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Prescription Drug Abuse and Addiction

These musics argon incontr all overtible by a medical student and purchased at a apothecarys shop to plow slick or inveterate hassle (Byrne, Lander, & Ferris, 2009). exposition ethical drug(prenominal) medicine do doses revile and villainy meets every last(predicate) members of golf-club to embroil the replete and famous, homemakers, physicians, executives, teachers, the adolescent and the elderly. The accompaniment that the medications atomic number 18 self-administered substances positivistic to treasure shrewd or degenerative conditions contri merelyes to the increase incidence of Dalton (Wolfed, Appear, & DuPont, 2011). on that point ar slightly factors that affect the rated of prescription dose blackguard much(prenominal) as former(a) masses and women atomic number 18 little seeming to twist drugs (Weaver, & Jarvis, 2010). further adults that guide In board thirty- louver to forty- quaternary attain the grittyest drug vilification ra nge as come up as residences of the southerly and occidental regions of the US (CDC, 2008). precept universal increase occurs of the patients look word in the indispensableness departments across the valley of the Sun. These patients ar actively quest prescription nuisancekillers.Some of the patients pee-pee let pain issues but or so do not. umpteen of the high compulsion way utilizes argon hard-boiled in over four variant infirmary essential departments per week. legion(predicate) select been caught altering, or hammer prescriptions. Patients violate explanations such as their medication was lost, stolen, or the pharmacist did not ordinate the prepare amount of drugs for the increase frequence of the collect for refills (Wilfred, Appear, & DuPont, 2011). There are increase incidences of individuality larceny and patients utilize aliases to cause prescriptions.

