid of bloodshed. This is as it is written on the about.com website. Towards the end of year 1821, the Corts were involved in a voting, with just few Brazilian delegates taking part. The voting led to the abolishment of the kingdom of Brazil as well as the royal Rio de Janeiro agencies. The voting also sought to ensure that all provinces subordinated directly to the city of Lisbon. Subsequently, Portugal drove its army troops to Brazil and also placed all the units of Brazil under the command of Portugal.In the beginning of year 1822, the Brazilians who were natural in Portugal and the troops of Portugal had a lot of tension between them. This turned into a violent trial by ordeal when Pedro made an acceptance of Brazilian towns petitions who wanted his refusal of the order by Corts to go back to Lisbon. next this, Pedro responded to the pressure as well as the fact that if he dismantled the central government and bypast it would cause separatist movements, by vowing to

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Xerox corporation swas analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Xerox partnership swas analysis - Essay ExampleWith impertinently technology and service offerings for office and production environments, including affordable ruse printing for businesses of every size, Xeroxs tax taxation growth strategy could be aligned around creating raw opportunities to blow up its share of the $102 billion document market. The transition from offset presses to digital systems would also be a gas in improving profit margins for the comp all without adding new products.If a fraction of the companys revenue is invested in look for and development each year, it would be possible for Xerox to create the industrys broadest portfolio of document management technology and operate. With the operational expertise and experience in the filed of copiers, the company can plan to launch world class new systems in color and black-and-white digital presses, production copier/printers, office multifunction systems and printers.Thus, using the existing expertise in manufacturing copiers, it would become possible to tap new opportunities and take on the digital revolution without any significant investment on the companys part.Xerox Corps Turnaround Strategy (2004) What Went Wrong, electronic version Retrieved 10 February 2008,from icmrindias website http//www.icmrindia.org/casestudies/catalogue/Business%20Strategy2/BSTR121.htmValue-added services including consulting, imaging and content management for businesses small to large. By integrating Xeroxs document management services with let on technology and improved productivity, work processes could be simplified. Value added-services, which could include consulting, imaging and content management for businesses of any size, would be an additional source of income for the company. Provision of consulting, imaging and content management is a niche area. With the digital revolution growing manifold by the day, this is the right time to exploit the potential of providing such services. many anot her(prenominal) companies prefer to outsource such jobs to experts in the field thus, Xerox could be a service supplier to such companies. Xerox-Annual Report, (2005) Retrieved 10 February, 2008,from Xerox websites http//www.xerox.com/Static_HTML/annualreport/2005/truecolors.htmlhttp//www.xerox.com/Static_HTML/annualreport/2005/gradient_content.htmlXeroxs unparalleled innovation in color technology and MFDs With Xeroxs expertise of oer 60 years in the field of manufacturing copiers, it would be relatively easy to come out with new age color printers and multifunction devices like copier-scanner-printers. There is a growing demand for such copiers in the market. The revenue from the launch of such products is expected to grow by 20 percent on an annualized basis. As the revenue per color page is approximately five times higher than the revenue per black-and-white page, there is a significant opportunity to be tapped in this market. With about 3

Performance management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Performance management - rise ExampleStudies have revealed that the simplification process has produced results that have not only been conflicting but withal ambiguous. Due to the disadvantages stated above, Ferreira & Otleys formulated the arrive atment management framework that clearly describes the operation and structure of performance management system. Researchers have emphasized that to obtain accurate results that atomic number 18 essential in developing skills and noesis on management performance, it is important to use theoretical inceptions. Managers of an organization need to select rational theories that depart guide them when analyzing performance of an organization (Chapman, 2007p. 664). Performance management approach usually involves many processes that take slur in an organization. These processes include analysis, measurement, visualize, and planning. The mechanisms employed in performance management systems are formal and informal controls. The controls are usually dependent on the size of the organization because larger firms use administrative controls (Margret, 2010 p. 210). Performance trouble Framework by Otleys In the year 1999, Otley developed a framework that was to provide a guideline in the body of work of the operations of management control systems. He focused on quintuplet areas that included identification of the main goals of an organization. ... The fourth area that Otley emphasized was the implications of either achieving or failing to achieve the targets set in an organization. Lastly, he focused on monitoring the performance of an organization. Levers of Control framework Simons proposed the levers of control (LOC) framework in the year 1995. These included beliefs, boundary, diagnostic and interactive control systems (Simons, 1995p177). Simons framework was based on four major concepts especially incumbrance values, the risks, the variables of little performance and strategic uncertainties. The belief syst em controls the core values while the risks are regulated by the boundary system. The diagnostic control system controls the critical performance variables. The main function of the diagnostic control is to monitor, assess and provide rewards based on the polar levels of performance. Lastly, the interactive control system regulates the strategic uncertainties in a company. The levers of control framework have facilitated the study of the interaction between boundary systems and beliefs (Collier, 2005p321). The LOC framework was criticized because of its incompatibility with the informal controls that exist in many organizations (Hutzschenreuter, 2009 p.10). However, the economic consumption of LOC framework facilitates the assessment of the balance between positive and negative controls (Ferreira, 2002 053). The Performance Management Systems Structure The existing frameworks had a number of limitations that prompted researchers to develop an extended framework. The extensive fra mework highlights the main aspects of performance management system, and provides foundation for the development of further investigations. The performance management system focused on several areas including organization structure,

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Rebranding to Queens Museum of Art Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Rebranding to Queens Museum of Art - Essay ExampleThe newspaper tells that despite housing the current Queens Museum, the pertly York City Building has served numerous purposes including housing the maiden United Nations Gen seasonl Assembly headquarter between 1946 and 1950. Afterwards, the edifice was remodeled for reasons of accommodating the new-made York City pavilion at a different Worlds Fair. For most New Yorkers, the southern half of the New York building has great memories as it was the place they took their first skating lessons like I and most of my friends did. Since 1952, the southern half occupied an ice-skating rink that has served generation after generation. For the Queens Museum of Arts, the foundation year was 1972 and the museum has been occupying the Northern half of the New York City building. The museums growth is mostly attributed to the Worlds Fair attractions and proudly incorporates the original honest exhibits. From the 1964s Fair, the four promin ent and still standing attractions to the Museum are gigantic steel playing field, towers seemingly cap with flying saucers and two rocket ships. According to Harpaz, each of the landmarks has a meaning. For the two rocket ships, they represent an era during which NASA had the great quest for space exploration and have human race landing on the moons surface. These rocket ships are found outside the New York Hall of Science in Queens. The steel sphere of the globe or the Unisphere is a globe made from steel and comprising 12-stories. The Unisphere is located in Flushing Meadows Park outside the museum. The towers seemingly topped with flying saucers form the New York State Pavilion. Founded by Phillip Johnson, the Pavilion was established to embody the worlds hope for the future as well as for New York State to be a cultural and Technological Center. In 1964-1965, The United States of America was anticipating having a man land on the moon but these ambitions tampered news like an assassination of President John F Kennedy, Vietnam Casualties, and turbulent civil rights clashes. This monumental concrete structure comprised of a theatre, 100-foot high open-air egg-shaped ring, and trio surveillance towers.

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Computer Security Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

Computer Security - Essay ExampleSecondly, I discovered that my tuner internet access was not secured. Thirdly, I found out that there were several problems with the inst wholeation settings of my outside(a) mouse and the web cam. Fourthly, my operating system was not victorianly configured with all of the software I had in my figurer. And lastly I discovered that my antivirus was not up to date.When mitigating a risk, it does not necessarily blind drunk to fully eliminate the threat but an effort towards minimizing the impending risks. It is therefore a step taken by a person who fully becomes aware of the existing risks and decides to find ways of preventing or minimizing chances of such(prenominal) risks occurring. I can mitigate my risks on my personal information processing system by first ensuring that I vary my personal computer somewhere hidden whenever I am out of the house and also ensuring that I fully attend to my personal computer bag whenever I carry my computer around or when am travelling. Secondly, ensuring that I use WPA2 encryption on my internet access point and also configuring my computer with a firewall to ensure that I am not hacked. Third, I would also perform a proper installation for my hardware devices mouse and the webcam. Fourth, I would ensure that my operating system is properly configured with all the software in my computer. And lastly I would ensure that I install an antivirus software that would keep my computer safe from viruses from external hard disks and flash disks and the one that automatically performs regular updates to remain

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The importance of speaking and writing in the Field of study dealing Essay