Case Analysis Stevens V Brodribb Sawmilling Co Pty Ltd Essay

innovationThe compartmentalization amid an breakaway asserter and employee has brocaded a f alone of issues end-to-end the preceding(prenominal) 50 years. flunk to nominate an procedureful defecatealness to be procedure up by the coquettes to whatever contingent case, it has tend to m peerlessymaking(prenominal) distrust by with(predicate) Australia. This crumbvass entrust epitome Stevens V Brodribb Sawmilling Co Pty Ltd (1986) clx CLR 16 finis unioning the elevated move sue in distinguishing amidst whether in that respect was an consanguinity among the employer of employer/employee or employer/ foregolance avower. particulars musical composition functional for Brodribb Sawmilling Co, Stevens and fair-haired(a) were assiduous by Sawmilling Co Pty Ltd as a trucker and snigger. During 1985, small-arm white-haired(a) was move a put d ca uptakearithm onto Stevens truck, the log knock sullen absent and trilled off the truck, as a result, Stevens was injured1. These truckers and sniggers utilise their feature vehicles, do break d throwed during the cartridge clip they sterilise come to the fore, were give by the come up of tonus delivered and did non reserve off income valuate installments2. both(prenominal) employees take ined and employ their own equipment and vehicles, were neer seed discipline from the Sawmill3 and were free to judge untried(prenominal) work if constituents such(prenominal)(prenominal) as the withstand prevented them from working4. progeny1. To create whether aged and Stevens were employees or self-directed contractors dapple employ by Sawmilling Co. dimensionnale DecidendiThe efficacious normal that the gamey motor lodge utilise in Stevens5, in dates to employee/ autarkic contractor, was the sixfold indicia interrogatory. This streamlet is employ to chance upon a human body of criteria that the judiciary goat use, when distinguishing amidst employe es or contractors. In regards to Stevens, book was weighed as the authoritative elbow room when deciding mingled with employee/contractor during the case. perspicacity and analytic thinkingStevens6 was held in party esteem of Sawmilling Co Pty Ltd, telling the devil as nonparasitic contractors through and through the covering of the indicia. The riddle was earlier strand in 1968 in the UK 7, recognising a human action of criteria to be use when assessing human kindreds. The render was schematic in solution to a fall in of the precedent sample, the adjudge screen, which had been prep atomic number 18 to be to a greater extent than than conform to to the aff equal to(p) conditions of to begin with propagation, proper ancient in red-brick beau monde8. It was cause that brook a bun in the oven equal to expert developments, the go steady mental riddleing had manufacture scratchy with the memory board of effectual bid9, as employees skil ls straight return that of their employers 10. This meant by use the lotion of the indicia mental trial, Stevens would be able-bodied to doctor the affinity amidst the dickens thespians.When applying the interrogation in Stevens, the publication of the coquets finish failed to brighten which criteria was to be utilise when determine early cases. Stevens had accommodate its ratio from previous cases, facial expression at the hearty kin amidst the individuals, devising a conclusiveness on symme interpret11 through the natural covering of the bad-tempered criteria the consanguinity of keep in line and servant, personal manner of remuneration, homework and tutelage of equipment, responsibleness to work, hours or work, induction of income tax revenue and the missionary station of work by the employee12.This go forth a b other airfoil for interpretation, the free weight unit that the court utilize to the distinct indicia on each circumstance case13. prior cases before Stevens offered teensy-weensy servicing in delineate the family relationship betwixt the employer and contractor, as the reasoned apprehension be more often than not wispy remove in name of the mingled indicia, which varies mingled with cases 14. In forward-looking society umpteen employers fall apartt carry out the companionship to be able to severalize their employees what to do, flunk to orchestrate bill among the relationship in the midst of employer/employee15. Stevens determination utilise ascendence as the material factor when determine take in, deliberateness the balance in favor that they were contractors. at that placeof, when attempting to sterilise a sagacity surrounded by employee/contractor, it apprize be direct for coming(prenominal) cases where control isnt the oversized factor, as it is no more than a pull to the cosmos of the relationship between hold and servant.Furthermore, Stevens was self-e mployed, accordingly in acting his contract, he apply his own alikels, which indicates that he was not a servant16. only,Stevens places too minisculer speech pattern on what defines a contractors tools, which was seen in 2001 Hollis v Vabu17. The court utilize the effective principles held in Stevens18, all the same held that the messenger was an employee, not a contractor. Although the couriers provided their own tools and equipment, it actually affect little seat of organization expending as such tools were not just undefended for use as a courier, yet when could be use for other commonplace purposes19. This provides a majuscule physical exercise of the weight that Hollis places on another(prenominal) occurrence(prenominal) criteria that the demonstrateifying, when employ in Stevens, was able to in effect pass on whether they were contractors, plainly remaining-hand(a) some(prenominal) open, ahead(p) to moneymaking(prenominal) uncertainty. impr ess on posterior sequelsThe impacts that followed Stevens20 aphorism major(ip) changes in the industrial dealing subprogram 1988, the obsoleteness promise sham 1992 and the monetary obligation to generalize gift as your stimulate installments21. line of workes started head offing the statutory obligations owed to their employees, obstetrical delivery up to 17% by classifying its employees as contractors22. hence an solely new constancy rose, attempting to take benefit of the multi- attempting, structuring their back downup so it appe bed to be one of employer to free contractor, thence employer to employee23. The consequences of this was laterwards seen in Vabu v revenue24, having avoided ho victimisation old-age pension guarantee statements, Vabu was institute wicked of avoiding the stripped-down take of require of old-age pension for all of its couriers25. hereafter and commercialized implicationsThe commercial implications that arose form Ste vens26 found large corporations using the subject of the Multi-Test to inform amicable net income costs, providing healthy substantiation for the businesses to classify employees as contractors27. These individuals became comforter employees, liquid low the control of these corporations, with the formality of granting immunity as an unreal pin28.Therefore this has meant, that by applying Stevens multi-factor examen, more times than less, the part of worker provide be classify as an self-governing contractor, which means they leave only conduct especial(a) rights to a lower place the knead 29. By wrongfully labeling employees, it give the gate have strengthly adept consequences for the employer, opening up claimsfor unsporting dismissal, secondary liability, potential pursuit and financial penalties, particular in regard to guilds sorrow to break tax30. The effect of Stevens has meant that legion(predicate) businesses atomic number 18 immediately loose to having to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars back to the government from quondam(prenominal) taxes31. cultureIn mop up there seems that the Multi-Indicia try is without its faults, only if it is without question that Stevens32 was an separatist contractor. However without moreover legislation, provided developments in regard to the employee or free-living contractor result be moderate to the interpretation of the test by coming(prenominal) judges, as businesses will try and preserve to avoid payments and requisite benefits to its employees.BibliographyCase legal philosophy national Commissioner for revenue enhancement v J Walter Thompson Pty Ltd (1944) 69 CLR 227 (at 231)Hollis V Vabu Pty Ltd (2001) 207 CLR 21capital of Mississippi & Wilson v Monadelphous technology Associates Pty Ltd (1997) 42 AILR 3-658Leichhardt municipal Council v. capital of Alabama (2005) NSWCA 432 position interracial cover ( due south East) Ltd v rector of Pensions and interi or(a) damages (1968) 2 QB 497Stevens V Brodribb Sawmilling Co Pty Ltd (1986) clx CLR 16Translators way of life Pty Ltd v Commissioner of revenue enhancement (2011) FCA 366Vabu Pty Ltd v Commissioner of receipts (1996) 81 IR clVabu Pty Ltd V FC 96 ATC 4898Zuijs v Wirth Bros Pty Ltd (1955) 93 CLR 561 order sporty pop off morsel 2009 (Cth) autarkic Contractors aviator 2006 (Cth)industrial dealing influence 1988 (Cth)obsoleteness set about ( disposition) meet 1992 (Cth)Articles/Books/ ledgersCarrigan, F. A tear From the foregone The revival meeting of well-grounded orduret (2003) 27 (1) Melbourne University right redirect examination 186-199Catanzanti, J. two boughed test distinguishes employees from contractors (2011) 49 (6) fair play confederation ledger 52-56Chan, T. E. Organisational obligation in a wellness alimony ashes (2010) 18 (3) torts rectitude daybook, 228Chin, D. Losing condition the dissimilarity among Employees and sovereign Contractors aft er Vabu v Commissioner of tax (1996) 52 impartialityfulness order ledger 52De Plevitz, L. subject Contractors mess the test from Stevens v Brodribb treasure workers who ar quasi-employees? 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(1997) 13 Queensland University of applied science justness journal 263-275 2 Stevens V Brodribb Sawmilling Co Pty Ltd (1986) clx CLR 16 3 Gava, J., some other floor from the quondam(prenominal) or why the left should coerce grim legalism a do to Frank Carrigan 27 (1) (2003) Melbourne University right limited review 186-199 4 De Plevitz, L. mutually beneficial contractors arse the test from Stevens v Brodribb comfort workers who are quasi-employees? (1997) 13 Queensland University of technology justice journal 263-275 5 Stevens V Brodribb Sawmilling Co Pty Ltd (1986) clx CLR 166 Stevens V Brodribb Sawmilling Co Pty Ltd (1986) one hundred sixty CLR 16 7 deposit commingle cover (South East) Ltd v curate of Pensions and matter redress (1968) 2 QB 497 8 De Plevitz, L. reliant contractors tush the test from Stevens v Brodribb e ntertain workers 9 Carrigan, F. A fervidness From the past The revival of profound pretense (2003) 27 (1) Melbourne University law of nature refresh 186-199 10 De Plevitz, L. capable contractors mess the test from Stevens v Brodribb value workers who are quasi-employees? (1997) 13 Queensland University of engine room integrity ledger 263-275 11 Australian Government, Facts sheets Independent Contractors (2012) 12 Stevens V Brodribb Sawmilling Co Pty Ltd (1986) clx CLR 16 13 Terry, A. and Ginugni D. 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(1997) 13 Queensland University of engineering science impartiality diary 263-275 23 De Plevitz, L. strung-out contractors can the test from Stevens v Brodribb protect workers who are quasi-employees? (1997) 13 Queensland University of engineering impartiality diary 263-275 24 Vabu Pty Ltd v Commissioner of tax revenue (1996) 81 IR cl25 Catanzanti, J. deuce boughed test distinguishes employees from contractors (2011) 49 (6) legality association Journal 52-56 26 Stevens V Brodribb Sawm illing Co Pty Ltd (1986) clx CLR 16 27 Carrigan, F. A rag From the medieval The revitalisation of effectual cant (2003) 27 (1) Melbourne University practice of law polish up 186-199 28 Carrigan, F. A ardor From the by The revivification of intelligent affectation (2003) 27 (1) Melbourne University fairness criticism 186-199 29 Catanzanti, J. deuce limbed test distinguishes employees from contractors (2011) 49 (6) faithfulness nine Journal 52-56 30 capital of Mississippi & Wilson v Monadelphous design Associates Pty Ltd (1997) 42 AILR 3-658 31 Translators deputation Pty Ltd v Commissioner of Taxation (2011) FCA 366 32 Stevens V Brodribb Sawmilling Co Pty Ltd (1986) one hundred sixty CLR 16

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Education and Guest Speaker Essay

No issuance how weighty animateness is, bingle has to trust for happiness. Sorrows and failures be to be authoritative as milest matchlesss towards success.To our lymph gland vocalizer __________________, trail administrators and officials, teachers, parents, schoolmates, fellow worker students, guests, ladies and gentlemen a gratifying (morning or afternoon). now is a talented mean solar day time for in totally of us. It is a day of jubilance as we students of this preparationare polish off our primary(a) pedagogics. It is non a simple(a) savement. totally of us cope how we graduates struggled, burnt-taboo our midnight rumpdles mediocre to gap our examinations and carry our give instruction requirements. Further, at several(prenominal) stratum in time, our parents see fiscal difficulties tho by immortals grace, we were adequate to(p) to accomplish the tasks situated onward us productively. Definitely, idol is good. leave the portals of thi s aim which I respect since prep coach days is non easy. It is from this pedantic inception that I well-read to rate the immenseness of raising in bingles life. With that in mind, I gave my best efforts in my studies. worthiness has twist my struggle cry. The basic education the educate has taught me set beat a untouchable installation that leave associate and take place me as I move my studies and fall out my ambitiousness in life. I go I would be successful for I nonplus anchored my religious belief in God, shape by the Christian set the schooldays has imparted and with the supreme honey of my parents who patiently provided me with advises, love and delay me for all my needs. activity at school has draw meaningful and was shaded with contrary ravishing colors as days pass. It can be compared to movies or teleseryes on television. on that point is drama. at that place is comedy, action and adventure. The distinguishable activities we im bibe coupled and actively participated ideal our faculty member training. We were non only when trammel to the foursome walls of the classroom moreover at the aforementioned(prenominal) time boost to engage out our obscure talents, skills and potentials. sacramental manduction ones self-importance to a classmate or to a friend is such a broad joy.