The importance of speaking and constitution in the Field of cultivation relations with Cisco Systems - Essay ExampleToday Cisco is considered to be the largest figurer information systems heap of the macrocosm. It generates revenue of approximately 41 billion USD per annum. Cisco, apart from developing, designing and selling computer technology products, in any case offers a series of IT professional authentications. Entry, Associate, Professional, Expert and recently Architect ar categorized under the levels of witness that the corporation offers. Apart from the levels, there are 8 paths that are also present in the certification program which include service provider, routing and switching, design, network security, service provider operations, storage networking, voice and wireless. These well know and valuable IT professional certification programs held at Cisco certifications are highly beneficial for the professionals, managers and the corporation mental faculty itself . Importance of writing in the field of study dealing with Cisco systems create verbally is one of the around important factors in e actually field of study. Be it the field of science, medicine, managerial sciences, commerce, law, humanities, in all sorts of field, inquiryes are being done. This is to improve the field of study and to update the students with the latest and accurate information in their fields and also to correct the wrong research works and theories which were made in the past. This is why writing is very important for every field because only good writing will put down the research work more vividly in front of the world. Without a good writing capability, the research doer will non be able to illustrate his/her research work clearly and will not be able to sterilise others understand what the research work actually is all about. Cisco, being the worlds largest computer and networking corporation, needs to update itself with the new computer techniques and technologies and also to introduce new designs and technologies in the world of computer systems. As we advance into the new era and are living in a very fast moving world, where every technology, every theory, every scientific research and everything is changing its allege day by day because of more and more research done on every midget particle worldwide. Therefore, it is important for Cisco as well to hunt for new and unique technologies in the computer and networking operations. Therefore, a student who is studying IT professional certification dealing with Cisco should also constantly make researches. For writing down a research paper, a student must have good writing abilities and skills, without which a good piece of work cannot be written as the student will not be able to clearly elaborate the research which he has made and will not be able to explain his research work, his points of view and the benefits which he thinks he can provide to the computer and networking syst ems by means of his research work. Therefore, researching and writing in the field of study, especially dealing with Cisco systems is very important nowadays. Writing in the field of Cisco involves qualitative research work. A qualitative research work includes a good quality of data, documents and evidences to understand the research and rely on it. Qualitative research work dealing with Cisco systems is done with a great variety of methodologies, logics and techniques. In Cisco systems, the

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ITEM 7 (Elaborated response to issued raised) Essay

ITEM 7 (Elaborated response to issued raised) - Essay Exampleg been vitiating the amicable atmosphere without ever being identified as a problem that is fundamentally different some(prenominal) in nature and potential than the interpersonal problem that racism is generally viewed as by intelligentsia across the world.The author has painstakingly described how United Kingdom has long viewed racism to be essentially an interpersonal problem or at the most a problem between two or more groups that perceive the each other as adversaries and the primary reason for some long rest social malaise that happens to adversely affect the agitated group. Since this problem is entrenched between individuals, a doable solution to this problem has always been thought of in terms of influencing interpersonal behaviors through changing perceptions in the minds of ethnic majority about minority stereotypes. (Tajfel & Turner, 1986)However, the leaders of the cabaret and successive governments in Gre at Britain adjudge the fact that these misconceptions had become deeply entrenched in the minds of adversarial ethnic groups. Thus, the best way to rid the society of such pernicious prejudices, the governments thought, would be to introduce a develop curriculum that would educate school overtaking children in the age group of 5 11 about their duties and responsibilities as citizens of a multi-ethnic country. (Ryan, 2003) in that location have been a series of education policies that attempted to educate, or rather, enlighten the future citizens about their responsibilities and duties twain towards the country and towards fellow citizens. (Banks, Multicultural education Historical development, dimensions, and practice, 2004)The first concerted attempts to educate school button children about duties and responsibilities of a contributing citizen began in early 1990s when cross cultural themes were introduced in the school curriculum specifically to make young would be citizens aware of what their responsibilities shall be as they grow up to be adults. These

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The Silent Language Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Silent delivery - Assignment ExampleIn his book , Edward T. Hall notes down the importance of mastering these skills for an American, who aspires to conduct undefeated job abroad (Cardon, 2008). This paper will, therefore, evaluate the important things that an American businessman needs to familiarize with speckle in a orthogonal land as addressed in The Silent Language in Overseas Business (Hall, 1960).Some things are acceptable in wiz culture, but may alike be offensive in another culture. For instance, as Hall notes, an American will realize that a Latin American time might be quite spontaneous with their time, but when doing business with an Arab, he will realize that Arabs will tolerate interruptions in between. However, that will not lessen the seriousness of the business being conducted. With this in mind, an American should seek to understand the various cultural practices in a foreign state by acquainting himself or herself with the social, ethnic and economic dis sameities of the people in that state. As Hall has stated, an misgiving of various cultural differences will go a long way to make business proceedings quite easier to conduct (Cardon, 2008). This includes an understanding of the communication in terms of time, space, material possessions, friendship patterns, and agreements. Hall makes it subject that peoples actions can act as a perfect means of conversing in one culture, while in others it is words that do most of the expression (Hall, 1960). A persons appearance communicates a lot and so are the attitudes and material possessions.Cultural interactions, according to Hall, can be explained in three levels formal, informal, and technical. Formal forms include those instances when one does something inappropriately but is corrected and shown the right way. Informal involves breeding the ways of a certain people by imitating them. Technical forms of learning, on their other hand, are similar to the experience of a teacher to a student (Hall, 19560).

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The Holocaust Essay Example for Free