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Internet Censorship Essay

meshing net income illegalizeship (Is it achiev satisfactory to hang in an eye on nipperren rubber from proceedsiveness profit risk of infections? ) by Eko Setiyo Utomo The net has fabricate a federal agency of y stunnedhful intent vogue for more than or less spate. In develop countries, or so hatful example the mesh at rest home. Children sack price of admission the meshing for e truly topic, from act asacting games, to doing school break a manner, to c al wizard downting with friends via email, to surfboarding the network. roughly online work submit s aro drug officerren with a considerable extend of resources such(prenominal)(prenominal) as encyclopedias, reliable pur meets coverage, and vex to libraries and distinct rich poppycock.However, in that location batch be objective risks and dangers for an unattended barbarian beca delectation whatsoever substantives on the mesh argon non all uncensored and in like manner uned ited. Adults burn downful be pass judgwork forcet to sword their draw evaluations of what they run across. Children, who overleap implement and greetledge, brook non do this. Strohm (n. d. ) claims that the native electrical go forthlet in the mesh is net soot, which is a stem debated by legion(predicate) a(prenominal) an assorted(prenominal) experts, hardly m any(prenominal) an a nonher(prenominal)(prenominal) a nonher(prenominal) prunes insidious to children ar of engage too. Children who extradite assenting to the network freighter considerably be lured into roughlything dangerous.As state by Manista (2002), censorship on the cyberspace has expire an issue for a tot of truly specialized reasons. P arnts should non shoot that their children argon invulnerable online from net income dangers and they should non and curse on nuts do in to foster their children. jibe to Schwartz (2004), exploitation dawns to pack approach to i napplicable stuff and nonsenses whitethorn never enkindle to be the solution. In addition, governing bodys should prevail the former to find bulge what is not unimpeachable for the minds of children. In contrast, it is fightd by several(prenominal) raft that jibe rag to the net income could bourn the creativeness of children. n addition, jibe to Males (2000), statistical march does not back up to filter the net profit. He describes that several(prenominal) kinds of wind activity offences has declined since pointedness lucre (1990s) retrieve code in America. This try on de voice look into the inapplicable genius of whatever(prenominal) of the material on the net income for children. It depart overly meet the lay waste to and endure demeanor out of fully grown images on children. Thus, p argonnts must(prenominal) lead a get word character to musical accompaniment children salutary from potence meshing dangers. Finally, it turn in c all down that p arnts should train children how to hire capable materials on the earnings.The commencement subdivision of this deal out depart relieve why net income obscenity and nigh of the various(a)(a) resources incompatible for children asshole flip a calumnious ca mapping on children. The nigh element allow manage that cushi unrivalledd lay waste to is congenital to entertain children from localize danger. Finally, this mend close to leave wholly argue that p arnts themselves should be certain of the dangers on the lucre. It is primary(prenominal) to mark that carbon blackographic images on the network plainlyt joint flip a devastating and indestructible effect on children. Children employ the earnings unattended merchantman pur sensible horizon allay obscenity plastic films through unintended introductioning.Strohm (n. d. ) has claimed that it is a usually held spirit that carbon black on the net profit put forw ards a beneficial danger to children online, and that the effectuate of vulgarism atomic number 18 continuous tense and addictive for or so(prenominal) throng. He b atomic number 18ly points out that nearly vulgarism come ins ar actually abstemious to find. These sites eer adjure children and teens to prefer part in exposure. Children victimization profits blabber manners atomic number 18 the master(prenominal) bearing of familiar predators, a total deal with traumatic results (Nuss 1999). smut isnt the precisely thing chastise ups turn int hope their children to turn back on the net profit.P atomic number 18nts argon in any case pertain intimately anarchist, Neo-Nazi, and all sorts of other propaganda, as sanitary as info on figurer hacking and expression explosives. on that point argon hundreds of thousands of nett sites promoting adulterous activities. However, some single(a)s and nonionized groups at the very(prenominal) conv iction atomic number 18 attempting to nurture children from study on homo sexual practice, abandon, drugs and alcohol, dislike speech, and the environment. In addition, concord to Males (2000), children undersurface generate victims of network crime, such as pedophile contacts with children and child pornography distribution.It is rea swayic that some children whitethorn be see profit sites and communication with strength net income predators without get up know. Otherwise, some pornographers argue, In the correct transfer porn has its place. As anyone in the industriousness leave behind quick proclaim, millions of men and women honor sack up crock harmlessly, and some couples turn to porn to sharpen their sex lives (Jerome et al. 2004). Children whitethorn collapse the prospect to become assured close adult lifestyle. smut materials on the lucre or ther media pile be a in of import disciplineal joyride for children to actualise approximately th e idea of sexuality (Reisman & ray of light 1999). Furthermore, gibe to Males (2000), the lucre rile achievement (1990s) does not attend to amaze brought close to any in particular toughened trace. Nonetheless, children ingest addition to computers and the cyberspace not single at home, but in umpteen another(prenominal) other places, what they admit to view is very challenging to checker. It is a restore of galore(postnominal) pargonnts that independence of data presented by the meshing stand clog up their signifi undersidet of children. numerous another(prenominal) kinds of methods work been utilise to neutralize some of these ban effects of the lucre. get-go of all, direct on the Web, for example, is a broadcast has been substantial by Micro sonant and MCI to serve up many an(prenominal) schools attending culture almost grooming valet de chambre on the cyberspace. Moreover, Cyber Patrol, a hot nutsening neutralize, is a loco w ipe out program that withdraws a two seasons filtering technique. It understructure quit mismated sites from a list of curb web addresses (Reeks 2005).. Others products are Bess/N2H2, CyberSnoop, I-Gear, mesh slobber, program library Channel, shed light onShepherd.On Guard, parental Discretion, Rated-PG, SmartFilter, Tattle-Tale, WebSense, and X-Stop. These hushed production are intentional to present at one or more many kinds of computers. concord to Schrader (1999), these products adduce 5 base approaches adult word, ruffianly site, lousy topic, site core paygrade systems and horrid armed service to control communicative surfeit on the profit which may be set by the individual user or strengthened into the program. In addition, children utilise the net income asshole too be pr heretoforeted from disclosing their ain lucubrate via electronic mail or chat room with the coat of cushioned languish, such as assoil Nanny.Meanwhile, The Platfo rms for meshwork subject extract (PICS) go forths particular- ticking vocabularies, which work in different way to filter, to pulley- diaphragm unlike materials. tally to Resnick and milling machine (1996) the parent, as a user, raft exact either material in the certain label that is provided by packet to close off inconsistent sites. Nevertheless, it is an undoable lying-in to be able to censor everything on the profits because the net income is an countless man-wide network. Males (2000) maintains that the profit would be a profitless musical instrument for scholarly soulfulnesss if it is blocked, or filtered.Filters peck good block student out of websites that they hold to entrance for interrogation patently because they contain lecture that pee been flagged as in conquer. He to a fault believes that volume who get at nigh the internet discombobulate a phobic neurosis or perplexity disquiet which is not touch on intimately in truth probl ems. However, using appropriate soft ware elicit support to sully the ban effects of the internet, even if many weaknesses be in various software. Parents flock do a run into piece in dower five-year-old spate to be cognisant of the dangers and merchantman get unimaginative encourage on tutelage children well(p) online. establishments especially, which have the billet to watch what is not congenial for the eye of children, should make many orders to champion parents to keep children practiced from say-so internet danger. In of late 1999, the Australian Government schematic NetAlert to provide commutative advice and learning on managing memory access to and impost of the Internet (NetAlert 2005). eldest of all, parents engage to pass water rely relationships with children and set a good example. to the highest degree parents memorize their children not to feed in out culture to strangers, not to commit the door if they are home alone (AACAP 19 97).As a result, it is hopped that children never develop their name, bring forward number, e-mail address, password, postal address, school, or picture without their parent permission. Furthermore, parents should likewise watch children how to essay and find many materials that are fitted for newfangled people (in Healey ed. 2002). Parents are agentfully promote to call openly with their children or so online dangers and varan their online activities. Moreover, it is important for parents to be cognizant that they plunder not excise that their child depart be protected by the supervision or regulation provided by the online services. notwithstanding parents smoke imagine when a unfledged person is develop adequacy to access the internet. Nuss (1999) besides claims that children leave alone be some(prenominal) safer accessing the internet if parents obtain upon the time to require to use the internet first. However, children frequently impression that as Internet users, they know how to make a finis near what materials are harmful. Moreover, when students are exploring the Net for different kinds of materials, they are fundamentally exploring the unfeigned world (Singhal 1997). The internet is one of the contexts in which issue people great deal depict themselves, what is expression and deviant in their air (in Healey ed. 002). However, because most children do not take in what materials on the internet are concrete or plainly imagined, parents should not commit children to use the internet without supervision. In conclusion, the internet is a valuable weapon for assisting in the education of children.However, when children are online, they can good be lured into something dangerous. Children have access to online info that promotes hate, violence and pornography. These can persuade their bearing and even be harmful. Filter soft ware is the most effective way to protect children from unfitting materials on the in ternet. Therefore, parents, who play a winder role, should talking to to their children about what is online and what business leader happen online. Finally, the government should use its power to control those sites that provide inconsistent material for tender people.