The final solution Es ordainThe pain and conditions undergo by the victims is unimaginable by every standards. (spicenter. org) In the early 1930s, Eastern Europe was on the marge of power, and in a sm only western European country c exclusivelyed Ger many an(prenominal), trouble was occurring. In 1933, Europeans had no worries beyond their daily struggle to earn m unityy, put food on their familys table, and c cumulationhes on their childrens backs. This would all modification in a way out of months. Whatever type of life a mortal had built for themselves, it was all to come to a crashing d cause, if they did non conform to Hitlers specifications. www. ushmm. org) On January 30, 1933 Adolf Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany. In troop 1933, with the building of the Dachau concentration encampment, (thinkquest. org) Adolf Hitlers rising became peerless of the more or less destructive leaderships in recorded human existence. after fightd his inception as ruler o f Germany, Adolf Hitler had one thing on his mind, a pure Aryan turn tail with complete world domination. Jews were subjected to humiliation with the Anti-Jewish Laws. (theholocaustexplained. rg) The seven most established laws in Germany were Jews were labored from jobs in civil service and history, Jews were barred from most separate professions, Jews were excluded from schools and universities, Jews were forced to carry cards appointing themselves as Jews, Jews were forced to have a J stamped on their passports, Jews were excluded from dining and sleeping cars on German trains, and Jews were barred from usual beas such as parks, sporting argonnas, and baths. (theholocaustexplained. org) Hitlers goal was to eliminate all of the things he did not swear for Europe. worldpress. com) This included Jews, mentally and physically ill, non supporters of Nazism, gypsies, homo verseds, and anyone else who did not fit the mandatory code. (www. ushmm. org) He wanted to create a superi or race called the Aryan Nation. To accomplish his mission he had concentration camps created. (library. thinkquest. org) The most significant sign of the troubles looming ahead was the Kristallnacht-night of the broken glass. On November 9, 1938, Nazis attacked Jewish communities destroying, and burning over 1000 synagogues. (theholocaustexplained. rg) Over 700 businesses were wrecked, as were hospitals, schools, cemeteries, and homes. From Poland, Czechoslovakia, east European provinces, and of course Germany, a great migration was going to begin. (worldpress. com)Nazis transported victims to concentration camps by means of railroad, which was the cheapest and easiest method. The trip was horrible. the great unwashed were packed in as tightly as possible. In the summer, the cars became sweaty, smelling, and seriously hot. numerous died of heat stroke. On the other hand, winter was even worse. When the temperatures decreased, these cars were send place to place without heat.Dea th from hypothermia and starvation was common. (spicenter. org) Camps were set up for various purposes. These included labor, medical experiments, and death. Transition camps were set up as holding places for death camps. (Saucher) At the beginning of camp, prisoners usually had marks on their clothes or subroutines on their arms to identify them. Things such as jewelry, clothes, shoes, gold fillings, eyeglasses, shawls, baby bottles, and anything with value was interpreted and sold. (Saucher) They were then put into the inhumane conditions of the camps. Many quantifys families would be split up.Women and men were separated, and grouped according to age. (library. thinkquest. org) There was only one fundament for hundreds of battalion. At some camps these were long wooden boards with round holes. While they are in the bathroom, they would be watched by the soldiers to make authoritative they would not stay in likewise long. (Saucher) There was no toilet paper, so the prisoner s apply the linings of jackets. If they did not have one, they often stole one from someone else. Sleeping conditions were meetly bad. The beds of the prisoners were usually wooden boards. The diet of the prisoners was poor. (thinkquest. rg) A standard daily meal would consist of watery soup and a piece of bread. Occasionally, an extra releaseance was permitted and prisoners received a piece of cheese, some margarine, or some water jam. (thinkquest. org) The prisoners had to stand for hours in snow, rain, heat, or cold for role-call, which occurred twice a day. Within the first few long time of macrocosm at a camp many spate would die of hunger, disease, or a beating. (thinkquest. org) The briny disease was typhus, which was carried by flies. When infected by disease, prisoners were still required to work. They did not pass that sickness of necessity meant death. spicenter. org) If the prisoners did not obey the guards every stage then they would be beaten(a), put in solit ary travail or shot. It was extremely hard for prisoners to escape these camps. If caught, a prisoner was either shot or beaten severely. (Saucher) Many times, when someone escaped from a camp, all of the prisoners in that group would be shot. (Dinnerstein) If a person was caught planning a rebellion or escape, and the prisoner refused to give the names of the other associates, the Nazis would bring everyone from his or her barracks and force him or her to watch to mutilation of the others. Dinnerstein) When a prisoner died, the remains were usually thrown on the brass of the street. Later, most of the bodies were burned. (library. thinkquest. org) There was often a severe lack of food. This was overcome by the cooks, who sometimes used the dead bodies as food for the prisoners. (thinkquest. org) Many of the activities practiced by the Nazi soldiers were horrifying. (thinkquest. org) Prisoners were fed to bears in secluded zoos. Husbands were forced to have sex with others mens w ives in front of their children. Women were forced to have sexual relations with animals. thinkquest. org)Jewish babies were launched into the air and fasten together by bayonets in front of their mothers. Soldiers practiced their gunmanship by shaft the Jews finger tips and noses. Prisoners were put through terrifying experiments without their consent. The first tests performed were sterilisation tests. (A,2) Three methods were tried, including sterilization by medication, sterilization by x-rays, and sterilization by injection. Next came saltwater tests. Prisoners were forced to drink saltwater until they went insane.They were performed in order to ad expert a commission for downed pilots and sailors to drink the surrounding sea water. The third set of tests were high aggrandisement tests. (A,4) Test subjects were put in low pressure chambers and then the atomic number 8 was slowly removed. subsequently the subject died, the Nazis put the body under water and did an autopsy to find out how much oxygen was left in the brain cavity. (B,2) Another set of tests were performed to find information on hypothermia. The Nazis took subjects and put pip suits on them. After world properly ad vindicatoryed, the men were put in 36 degree Fahrenheit(postnominal) water.Then they would be able to find a way to save pilots stranded in the northmost and Baltic Seas. (thinkquest. org) Before they could be revived, many of the men died of severe brain excessive bleeding. The Nazis used kind of a few methods of extermination, alone the most common were gassing, burning, shooting, beating, and inhumane testing. (spicenter. org) Gassing was the easiest, cheapest, and most efficient way of destruction. Jews were put in chambers disguised as showers and then gas was let in. They were all sent to the showers, naked with a bar of soap, so as to deceive them into believing that they were truly going into a shower. B,1) Most lot smelled the burning bodies and knew the truth. To most state the final solution represents an extremely harmful event, and perhaps the cruelest umbrage in history. (thinkquest. org) What many fail to consider is the pain and misery these prisoners endured throughout these unfortunate times. The truth is that all prisoners were treated wrongly from the time that they were captured and separated from their family, until the moment they were forced into death. Concentration camps were camps that the Jewish, Gypsies, or other plurality were forced to go to, to be tortured or forced to do work.Adolf Hitler and the German Nazi Soldiers did not like those kinds of people so they decided to put them in camps, called Concentration camps. They put them in these camps more often than not because of their looks and their religion. By 1942, Germans had built 6 death camps. Some death camps were located in Auschwitz, Belzec, Chelmno, Majdanek, Sobibor, and T. II. Some other concentration camps were Bergen-Belsen, Buchenwald, Dachau, Sach senhausen, Treblinka, and Theresienstadt. These camps were work camps not killing camps. The worst death camp was Auschwitz. (thinkquest. org) It was the largest concentration camp.Auschwitz was located in Poland. It was made up of 3 concentration camps in one. About 1 ? million people were killed at Auschwitz during World War II. (C,2) The second camp was Bergen-Belsen. It was built in 1943 as a prison camp. It was meant for 10,000 people, solely it held 41,000. (thinkquest. org) There were no gas chambers still 37,000 prisoners died from either diseases or just being overworked. Anne blunt, one of the most famous victims died there. The third camp was Dachau. This was the first concentration camp built in 1933. This camp was meant to perform experiments on prisoners but it wasnt meant for a killing camp.It was still cognize as one of the harshest camps because of its horrible living conditions and experiments. (thinkquest. org) The fourth camp was Sachsenhausen. This camp was b uilt in 1936. It was apart of three camps, including Buchenwald and Dachau. (thinkquest. org) primaeval prisoners were 10,000 Jews from Berlin and Hamburg. 200. 000 people were in the camp. 100,000 ended up dying from diseases, exhaustion, or over working. (C,3) The fifth camp was Theresienstadt. 33,500 people died from the crowding in the ghetto. 88,000 Jews were sent to killing camps. (thinkquest. org) The sixth camp was Treblinka and T.II. In 1941 it opened to be a slavery camp. Close by another camp called T. II opened in 1942. That camp was meant to be a killing camp. (thinkquest. org) In Treblinka, there were bath houses which were used to kill people by a poisonous gas called carbon monoxide. About 700,000 to 900,000 were killed. (thinkquest. org) In 1943, a group of prisoners tried to escape but some were killed or recaptured. T. II camp was closed in October of 1943. (thinkquest. org) Treblinka was closed in July of 1944. In 1945, the war ended. Many died due to the harsh conditions of the camps. (thinkquest. org) Very few survived.If you survived you were very lucky (C,4) There is a lot of information around the Holocaust. Some propagandists use partial knowledge to suggest that it didnt happen and they have their own statistics to make their audience believe so. Some people feel guilty. It was a very dark time and lots of lives were lost. (library. thinkquest. org) Others would like to escape from what they did because I think deep down they all knew it was wrong. Some people are just ignorant and feel superior and are racist so they dont regard it as something bad but something that should have continued occurrence. (spicenter. rg) Those types of people are horrible. Then, there are always skeptics. I believe the holocaust happened because first of all, who would fake something like that? And second of all, if people dont learn the lessons of history, people leave alone be forced to repeat them. And who would want to repeat that? Maybe some peop le are just scared and dont quite understand what the holocaust was. I mean, there are even some people who called Anne Franks diary fake and thats just wrong. (Saucher) But its not necessarily that people are stupid or idiotic but they just werent taught the normal way. Maybe they were taught to ignore things like that.Fear things like that. Laugh, gloat, and sunniness at things like that. (Saucher) What disgusts me is that, people should know to frown upon those things but also have to accept them too to make sure that nothing like that ever occurs again. The Holocaust was absolutely real. Did they starve people and deal their bodies just to take convincing pictures? Theres real evidence. What about all the concentration camps? There are millions of bodies there. (Saucher) Im sure its possible to count them all, and the numbers would be well into the millions, of course, not all Jews died in concentration camps, but the numbers are very high.Prisoners liberated from camps. (Dinne rstein) It means Jews were alive and being fed. You dont nutriment or protect a person you want to kill. If they were killed then who was liberated. (thinkquest. org) There are countless testimonies to see that the Holocaust did happen. conscionable go to Poland, Germany and other European countries in order to see the horror that the Nazis had made. (Saucher) The same(p) people who say the Holocaust never happened are called Holocaust deniers.Holocaust denial is the act of denying the racial extermination of Jews during World War II, Holocaust denial is a criminal removeense, punishable by fine and custody in different countries in the world. Israel, Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Spain and Belgium have enacted laws prohibiting Holocaust denial. Italy has a similar law that is being ratified. Quite simply the close that many people no longer believe the holocaust happened is the item that there is absolutely no evidence that it did. (Dinnerstein) The proof is alway s on those making the accusations.Many of the photos that were taken intentionally held those showing diseased prisoners were released. The fact that there was allied bombings and lack of food was the true reason for the deaths of those at the concentration camps. The scale of which has dropped at first being as high as 6 million people to the now accepted number of 200,000 to 1 million. (thinkquest. org) Quite simply we dont know simply how many people died in the camps in Poland because there was never an investigation allowed. However the thing that many people dont understand is that there were no death camps or gas chambers.Even at the most horrific camp, Auschwitz, the only proof of there being a gas chamber was a specu easy air raid shelter made by the Russians post war. (thinkquest. org) That right there is opinions being listed. (spicenter. org) tribe dont believe the Holocaust never happened because of the facts not being more clear and official. What else do people wan t? Humans just like us suffered a tragic death or memory from the Holocaust and because evidence was either destroyed or just not there anymore people want to question or doubt that the Holocaust never happened. Thats wrong. (thinkquest. rg) What about Anne Franks diary. Is that fake? Did someone just waste their time faking a diary and going fully out of their way to express deep feelings on something so horrific? Theres a museum in Germany and a website to the people that they have identified and make up during the Holocaust. Real people look for their love ones or a family member that they lost or may have an inclination that the person was conglomerate during the Holocaust. (Saucher) You can go online send whatever information you know and if they have the information you can find out a family member that was in the Holocaust. C,5) If people want to deny it because the number is too wide-ranging and they think its impossible that a human can ever pull something like that o ff their wrong. Pearl Harbor, Princess Diana, Twin Towers, etc. Were those wrong was that a lie? It was right. Its a lie because so many lies are said about it. Does it mean that we need to agree with what everyone else says or look up things and educate yourself more about a subject youre not so sure about? The Holocaust will forever be in our history for many more generations to come. It doesnt matter if lies are said or doubts.There is no person that can change the fact that the Holocaust did happen. Since there are some that deny it, we cant change it. Jews are not known for lying there are known for their honesty, But the person who started the Holocaust Denial was Harry Elmer Barnes. He was a respected historical revisionist known for his anti-war perspectives. He was warned against placing an amount of blame on the Nazis during the early 1960s. He says the World Wars were aggression against Germany, and that the Holocaust was propaganda for aggression. He then joined with Eur opean deniers in order to revolve it unfortunately, their efforts were successful. B,4) The Holocaust happened. It has been proven, many times over. But some people, American Nazis for example, claim that it never happened. It is easy to say things that are not true. It is easy to believe things that are not true. What kind of evidence is there, at this late date? There is a lot. There are eyewitness accounts, of Jews and Nazis and bystanders. There are confessions. There are mountains of documents. There are graves and crematoriums. And there are missing people, individuals and huge parts of populations, gone, murder.A person, who says that the Holocaust did not happen, says more about himself/herself than about history. You can claim that man never walked on the moon, and that saviour never existed, that Mohamed was a pedophile and that the CIA killed JFK, yet if you claim that Jews were not murdered in gas chambers, you are facing a criminal record. The Holocaust was a major ev ent in history. The millions of Jews who were tortured and killed by the Nazi are still being remembered today. The Holocaust was a terrible genocide and it leaves an impact on modern day history event, though it was a long time ago, in the lead my time, it hurts.Even today, the ruin still has not been repaired. It cant be. No amount of money or anything can equal what was done. When I look back and identify with the holocaust, reading the history of the holocaust I could identify with what was happening and it was and still is horrifying. Never again, should this ever happen I believe that if anyone knew what was to come, they would rather die than go throughthe torture that they went through. Death was the only choice once in the hands of the enemy. The Nazis at that timebrutalized the idea of a Jewish person being a human being.It scares me to think that a world would allow such a horrible thing, but they went along with it. It makes me wonder, where God was when this happened. Any belief was judged if not deleted at a time like this. To look at the past, and see the live tapes of how it was, makes me want to close my eye and pretend it didnt really happen, because to believe it shows just how evil,aman can be when given the opportunity. Families destroyed, records destroyed, being pulled apart, burned, shot, babies being cut out of the tummy of mothers and the wars. (library. thinkquest. org) My opinion on the holocaust is that it happened, and it is real.As horrible as it was, it happened. We as a nation and as people should never give anyone the power to do what was done. Just like slavery in America. It sickens me to say the least, that a man can justify killing another. They didnt just kill them, that would have been better if they just killed them, but that wasnt good enough. They had to torturethem, arace of people who didnt deserve it. To those who deny the holocaust, well they will face serious consequences when it comes to the government. Its a law that any person who denies the holocaust will be punished.There is no point in denying the Holocaust. (worldpress. com) After the Holocaust, the event with the Jews, they were terrified after everything. So terrified they did not want to return back to their homes. (Dinnerstein) Some Jews were murdered when they tried to return to their homes in Poland. The problem was complicated because many countries refused to allow the survivors to enter. (Dinnerstein) A large number of Jewish survivors wanted to go to Palestine the British were against such immigration and allowed fewer than 100,000 Jews to enter before Israel declared its independence in May, 1948.Looking for new homes approximately 137,000 Jews came to the United States (which admitted almost 400,000 refugees). Other countries where Jews found new homes were France, Canada, Great Britain, and Israel. The two countries receiving the largest numbers were the United States and Israel. (Dinnerstein) Works Cited Dinnerstein, Leonard. Survivors of the Holocaust. New York, 1982. Print. library. thinkquest. org. n. d. Saucher, Abraham. The Redemption OfThe Unwanted. 1987. Print. spicenter. org. 2013. theholocaustexplained. org. n. d. thinkquest. org. 2001. worldpress. com. n. d. www. ushmm. org. n. d.

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Compare the ways in which language is used for effect in the two texts. Give some examples and analyse the effects Essay Example for Free

equal the ways in which language is utilise for force-out in the two texts. Give some examples and disassemble the effects EssayThe two get-gos that I am going to compare are Source 3 and Source 2. Source 2 is an article aimed for anyone who is interested in blowming or even slew who like to read nearly incredible accomplishments made by other people. The text is formal and is most Philippe Croizon who in 2 years learnt to swim without his limbs. He lost of altogether of his limbs in 1994 while he was removing a television antenna from a roof and it hit a power line. However source 3 is a book extract aimed at adults who like reading about geography in general.The text is formal and is about Christopher Ondaatje who crosses part of Lake Victoria. On his journey there he talks about the spectacular first light he sees behind Mwanza. He also talks about the experience with ferryboat rides and the past experience about one of those ferries going down(p) just outside Mwa nza and that people were killed. In comparison with source 3, source 2 is a happier and also more exciting and the reader feels more drawn to the fact that after 16 years after losing all of his limbs, Philippe Croizon crosses Channel than the fact that in source 3 the story is taken more calmly and less exciting to be winning a ferry across the lake.Furthermore, in source 2 the contrast amongst the fact that the man, 2 years ago could barely swim at all and him saying after the channel swim I did it. Im so happy is evocative. Moreover, this shows that despite the fact that he lost all of his limbs, he could still do something incredible which occurs at the beginning of the article, engaging the reader and setting a tone of excitement and most of all pride. However in source 3, there are unaccompanied a few evocative moments in the extract the fish eagles screeched their mocking cry, spectacular sunrise. However none of which express excitement or pride.The difference in langua ge used for effect is that in source 3, short sentences are employed to enhance meaning and effect an idyllic staining, no other sounds, spectacular sunrise, the alliteration of the s add an emphasis to the experience of them expression at the sunrise and the reader is able to emphasise with them. However in source 2, the language used is that alliteration occurs with treacherous tides sofa sportsman for emphasis just like in source 3, and engagement. Moreover, the similarities between these 2 sources is that they both(prenominal) have an element of drama in the texts. In source 3, we are unexpended with not knowing if they make it across the lake in the ferry because a year earlier, one of these ferries went down just outside Mwanza, and people were killed this makes the reader shocked and eager to carry on reading.However in source 2, the element of drama is when the text explains how the man lost all of his limbs, Mr Croizons legs and lower harness were amputated after he su ffered a calamitous electric shock while removing a television aerial from a roof in 1994 when it hit a power line. This leaves the reader with the unanswered doubt of how did he manage to do it, which leads into wanting to read the rest of the text. The language used in both texts is formal. The reader is able to read with ease as the texts are informative. In source 2 an fairish channel swimmer takes around eight hours, 21 miles from Folkestone to the French coast. In source 3 Mwanza, a vibrant African city, the people pressed up against the front of the ferry, along the sides and against the running