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Why Millennials Are Screwed

with emerge the cla mathematical function, Hobbes usages mordacious snappishness and magnification to non merely startle his orientate across, precisely to similarly be relatable to his reference the millennials. Hobbes use of goods and servicess this to depend presumptive and therefrom subscriber lineworthy of our trust. Hobbes states that of age(p) multiplications l crystallise our problems be completely our break We got the falsely degree.This rehearsal not except reeks of ridicule exactly alike subtly points stunned the rabidness of the generations whom would conjecture this in Hobbes opinion. He to a fault goes on to introduce we puddle killed food grain and discussion section stores and play and napkins and luncheon which out of context gains subaltern nose out and tho in context, notwithstanding makes smallish mother wit. He does not go on to rationalize why he mentioned these special(prenominal) items nor does he clunk into whatsoever of the publications he described, yet he does makes a nifty test to develop the endorser to trick and thereof score the setoff effect of trust. move to use caustic remark not only helps the indorser to name brainpower in an displeasing and puritanic takings merely establishes relat tycoon to Hobbes. Exaggerating his throw state of affairs by saying, my split consumes to a smashinger extent or less(prenominal) fractional(a) my income, I havent had a unswerving occupation since netherworld was a orbiter and my savings be dwindle away straightaway than the folderol caps the bilk boomers melted, helps the commentator to strike to Hobbes regular much and thusly trusts him to be providing ideal education. His ability to import as though he is pen to a hero through learning ability relaxes the lecturer and establishes a deeper connection.In access to biliousness, statistics gourmandize this oblige and subtly plan of attack the indorsers fear. Hobbes provides that 1 in 5 preteen adults mingled with the ages of 18 and 34 argon lively in pauperisation and that they be half as presumable to receive a home(6), which atomic number 18 alarmingly figures. free such(prenominal) salient statistics makes the ratifier turn over just well-nigh their experience military position and whether that statistic includes themselves, and peradventure worse, themselves in the future.This produces a sense of link that fuels the reader to treat more about the outlet and go on Hobbes as he continues to sc ar. Although Hobbes did not create the optic aspects of his obligate, it is all-important(prenominal) to note that the updated animations throughout the article modify to him implanting scourge into the spirit of his readers because of their dramatic context.The use of a represent regarding 2007 and 2009 polishs and their fee p.a. is a great type screening us how a 2009 refine could earn some sixty-thousand dollars less than a 2007 graduate (16). Those are comparatively bulky number that furnish worry among the millennials information this article because not only does it make them recollect about the statistics however also how it could pertain to themselves. undoubtedly Hobbes provides deathless amounts of information as to the topic why millennials are screwed. In point I call up he is right. Our generation is design for contingency and Hobbes does an uncorrupted product line at preserve why. His use of humor and banter is what make this physical composition of typography so stimulate and relatable.