Red Hook district in New York Essay Example for Free

ruby-red Hook district in New York EssayA view from the Bridge is a persist set in the Red Hook district in New York. The main theme that this explores is the routine of Masculinity in the household and its affects. This play is mainly structured around feud between virility and jealousy that divides a family. This play is in addition about the misunderstanding of feelings and thoughts and how they might d produce to undesirable flaws in the human character and hostile conflict that end in miserable circumstances.Eddie, the protagonist is second extension Italian who has curtain views on maleness, which can non be ignored, be anyone or it will lead into a whorl anger and jealousy. Eddie has curiously strong on views on how women should act and how they should act. A good example of this is habituated to the audience in the way that Eddie reaction to Catherine having a relationship with Rodolfo. When Eddie deals in Marco and Rodolfo he contradicts his views and feelings toward the community, in this Eddie also gets into a confrontation with Marco in which gutsing down would be a sign of weakness this lead in the end to his untimely demise.Eddie reacts with both anger and jealousy, which he tries to hide behind a fortress of over-protectiveness, in which he tries to accuse Rodolfo of firstly analyzeing to gain an the Statesn passport and so Eddie attacks Rodolfos masculinity, especially when he teaches Rodolfo how to fight (sarcastically). Eddie has obvious mixed feeling about Catherine so he feels jealous, but this does not only mean a bad thing considering that he is thinking that he is protecting her which shows his magnanimousness in looking after the family, even though this does not condole his actions toward Rodolfo but this shows that Eddie cannot deal with his horny side.Rodolfo and Marco arrive in the States as il statutory immigrants and stay at Eddies house because they are Beatrices cousins. Rodolfo then falls madly in love with Eddies niece Catherine who is also in love with him. This causes Eddie to feels challenged because Rodolfo is more virile and has a larger world of interests. This is in all respects a competition for Catherine and her affection. Another factor that coiffes Eddie qualm Rodolfo is that Rodolfo does not live up to Eddies views on masculinity. Rodolfo can cook, he is a tailor, he can sing, he likes films and Eddie feels that all this is feminine so he thinks that Rodolfo is gay the guy aint right.Due to Eddies apprehension of Rodolfo scenes of tension take place such as the situation with when Catherine finally makes the decision to leave position so Eddie, because he cannot express his feelings toward Catherine and Rodolfo, kisses them. Both Marco and Rodolfo must speak with bad Italian accents. Rodolfo must book a weak confident voice that begs for attention.While Rodolfo cannot live up to Eddies rigorous standard on masculinity Marco can. Marco is both strong, as Mike says, hes a regular bull, and loyal to his family in both going to America to work for them and affirming his wife on her own. Marco is extremely loyal to his brother especially when he tells Eddie to back off when he lifts the chair while Eddie cannot.Eddie respect Marco and feels that Marco is a model to masculinity like himself. Marco fair(a) like Eddie has a sense of honor, which is explored in the play with the incident in which Marco spits into the face of Eddie. Marco does this because he feels that at that place has been an injustice done by Eddie in which Eddie tells the practice of law of Marco and Rodolfo, but also in the irony of what Eddie state and promised to what he did.Marco and Rodolfo treatment of women is far different from Eddie. Rodolfo treat women, as his equal while Eddie does not. Rodolfo does not try to manipulate the women in the play instead he helps them, he does this by giving advice and being confirmatory like what he tells Catherine after she asks him to t each her to be independent. dont cry any more. Marco has great respect and wonderment for his wife otherwise he would not have left her for a life in America all alone. Even though Eddie seems skeptical about her loyalty to Marco they count the kids and theres a couple extra, Marcos trust for his wife does not waver. In comparison to the brothers Eddie does all the opposite. First he has manipulated Catherine so much that she feels she has a duty toward him Then why dont she be a women? If I was a wife I wouldmake a man happy instead of goin at him all the time.A view from the bridge play twoSecondly Eddie does not even take into account what a woman has to say to him because he believes that he should be shown respect. When Beatrice tries to warn Eddie about his feelings but he practically hits her and storms off to get killed. Eddie. Eddie feels a sort of arrogance towards women like as if he is better due to his so-called superior manly characteristics he also must speak in br utish manor without a care for an answer.Alfieri is the vote counter of the play, he is also a lawyer which gains him a lot of respect in the area because he the symbol of the law of the land. Apart from narrating the play Alfieri plays a lead character in the play. When Eddie Carbone comes to ask for legal advice about how to handle Rodolfo, Alfieri notices, through Eddie expressing his feelings through actions, that the entire business is corrupt. Alfieri then tries to give advice to Eddie on how to bugger off and deal with this problem. Due to the fact that Alfieri has challenged Eddies views which drives Eddie mad so Alfireis advice ignored. Alfieri then Tells Eddie not to phone the police but he is then also ignored. These cases show the audience that Alfieri is intellectually smart and knows when trouble is brewing.I feel that Arthur Miller Contrasts the views of masculinity that different men have and how they conflict. Miller does this by putting Rodolfo and Eddie into be speak conflict. While Rodolfo can saw and sing which makes him gay in the eyes of Eddie, Eddie has no other expertness other than being a laborer. Arthur Miller shows that if men like Eddie do not start to evolve they will die out. Miller explores this through the rivalry between Eddie and Rodolfo where Eddie loses his life ironically to the same laws he had set on masculinity while Rodolfo lives on. I feel that Miller set this play specifically for people who do not understand their feelings. As the root of all this rivalry and anguish is rigorously set the shoulders of a man (Eddie) who cannot understand his feelings for his niece.

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Of Water and the Spirit by Malidoma Patrice Somé Essay Example for Free

Of Water and the Spirit by Malidoma Patrice Som EssayWith Of Water and Spirit Malidoma Patrice slightly has written a very interesting, engaging autobiography in which he details his life as a gentleman lifetime amid two different lifestyles the traditional life of his multitude, the Dagara, who live in hobnailed Burkina Faso, the former French Colony known as the Upper Volta, and the life of a highly ameliorate African man with two PhDs who travels without the western nations writing, lecturing, and teaching some his people and their relationship between the normal world and the spirit world. According to nigh his first name Malidoma means be friends with the fantastical/enemy. The Dagara believe a persons name has an affect on the his life so they name their children something that will eternall(a)y remind them of their mission in life. approximately, then, is here in the West to tell the world about my people any way I can, and to take back to my people the know ledge I gain about this world (Some 1994, 1). Some was named Patrice when he was baptized by Jesuit priests at the insistence of his father who had reborn to Catholicism.The attitude of Some and the Dagara people is very interesting. Instead of feeling hatred against the white men who had colonise the verdant and basically enslaved the people while stealing their land and resources, the Dagara are concerned about all people, including the white people and are convinced that the West is as endangered as the indigenous cultures it has decimated in the name of colonialism (Some 1994, 1). They believe that western cultures abandonment of functional spiritual values has made the West heave with a sickness of the soul (Some 1994, 1).Some was basically kidnapped from his tribe at the age of four when he was taken away to study at the Jesuit shallow. At the time the Jesuits were trying create a native missionary force to help in converting the people of Upper Volta. Prior to being kidn apped Some had spent much of his childhood with his granddaddy, a great leader of the Dagara. His grandfather taught him many of the stories of the Dagara people, their spiritual beliefs, and their history.Somes grandfather emphasized the close spiritual relationship of the Dagara with the world, the land, and the spirits of their deceased ancestors. The Dagara believe there is an important corporation between an individual, his people, his land, and his god. Somes grandfather could not understand the Catholic Churchs attempts at missionary work throughout the world, . . . allow me tell you that a God who would send his people away from their land must be imbibition a very strong wine all the time (Some 1994, 29).At the time of his death, Somes grandfather told Some that the ancestors had designated Some to follow the white man so that you may serve as the eye of the compound, the pinna of your many brothers, and the mouth of your tribe (Some 1994, 40). Somes grandfather also t old him that he came back to the tribe he would face strange to the Dagara, he would only be part Dagara and would have to undergo the month long founding in the wilderness to become a member of the tribe. Somes time at the Jesuit school was unpleasant.The priests very much beat him while they were teaching him as if the beatings would reinforce the lessons and have him confirm to the Jesuit teachings. When he gradatory to the seminary school at Nansi he had similar experiences and often found that he lived outside of himself. He would make his thoughts go away from my body so that when the first blow fell, I he was not even informed of it (Some 1994, 114). Some resented the way he was treated and found himself rebelling against the method of instruction.This rebellion reached its climax when Some was cardinal and became involved in a physical altercation with one of the priests. During the struggle the priest fell through the window and landed in the dirt outside. Consequent ly, Some ran away from the school to consecrate to his plate. His journey home took him eleven days since he was forced to walk the entire way. Ironically, on his journey, Some learned that the country had gained its emancipation from France in 1960 and such forced schooling had come to an end.Since Some was about four- familys-old both when independence occurred and when he was taken away from his people to attend school, he could have returned to his people long ahead (Some 1994, 153 99-156). By the time he returned to his village, the Jesuit missionary priests on the hill were gone, although a day school still existed. at one time Some was in his home compound, he found he no longish fit it with his people. He had forgotten how to speak the language the village had changed with independence. His people were not comfortable with him there, nor was he comfortable with them.Consequently the elders decided he should undergo the Baor, the month long initiation, to quiet the whit e man in your soul . . . so that his soul would come back home and . . . stop being a stranger to yourself and to us (Some 1994, 178). Some describes his spiritual initiation in detail and tells how he was able to return to the Dagara. Once he had returned fully to the Dagara, Some found that he was again not comfortable living with his people because he had not yet completed his mission that his grandfather had told him about and that his ancestors had assigned him.Once again it became necessary to leave his people so the he might be friends with the stranger/enemy. This is what Some continues to do today through his writings and lecturing. However, he is careful to return to his home every year to make certain he reconnects with his home and people.BibliographySome, Malidoma Patrice. Of Water and the Spirit Ritual, Magic, and Initiation in the Life of an African Shaman. New York G. P. Putnams Sons, A Jeremy P. Tarcher/Putnam Book, 1994.

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Chinese Business Essay Example for Free

Chinese Business try onIntroduction It is often argued that when c ar persons of opposite horti kitchen-gardenings negotiate commercial deals, in that location is bound to be a socialisation clash. I disagree with this view. It is true that cultural differences influence dividing line sector negotiations solely with the appropriate improvement to deal with the differences, culture clash is to be least expected in any caper negotiations, speci every last(predicate)y with the Chinese. As Sun Tzu would advised in his book The Art of War Know your enemy and screw yourself and you will win all battles (Sun Tzu 1913). According to Newstrom and Davis (2002) there ar some(prenominal) striking differences across countries, dear as there are some surprising similarities. Clearly, residents of each country apply their own chooseences for clothes, forage, recreation, and housing. In his research about national cultures of sixty countries, Hofstede (1993) revealed that cultur es differ in five key factors namely, individualism/collectivism, spot distance, uncertainty avoidance, masculinity/femininity, and time orientation.Among these factors, the Chinese have the culture that jimmy clarity and have the kindly of orientation that accent value much(prenominal) as necessity of preparing for the future, the value of thrift and savings, and the merits of persistence. Literatures on different cultures to a fault classify chinaware as high- mount culture which gos to emphasize personal coitions, place value on trust, focus on non-verbal cues, and accent the need to attend to social needs before business matters (Newstrom and Davis 2002). civilization is very important in certain country such as chinaware.Huntinghon (2000) as cited by Fellner (2008) be culture as the values, attitudes, beliefs, and underlying assumptions prevalent among people in a society. He stressed that culture is dynamic, interactive, and synergistic, and intermixes with all the e lements of the society such as business and economic development (Huntinghon 2000 Fellner 2008). Huiping (2009) stated in her bind entitled grounds Chinese culture leads to business success with Chinas growing importee as an economic superpower taking into custody the Chinese psyche becomes very helpful and useful in business negotiations management of supplier relations and many other business situations.As emphasized by Uthaisangchai (n. d. ), Chinese history and culture has impact on the way they do business and each of the many elements of the Chinese culture has a role to play in today Chinese business world. In Hofstedes (1980) theory of individualism-collectivism as cited by J mavins (2009), the individualism and collectivism dimensions differs on the degree a culture is committed to an in-group such as extended family, conjunction or village.In the individualistic society, people are less attached to an in-group (that is, people are more than self-centered and in pursui t of their own self-interests). in the meantime in the collectivist society, people are more attached to an in-group, that is the interests of the in-group come first. J unitarys (2009) also noted from Hofstede and fond regard (1988) that such value of collectivism likely stems from a deep rooted, ingrained culture based on the traditional philosophy of Confucianism. Uthaisangchai (n.d,) gave emphasis of the teachings of Confucius in the development of the culture of Chinese.In the phrase entitled Connecting Confucianism, collectivism and the Chinese gardening of Commerce, Keller and Kronstedt (2005) explained that Confucianism is a very important component of the Chinese culture. In a Confucian society, everyone has a role to play, and the key relationship is built around the family Chinese cultures value family connections and protecting relationships (saving face).ontogenesis family-like relationships takes time and patience, not merely a contractual deal based solely on mon ey. If one has to do business in a Chinese culture, it is critical to understand and respect Confucian values (Keller and Kronstedt 2005). Keller and Kronstedt (2005) further emphasized the significance of connections-Guanxi. In Confusian-based society like China, guanxi or proper connections are more crucial than price, product, place, etc. According to Jones (2009), China is known for being loyal to their in-group and favoring them in business think decision.As stimulaten emphasis by Li (2008) as cited by Jones (2009), understanding the guanxi is critical for conducting business in China and it involves cultivating trust, credibility and reciprocity. One way to understand cultural differences is through the concepts of high-context culture and low-context culture. The spirit of context can be understood as the social environment in which a business trans serve takes place. Edward T. Halls theory of high- and low-context culture explains the powerful effect culture has on commun ication.The countries assort as high-context cultures include China, Korea, Japan, Middle East, Africa, Italy and South America in which people are characterized as collectivists, relational, wistful and intuitive. This implies that the people in these societies put emphasis on good relationship between members of the society. In relation to business transactions, the development of trust is a very important step. Hall (1976) argued that the people in high-context cultures prefer harmony in group and agreement for the achievement of individual members also individuals make decisions based on their feelings or intuition.The theory further emphasized that individuals focus on non-verbal cues, that is, words are not so significant in communication as compared to context rather, more is given emphasis on context which include facial expression, tone of voice of the speaker, posture, gestures, and family history and status of the individual. The communication in the high-context cultur e is depicted as formal and indirect, which suggests that flowery humility, flowery language, and apologies that are often too elaborated are common. Also, communicators in this type of culture do not depend on language precision and legal documents.Meanwhile, the countries sort as having low-context culture include Germany, North America, Finland, Canada, Norway, Denmark, and Sweden are linear, logical, action-oriented, and individualistic. Individuals in the low-context countries value facts, logic and they prefer directness. conclusion solutions to problems involves identifying and enumerating all the facts and evaluating each of the options. Also, each decision is based on facts more often each watchword ends with an action. Communicators in this type of culture are anticipated to be concise, straightforward, and efficient in conveying the action that is expected.According to Hall (1976), communicators have to be precise in the words used in communicating to be absolutely un derstood. All negotiations are always concluded with definite contracts. Summing up the differences, on the one hand, high-context cultures tend to emphasize personal relations, place high value on trust, focus on sign-language(a) cues, and accent the need to attend to social needs before business matters. On the other hand, low-context cultures tend to interpret cues more literally. Individuals tend to rely on written rules and legal documents, conduct business first, and value expertise and performance.With these classifications of cultures, it is apparent that when Americans negotiate with Chinese, a failure in negotiation if not a culture is more likely if the former group is not familiar with the latter. As noted by youngster and Lamberton (2010) from an interview with intercultural communication expert ray Ruiz Countries in Latin American and Asia value the building of relationships, but each in their own unique way. Before traveling to another country, I would recommend in formation appropriate materials and speaking with foreign nationals residing in the U.S. in regards to the customs and business practices in their country of origin. I would also suggest that, once in a foreign country, it is important to observe your hosts mannerisms and responses and respectfully respond in a like manner. Be well versed on delicious and unacceptable behaviors. For example, when in Asia, do compliment and share your impressions of their country. Do not decline any food or drink because this is viewed as an insult. In Latin America, do begin all meetings with friendly converse regarding family or other social topics.Do not begin a meeting delving directly into the business objective. The lesson many American business people fail to learn is that it is all in the relationships (Minor Lamberton 2010). In his article Doing Business In and With China The risks are great, but so are the rewards, Atkinson (2004) noted from Stephen Nelson, the partner and co-head of the China practice group for the Hong Kong-based law firm Baker McKenzie, that when acquiring businesses in China, it is important to realize that there are perceived cultural differences.One of the important lessons in making business in China is that foreigners simply cannot enter a venture in China with only a cursory understanding of its terms and conditions. Atkinson (2004) cited an example of a US company that recently decided to make an investment in China by setting up a joint company through its Hong Kong manufacturing agent. The US company sent over $3 million worth of equipment, then came to us with documentation written in Chinese and asked Can you look at this and tell us whether we really own 50 pct of this company? Akgunes et al (2012) identified several points to consider for successful negotiations. According to Zhao (2000) as cited by Akgunes et al (2012), negotiations become successful when the participating parties are cooperative with one another this can be throu gh by applying the cooperative Confucian tactics. Also, for a western company like a US company, such company has to show that they have government support which is an indication that they are reliable, stable and credible to do business with.According to Fang (2006) as noted by Akgunes (2012), trust will lead to much fracture performance and being patient will be more beneficial to you than any other specify you might possess. Bredin (1998) as cited by Akgunes (2012) also suggested that a foreign business negotiator should not give in to pressure from superiors to hurry up and complete the deal because can cause problems because the Chinese are not greatly concerned with the time dimension. There are companies that also failed to successfully negotiate business deals with the Chinese.According to Fang (2006) as cited by Akgunes (2012), the most common reason for failure is that the Chinese firm lacks the money to go through with a deal. Also, sending a low-ranking employee to ma ke the negotiation will be viewed as very impolite and the Chinese may find it insulting and insincere, in this case failure is also almost certain. Moreover, it is important to note from Sebenius (2002) as cited by Akgunes (2012) that Chinese law vocalizes that one cannot leave a contract unless both sides approve dissolution.Fang (2006) as cited by Akgunes et al (2012) also emphasized that Failure to say no to a Chinese negotiator who is using a Sun Tzu-like dodging could be negative to the deal, but on the other hand, saying no to a Confucian gentleman could cause a loss of face. This also will be very harmful, if not fatal, to a successful deal. The Chinese have regional areas just like the United States and there are very different cultures, traditions and sometimes languages in these regions.Not acknowledging these regions can cause you to have limited success in one area and a complete failure in another (Fang 2006 Akgunes 2012). Conclusion In conclusion, like what Sun Tzu have utter in his book The Art of War Know your enemy and know yourself and you will win all battles (Sun Tzu 1913). This means that for companies to be successful in making business deals, having the capital is not enough to penny-pinching a business deal. Knowledge and understanding of the culture of the prospect business partner is very important. otherwise than this, Sebenius (2002) emphasized that culturl allegiances are often not as simple as they appear. Designing the right strategy and tactics in reaching the right people, with the right arguments, will result to a sustainable deal. References Fellner, Amira 2008, economic consumption of Culture in Economic Development Case Study of China and Latin America, alum School Theses, University of South Florisa Schoalr Commons, viewed from http//scholarcommons. usf. edu/cgi/viewcontent. cgi? article=1235context=etd Hall, Edward 1976, Beyond Culture.Hofstede, Geert 1993, Cultural Constraints in anxiety Theories, Academy of Mana gement Executive, pp. 81-94. Jones, Gwen 2009, Differences in the Perceptions of Unethical Workplace Behaviors among Chinese and American Business Professionals, Competition Forum, vol. 7, no. 2, pp. 473-480. Keller, G. Kronstedt C. 2005, Connecting Confucianism, Communicsm, and the Chinese Culture of Commerce. Journal of Language for International Business, vol. 26, no. 1, pp. 60-75. Minor, Leslie Lamberton, Lowell 2010, High-Context Low-Context Cultures, viewed from http//www.cascadebusnews. com/business-tips/networking/154-high-context-a-low-context-cultures. Newstrom, JW. Davis, K. 2002, Organizational BehaviorHuman Behavior at Work, McGraw-Hill Sun Tzu 1913, The Art of War. Uthaisangchai, Prasong (n. d. ), The Importance of Understanding Chinese Culture, viewed form http//www. bangkokbank. com/download/Week%2012%20Culture%20intro. pdf Huiping, Iler 2009, Understanding Chinese Culture Leads to Business Success, Canadian HR Report, vol. 22, no. 12, pp. 18.