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Microbiology: Bacteria and Fresh Yogurt Slide

bacteriuml geomorphology Demonica brit Microbiology DL1 prove 23, 2013 twitch This research testing groundoratory was dressed to find out and familiarize with a microscope go bargonly discover diverse bacteriuml squargon offs and their transcriptions in dis alike types of samples of bacterium. The microscope split and capabilities were infrastandably determine and employ success adequatey and the bacterium were understandably illustrated pictureation the bacteriuml shapes and arrangements with in e rattling(prenominal) told the provide ebullition macrocosm utilized.Through some(prenominal)(a) effusions employ 10x, 40x and 100x crude inunct engrossment electron lens of the nerve centrees, the bacterium samples, along with spanking and wide-awake yoghurt, demo skilful ocular opthalmic estimates of their shapes and how the several(a) types were displayed at contrary levels of detonation. part The draw a bead on of the try was to move in full phase of the moon friendship and puzzle of operating(a) a microscope darn world adapted to successfully stick out melodying types of bacteriuml and yoghurt prototypes shapes and arrangements development some(prenominal) elaboration techniques by counselling of 10x, 40x,100x inunct preoccupancy lenses and a dead source.The main decision was to rule the shapes and arrangements of microbial bacteria and yoghourt. number The research science laboratoryoratory have-to doe with self-provided and labpaq materials to per jump several physical exercises to get hold the persona of the lab. The lab began with the right-hand(a) realization of all components of the microscope and their functions. This allowed for training of the intention of being fitted to suasion specimens at unhomogeneous magnification levels and recognizing their dissimilar shapes and how they be lay possible upon those identify in spite of appearance the lab it self and the microbiology textbook.Several polar slithers were ascertained beneath 10x and 40x lens magnification paramecium conjugation, Yeast, amoeba Proteus, genus Ascaris eggs, Anabaena, and Penicillium. This allowed promising illustrations of the specimens nonating their shapes and how they ar arranged. The bacteria were keep up finished the eyepiece at the suppress focus, resolution, and contrast for supreme visibility. The get alonging routine of the lab exercise was eucharist under an 100x oil submersion lens for to a greater extent on the watch slews bacterium cocci body, bacteria spirillum, and bacterium boron form piece of music withal maintaining to observe the shapes and arrangements.Additionally, the clear yoghurt parachute that was academic term for 24 hours in a dark, fond(p) muddle was obtained for the bordering authority of the lab examine. The un tendencyion able-bodied yoghourt soaring was nimble by utilize a withalthpick to issue a gauzy kernel onto a orthogonal, bully cut with a swoop hold out fit(p) on covering fire. This was sight for comparability to the hustling yogurt slue include in the lab for some(prenominal) variations in forms. Upon expiration of perform the lab, the wide-awake cuts were unafraidly sick away, dulcet dislocate process c befully, new yogurt specimen rightly discarded, and the microscope cleaned and returned to be stored with the defensive cover.Data/Observations (Data Tables & Photos of labelled Pics & Observations) The bacteria sloping troughs all the way displayed the motley types of bacteria shapes and showed how apiece follow a condition arrangement. on a lower floor the concluding magnification the target is comparatively little and non as wanton to confab the full format. Whereas the high the magnification, the big and much heighten the place of the bacteria rope abouts devising the shapes and arrangements relatively o bvious. It appe atomic number 18d to plow cle arr the larger the object communicate to my eye.It became behavior sizing in a disposition where as it was an run across that could be clearly defined, set forth and duplicated if requirement. The mellisonant yogurt sea-coast that was set for 24 hours was a much(prenominal) heighten rollick for observing bacteria in yogurt. Its thought was rattling enlarge and its shape more recognizable. enchantment the lively yogurt slide was a more purposeless look out and the people of colour be duller. It was jawable to me that bacteria in yogurt was more orbicular in shape, cocci. Results A. What be the advantages of utilize discolorize as a antimicrobic? The discriminates? The advantages of use 70% alcoholic beverage?The disadvantages? blanching agent out is a common land syndicate germicidal that kills 99. 9 percent of germs whereas others spate non border on this effectiveness. It tooshie be apply t o sanitize. It sewer be a disadvantage as it provoke be inactivated by figurehead of an thoroughgoing division and it has a sacrosanct spirit and it has a laconic vivification in the liquid state form that whoremaster be culture medium to groove and sunlight. The advantages of using 70% bleach is that it spate be receptive of sidesplitting more or less bacteria which is safe for uncase tinct and it prevents vapor and the alcohol contri thation of it motivate the stalls in various ways.Some disadvantages are that they are untamed which end compounds that are not safe and unhealthful to compassionate form. B. harken terzetto reasons why you major power have to malignment a fact slide rather than view it as a nasty mount. C. prepare the quest foothold Chromophore caustic disgrace staple fiber colour D. What is the inequality among top and validating dye? E. What is warmness fastening? F. wherefore is it necessary to stop up that your specimens are totally agate line desiccated foregoing to love fastening? G. detect what you discovered in your brass instrument blear puckish mount, turn to dye slide, and in addressly stain slide. What were the similarities? What were the differences? H. answer for what you spy in your establishment derogate prankish mount, engage stain slide, and indirectly stain slide. What were the similarities? What were the differences? I. Describe what you discovered in your yeast smashed mount, direct dye slide, and indirectly varnished slide. What were the similarities? What were the differences? J. Were the cell types the selfsame(prenominal) in all collar specimen sets yeast, laque, and case? How were they similar? How were they diametrical? refinement/ parole Upon execute and complementary the experiment I conditioned that the microscope is a very hairsplitting rooster that allows the potential of backwash specimens too dwarfish for the benignant eye. W ith ad saveing the focus, contrast, and resolution, the bacteria constitute more open to the eye. On top of that, screening the specifications at distinguishable magnifications the bacteria shapes and arrangements become more present inwardly the specimen.Bacteria comes in different forms and shapes and just by arrangement alone, they can be categorize morphologically. It was overly visual that in that location are differences in a fresh slide containing bacteria compared with a slide already prepared. I did not bide to see the differences so vividly displayed, but afterward using the microscope it was dictated that anything not overt to the raw(a) eye shut up has the expertness to be seen and the microscope is the perfective tool to use to be able to do so.

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Buddhist Education in Vietnam

Al to the highest degree 85% of the blameless macrocosm of Vietnam is Buddhisticicicic . The chief(prenominal) reason for this coarse acceptance of Buddhism is its rattling(prenominal) early grip in Vietnam. Buddhism entered Vietnam in the beginning of plump for century. This was the usual intent and keep be c separatelyed as the early phase of the Buddhist demanding in Vietnam .The precise graduation Buddhist gentility was given by a Taoist named Meou-Po, who afterwards natural-again to Buddhism . gibe to numerous historians, even earlier this Taoist, roughly torso-build of Buddhist preparation could be seen when the Chinese missionaries came to Vietnam .The Chinese missionaries came in Vietnam during the rule of Si-Nhiep. subsequent, cardinal Indian monastics in like manner came from India to Vietnam, in enact to flummox and lecture Buddhism. Ma Ha Ky Vuc and Khau Da La stayed in Vietnam for some duration, posterior Khau Da La go away w here(predicate)(predicate)as Ma Ha Ky Vuc stayed. Ma Ha Ky Vuc was a precise religious globe and employ to prompt for s ever soal days. gibe to him this helped purify his body and soul. These two Buddhist monks scratch came to northern Vietnam, which was c eached as Giao-Chi at that prison term. Mau-Bac, a Chinese Buddhist later came to Vietnam, in tell to preach his righteousness.At that date chinawargon was the pith of a respectable political conflict, thereof m any scholars in prescribe to learn and preach at tranquillity, came to Vietnam. This was a find for the Buddhism. These were the archetypal tribe ever to influence in Buddhism in Vietnam. They were refugees from China and Pilgrims from India. As period passed by Buddhism became more recognized and most practiced religion in Vietnam. BEGINNING OF Buddhistic EDUCATION A Hindu price, Gautama who did non like the head of Hindu set system, was the set uper of Buddhism.Gautama did non believe tha t any man could be superior to the an another(prenominal)(prenominal) and as Hinduism Brahmans be considered superior, he left(a) this religion . Gautama had worn out(p) umpteen days wandering and meditating. In the end he found answers to only his questions and indeed found the cart track of reason, enlightenment. According to Buddhism, promised land is the path to perpetual serenity. It is free from the wheel around of birth, death and rebirth. Moreover, a psyche testament fulfill redemption if he believes in the four magisterial integritys.These four shocking truths be that a man suffers in all his nonparallel lives the reason for his sufferings is his wants for mundane things, when the somebody frees himself-importance from all the wants of earthly things he then achieves deliv eonnce. The abide noble truth says that a person can achieve deliverance by following the eight-fold noble path . So how did Buddhism really sp guide? During the clip Si-Nhiep ruled Giao-Chi, it was considered as a safe place. Mau-Bac came to Vietnam looking for peace and tranquility. later on advent to Vietnam, he examine Buddhism from an Indian monk named Ksudra .Ma Ha Ky Vuc who to a fault came to Vietnam got to foilher with Mau-Bac and counterbalanceed treatment their religion. Ksudra also started circumstances them, thusly hatful in Vietnam, who neer k tonic what Buddhism was, started learning and evaluate it. These were the actually premiere mass to start prophesy and dogma Buddhism. Their memoriseing is the truly early design of readings found in Vietnam. After these, numerous Buddhist monks came to Vietnam. Khang shot Hoi and Cuong Luong Lau were two monks who make a masses of difference. They translated galore(postnominal) Buddhist books into Chinese.As Vietnamese subtlety at that time was influenced a handle by Chinese and Chinese was the ordained language used , hence translating these books make a cover of difference to mint who could not read or preserve other languages . PHASES OF Vietnamese BUDDHISM The fib of Buddhist development in Vietnam can be studied by dividing it into four crash phases or periods. The fundamental law of Buddhism in Vietnam. This started from the vernacular era and lasted gutter the end of Chinese dominion culmination of Buddhism. Buddhism was at its handbill during the independence The decadence after the Le Dynasty Revival period. This started in the beginning of the twentieth century and has not ended yet. The period in the lead the Common Era lays the world for the beginning and teaching of Buddhist education in Vietnam. It was the time when Siddhartha Gautama, who will later pee-pee enlightenment and will be called as Buddha was born. As he was born in India, Indians were the first to learn Buddhism. later(prenominal) when Buddhism came to China, umteen Chinese monks went to Vietnam in order to transmit Buddhism. However, it believed that the Chinese and Indian merchants came to Vietnam for handicraft.They brought monks with them proverb that the monks were the calmer of the sea These monks started preaching their religion in Vietnam. It was easy for them to teach their religion to many people at a time, as Luy-Lau, later cognize as Ha-Bac was the middle of all trading activities. solely the merchants who came here to trade, and merchants who were travelling amidst India and China, stopped here to rest, therefore, monks were able to spread their religion very(prenominal) easily. Many missional activities were started as a result. Monasteries were build and Buddhism became important.This was the first time ever in the history of Vietnam, that monasteries were built . The future(a) period or phase turn out to be outperform for Vietnamese Buddhism. In this period Buddhist studies were at their boot and many renowned people and rules reborn to this religion. It was when King Dinh Tien Hoang came in to power. Buddhism has its own hierarchy of monks and priests who were accepted by the court. Buddhism was now back up by the empurpled court and this helped many positive changes to issuance place. Buddhists were now well-thought-of and were considered as wise to(p) people.They were asked advice by the over-embellished court and the rulers before taking decisions. This helped them get involved in many political and religious decisions and hence providing many decisions to be interpreted match to them. This era rattling proved to be the best for Buddhist studies and it became one of the most predominant religions. After this, many kings and emperors reborn to Buddhism. Many laws came into practice in this era, which were influenced by Buddhism, and hence were in favor of the Buddhists. wagon train Hanh became a Buddhist in this period.He is cognize as the venture master and has influenced many people to exchange to Buddhism. Any ruler who was not Buddhists was at least the boost er of Buddhism and this was a very positive acid for the Buddhists. In 1010 A. D, close to eight monasteries were built in Ha Bac. All other monasteries and Buddhist temples were also repaired. Tripitaka texts, which were in China initially, were brought in Vietnam. Thousands of Buddha statues and paintings were make and set up. Festivals were set up. Many new monasteries such as Sung Kharh monastery and monastery at Mount Ba were built. In 1086 A.d Dai break loose monastery was built in Ha Bac. Later in 1118 A. D Thien Phat was built which had some 1,000 Buddha statues . BUDDHIST STUDIES The entire Buddhist education comes from the studies of Buddha, who is the supreme teacher. All of the studies root from saddha, which is the faith in tercet Gem. Depdnding upon these studies the educatees atomic number 18 taught agree to the quin rules. The students should go the rules, their reason and their weapon in cursory lives. Most importantly, they should appreciate all these rules and believe in them. The students should live what is generosity and self sacrifice.These are all important(p) elements that help the students outdo their worldly desires, their selfishness and greed. These five moral rules are capable on each other. A student can gain by suta, which is by bulky reading of Buddhism texts. According to Buddhist studies the noesis of a person is dependent on his inside popular opinion of truth i. e. Dhamma. allay and insight are the two master(prenominal) elements of any Buddhist teaching. In Buddhist education tasks and sapience are dependent on each other. A student can attain sapience by deep investigation, countersign and intelligence.This wisdom was the raw material instruments which lead Buddha to salvation. This wisdom is the crown of all educations of Buddhism. Without wisdom, education is incomplete. forward French, people were chosen based on their education. These were officials known as mandarins. Learning was very impo rtant in those times. It was not honourable education nevertheless it lead a person to sharp understanding, social standing, riches and power. Buddhism came directly from India, hence there are many row in Vietnamese Buddhism which are influenced or are interpreted directly from India. The book of account Buddha is also taken as it is.However, as the Vietnamese close is influenced a toilet from the Chinese, hence when Chinese monks came to Vietnam, the word Buddha was replaced by the word Phat. In those days, Buddhism in Vietnam was influenced by Theravada Buddhism. It was seen as religion which helped good people and punished the bad. It was very difficult to teach Buddhism at that time as very little belles-lettres was available. Vietnamese had no written record book hence a few translations were do in Chinese. The era between 544 and 602 was an self-employed person era and was accommodating in public exposure Buddhism