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Suicide is a violation of religious teaching Essay Example for Free

Suicide is a rapine of apparitional commandment EssayNearly all religions across the world would trust that suicide is a sin against matinee idol and that it definitely violates religious teaching. In examining this take care, a good place to start is the Christian view on the sanctity of life.Christians gestate that all are made in the image of God imago dei and that there is an inherent sanctity to human life. Killing is prohibited as part of the Decalogue, where it states, do non kill. This extends to killing yourself. Elsewhere in the Old volition there are other verses that can be used to prove that suicide violates religious teaching, such as in Ecclesiastes 717 where it states, be not foolish, why should you die before your time? Further evidence can be install in the New Testament, where Jesus declares that we are, worth much more than sparrows. To a Christian, life is a loved gift and cannot be thrown away, especially by suicide.Church fathers have generall y been against suicide and they believe that it is a violation of religious teaching. Augustine was one of the first to speak out against it in his book metropolis of God. He wrote that, to kill oneself is a homicide, and he is much guiltier of his own death.Aquinas, another church service father, put send on three arguments on why he believes that suicide is contrary to religious teaching. Firstly, he said it went against rude(a) law. Natural law would state that we should let life end the natural way that God intend it to, and to end it prematurely is sin. Secondly, suicide can have a negative effect on the souls community. Finally, suicide is a sin against God because it is a final act of defiance and it is a fundamental mistrust of God and his providence.On the other hand, certain types of suicide could be considered compatible with religious teaching, such as altruistic suicide. The act of self-sacrifice, or martyrdom, is glorified in many religions. In the sacred scriptur e Jesus says that, greater love has no man than this, than to lay down his life for his friends. An Old Testament example of this is Samson, who killed himself along with the Philistines when he brought down a temple.Furthermore, it could be argued that suicide is not against religious teaching because it is the result of profound mental illness that is not the believers fault. In the past the church has been guilty of viewing physical and mental illness differently. Even today many fundamentalist churches would believe that illnesses such as depression are spiritual battles rather than actual illness and would discourage pack from taking medication. In the light of high profile suicides such as Rick Warrens son Matthew, many Christian leaders are speaking out about the need to view mental illness on the same level as physical illness, and not simply to foresee it a sin. To do otherwise will prevent believers from getting proper treatment and will full increase the likelihood of suicide.To conclude, if one truly believes that God is in control of their life then it would be a violation of their religion to commit suicide. However, it is also the duty of the religious believer to be kind-hearted towards those that are suffering and they should try and tackle the root causes of suicide rather than simply condemning it.

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Audience expectations Essay Example for Free

Audience expectations analyzeIn this essay I impart discuss how Arthur Miller set out the first stab of the play, The Crucible to prep atomic number 18 the audience for what the play is almost, and how well he did this. I will look at the dramatic devices, language etc.The play The Crucible has strong links with the USA in the fifties when communism was a problem. The name of the play creates parallels among Salem 1692 and the USA 1950s. A definition of melting pot can be, drilld to extract impurities this is related Salem 1692 because the judges and townsfolk were trying to purify the hamlet from witches whilst Joseph McCarthy was trying to purify the USA of communists. Peoples views and opinions have not changed since the 1600s and people be deceitve scarce one commission is right, communists and witches are both evil and hence should be rid of, this is what miller is trying to portray slightly the world. No-one gets a chance to prove themselves or prove they are g ood and mean no harm. If you are a witch or a communist you are evil and its not acceptable therefore the only thing to do it get rid of them. This is shown in the play by the fact that stacks of people in the village are being accused of witchery, and you die whether you have an excuse or proof that your not a witch, if you admit it you are saved alone have to promise you ask to come back to the lord but if you are truly faithful to the lord such as goody Proctor, you will not falsely admit to being a witch and therefore will be killed.Miller uses dramatic devices in the play The Crucible, one of these devices is dramatic irony. This is when the audience knows something about a certain character but the other characters dont. They are like secrets no one knows apart from the characters involved. This creates latent hostility as it seems as I everyone is hiding something. Miller uses this technique when the audience knows that Proctor and Abigail had an affair but the other char acters are not aware. The audience then gets frustrated because it seems so obvious to them and they want to branch the characters whats leaving on. He as well uses this when the characters dont know that Abigail is lying and the accusations are not real.The audience think it is so simple to realise what is going on because they know there is no such thing a witches. And the audience knows that dramatic irony is a clear device used throughout the play. Exits and entrances are also used in the crucible this is so the characters can have their private conversations like Abigail and Proctor. This creates confusion surrounded by the characters as they all have secrets, this then creates panic of others finding out and this panic can pay off like Abigails panic grew for her being found out to be untruthful. This panic grew and grew until she was confessing random names/accusations. I saw goody Sibber with the devil, I saw fineness Hawkins with the devil, I saw Goody Bibber with the devil, I saw Goody Booth with the devil The audience however would know that Abigail and her friends are making it up because there is no such thing as witches.Another technique is the use of offstage action these are events that are not shown but they are mentioned. This is like the affair between Proctor and Abigail, this happens before the play begins. Also the audience doesnt see the dancing in the forest they only hear about it, they dont see it. This is the driving force behind the story the audience are intrigued by what is going on.At the beginning of the play there is an overture, Miller begins the play by describing the setting and the vista in detail, this is so the audience can see what it is like and will help them understand what is going on in the play.A narrow window on the left the detail is important in linking the beginning with the rest of the play, as later on in the play, Betty uses the window, previously described to attempt to traverse out of, screaming ma ma, and this shows hysteria in the play, it is obvious to the audience that introducing themes of witchery will cause hysteria. Uncle, themes of witchcraft are all about, all the rumours of witchcraft could have calmed down if Abigail hadnt said Betty had fainted, which is a blatant lie because she didnt know Ruth had apparently fainted as well. We did dance uncle, a bad mistake by Abigail, allow Parris know he was right he was right and therefore giving him more to suspect about witchcraft, and when you leapt out of the bush so suddenly, Betty was frightened and then she fainted.

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Environmental Ethics Essay Example for Free

Environmental Ethics proveEnvironmental morals f completelys under the discipline of purlieual philosophy that studies how valet cosmoss relate to their intrinsic environs. This is a wide study that involves a variety of other disciplines such as those that study sympathetic relationships, economics, the primers structure and biology especi on the wholey ecology. Hu man beings being the roughly superior of all the living things on earth beget an ethical obligation to the surround concerning the earth, air, water, other organisms and the compassionate macrocosm, twain the present and the forthcoming tense generation. Environmental ethical motive brigs up a variety of ready sexs concerning what, when, how and why we should consider this state of study. Aspects arising include the milieus moral value, how sustainable ar the policies on environmental protection, and how do these guard to the developing nations, and what policies should be put in score to ensur e that the environment is safe guarded for the future generation, among others. M some(prenominal) philosophers through the years earn studied this topic, but it only came to be recognized as an independent discipline in 1970, due to aw are(predicate)ness of effects of increasing human knowledge on the environment.Growing economics and populations, new technologies and development of industries all have had various uncomely effects on character, although aimed at improving life. The works of Rachael Carson, Paul Ehrlich, Aldo Leopold, among others brought round ethical concerns active the environment. Under environmental ethics, human beings have a duty towards the environment, on protection and conservation as well as having a quality life for themselves. In this context, contentious issues arise as to why we should be concerned about the environment.Should it be for us, the living human beings, the future generation, or for the environment itself regardless of our own benefit s? Different personalities qualifying contrastive wait ons to this question hence different views have come up on environmental ethics. The issues of environmental ethics is of growing concern to the government and other institution including United Nations which have come up with incentives to race to value and appreciate nature. Earth Day which is held annually (first held in 1970) continues to create awareness and sensitize people on the value of the environment and why it should be protected.The Moral Standing We can non handle ethics without reference to moral philosophy, which is concerned with various(prenominal) behaviors and conducts. The moral standing depends on what is considered right or uncorrupted and wrong or bad by an individual or a society. For instance, different societies have different views on areas like land and animal ownership, rights of the future generation, and many more. Personal conduct with respect to environmental ethics defines how people sho uld interact with nature, regarding its exploitation and conservation.The moral standing of the ethical issues on environment are wholly placed on human beings as they are the only living things who can flat coat and decide on moral issues. Many of the environmental concerns revolve around man and how these affect him, thence the responsibility of environmental ethics should be solely mans. Responsibility to the environment implies that we are aware of this project, we are able to do it, we are at liberty to do it or non, and carrying out of the task has an effect to others existing in the environment.This means that we know the constipation we can get down to the environment, the effects of this damage and the prevention or solutions to these problems. This infracts us a moral significance in environmental ethics, and gives us a central role. The moral standing because means we have the moral obligation towards nature and the strength to carry out this responsibility. When we consider environmental ethics, then, look at issues such as Should we care about nature for itself while its people who really matter?That is if not for human beings benefit why else should we conserve the environment? And if depleting the earthy resources is necessary for life improvement, why not exhaust it? Is the loss of biodiversity, conclusion of scenic geographical features for human benefit such as in agriculture so destructive to man? Where is the need to conserve a species while it has no chance of survival in the pricy future due to changes in earths patterns? Is it right for a person to own land, it being a natural resource among others, or is it morally wrong?Is it fair that 5% of the human population use 30% of natural resources, while in other less countries the population suffers due to overleap of the basic resources such as food and clean water? Do these resources exist for the benefit of a few or should they be left free for use by all? Is it possibl e for human beings to improve nature, seeing how man seems to have no moderate over nature when it comes to events such as natural calamities? Do recent developments in technology relieve us of our duty of protecting the environment?For instance, does biotechnology with potential to create new species, or bring back an extinct species, relieve us of the duty to conserve the biodiversity? Or motleynative sources of fuel give us a right to sap the natural fuel reserve? Should we let nature take its course as it always has or try and preserve it without assurance that this is of any benefit, or that this only hinders the course of nature? Is there any way that nature can take care of itself without our hand, like self renewal?The main issue surrounding environmental ethics today is the activist movements on environmental protection that focus people on the wrong issues, that is the moral standing is more emotional than factual or logical. The following are essential in discussing environmental ethics and policies. occidental Religion and Culture It has been viewed by some philosophers that the occidental pietism has adversely affected the environment as it teaches that human beings have dominion over the earth and subdue it.Others view this as a command to take care of nature as we have been left in charge. The command given in the bible to the first man be blue-fruited and fill the earth (Genesis 128, Holy Bible KJV) raises the question of population control, is it ethical for the sake of the environment or is it a direct defiance of Gods command? To address this sensitive topic, religion should be understood in context. At the time of the command there was only one man on earth, so he was required to fill it, but now the earth is already alter.Is it logical to still apply the very same principles now as they did then? The culture of a people defines how they relate to and use the environment. Many of the historic events that shape the western culture have had a huge impact on the environment. Events such as the industrial revolution, technological advances and the modern culture have affected the environment. Culture can easily adapt to changing environments, as well as cause permanent change to different environments. The environment is very wide and continuous, while the environment defines cultural practices. therefore it is ethical to put environment before culture, and change current lifestyles towards more nature friendly practices. The future generation Most of the damage to the environment is more likely to affect the future human population. This therefore calls on the currently living humans to consider the rights of those who are not yet born. We might not know exactly what that generation leave behind require but we are well aware of the basic needs of living beings food shelter and basic health. Based on these we can have a model of what the environment should offer the future human beings.Therefore it is our moral obligation to them to utilize nature as much as we need to but ensure that we do not deny them the use of the same. Animals Other animals should be considered when addressing environmental ethics, since they are sentient beings, that is are capable of feeling. Although animals come after humans, they have rights and should be considered according to what they are evoke in, such as feeding, living in their natural habitat, and allowed their existence. public debate about animal rights arises in what animals exactly should we grant rights to.For instance, are insects or other smaller animals in this category? Is it right to use animals for laboratory research for medical and other studies to better our lives? The simple answer to this question is that unless it is extremely necessary, animals should not be put at risk or in adverse conditions. The harm to animals should be justified and be limited to a certain allowable level. Ecofeminism Women are seen to be closer and more in tou ch with nature this is claimed by feminists concerned with the environment (Cochrane, 2007).This is because of their ability to give life, and the fact that the earth is considered female (Shiva, 1993). Thus this gives them a better understanding of nature and how to coexist in harmony. Val Plumwood, an ecofeminist believe, that feminism should go hand in hand with environmentalism as some(prenominal) women and the environment are under the same oppression. Another feminist argues that the problem is in trying to justify this kind of oppression therefore allowing such subordination.When considering environmental ethics and policies, the domination over women and nature is a critical issue that requires attention. economics and Ecology Economics and ecology usually appear as counter forces. Economy involves trying to apportion the limited resources while ecology looks out to protect these resources. The ever-growing human population has placed great compact on nature and thus th eir distribution is highly competitive. Market forces have added more pressure to natural resources and their exploitation.Rapid growth of industries has contributed to environmental deterioration. The follow-benefit considers questions like if nuclear power makes electricity cheaper, should this field be ventured? What is the cost of preserving a forest compared to the cost of exporting timber? These raise challenges when setting up policies on the environment because of the question of cost versus the benefit of environmental ethics. engineering science Technology has had a huge impact on human life as well as on the environment. The effects of technology are both beneficial and adverse.The medical, agricultural, communication and energy industries rely heavily on technology to better human life. Technology has the power to destroy nature as well as replenish it. The technological advances that are most potentially harmful include nuclear technology that is able to annihilate na ture and biotechnology, which has the potential to alter the natural species boundaries. Since all technologies come with potential risks along with their benefits, ethical consideration must be make with regards to the environment. ConclusionIn studying environmental ethics, the first thing is to ask the question what should be do about the current environmental situation and how should it be done? The other consideration is the importance of individual natural resources and how much effort and cost we should dedicate to protecting such. This should be based on facts and not feelings, like and dislikes. It is important that policies be based on an integrated system that has in mind all the components of nature, as well as involvement of the government, institutions and other countries.The following should be noted when considering environmental ethics The environment is not a resource just for us but for those we share it with (animals, plants and microorganisms) and for the fut ure inhabitants of the planet. personality is continuous with continuous flow of energy, but with rapid exhaustion, the environment is not able to renew itself. just about of the artificially made substances are capable of spreading all over the earth out of our control and nature has no way getting rid of them, for example nuclear waste, fluorocarbons, DDT, GMOs, etc. Our policies on environment affect the whole world since everything in nature spreads. We should be sensitive to the needs of other countries oddly the less developed when considering environmental ethics It has to be demonstrated clearly that the policies we put in place concerning the environment have defined benefits for all concerned otherwise the area of environmental ethics will always be viewed with sharp critism. The benefits of conserving the environment should be clearly elucidated and put out for all interested stakeholders.ReferenceConchrane, A.Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy Environmental ethics, (London School of economics and Political Science, 2007). Lotter, Don, A History of Western Cultures relationship with Environment, (UC Davis Experimental College, 1990) Sutton, Eugene, An introduction to Cultural Ecology (Berg, 2004) Leefers, Castillo, Ecology and Society Bridging the tornado between Economics and Ecology, (Michigan State University, 1998) Beckman, Ted, Martin Heidegger Environmental Ethics, (Claremont, 2002) Vandeveer, D and C Pierce, The environmental ethics and policy arrest 3rd Edition. (Belmont, 1994)