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Marketing planning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Marketing planning - Essay ExampleIn vagabond to attain the above mentioned objectives, Tesco would have to implement certain significant tactics that accommodate the broad conception of marketing mix which fundamentally comprises the 7 Ps, market segmentation, positioning as well as targeting tactics. Furthermore, Tesco should majorly focus upon the rise in its industrial network portfolio along with universal market expansion in future. In this context, Tesco can initiate the tactic of offering cheaper products for the customers along with possessing powerful brand image, especially to cope up with the fierce competition in the foodstuff business market in UK. These situation tactics would assist Tesco to accomplish its objectives by a significant level concerning with the fact that the reputation of the organisation is unendingly growing. Apart from the above mentioned tactics, Tesco could follow certain other major plans that include the conception of new product innovation a long with the idea of Total note Management (TQM) (Scribd Inc., 2012).Additionally, there lies certain other crucial dimensions of tactics through which Tesco could attain its expected business goals by a considerable level. The different dimensions include the consciousness of Tesco regarding the various law set of laws that applies in its particular business operating location along with complying with them in an effective manner and mitigating the issue of doctrine Crunch that affected the performance of Tesco in terms of sales.. In this regard, it has been observed that the economy of UK has been experiencing a challenging situation that resulted towards the decline of the economy due to the branch of significant issues related to Credit Crunch. Such an issue, in due course, affected the disposable earnings of the individuals in the country which indicated that the people or the customers largely focused upon the idea of saving their valuable money rather than making expendi tures for the consumption of products apart from their basic needs. Hence, the purchasing capacity of the customers was observed to slacken in that particular area. In order to mitigate the consequences led by weakening customer purchase, Tesco applied

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EXAM 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

EXAM 1 - Essay ExampleCompany reconciles these claims with its financial records that shows more harvest-festival through QSR.(Dunkin 2012 Annual Report p. 6)Long term mission of Dunkin Brand is to focus on long term sustainability. They have leveraged their expertise on interrogation and development to come up with ideas that could help their stakeholders. To help their franchisees save on skill and water, save on costs for simple repairs, and engage in energy efficiency, Dunkin came up with a toolkit that solves this problem. It is also developing resources for a sustainable packaging solutions, and working on reusable cups and spoon.Dunkin is completing its research of sourcing of sourcing cage-free eggs and gestation crate-free pork by 2013. It also gives financial support to the local community through its various programs.(Riley, Christine.2013)Remote environment factors argon issues which business have little or no control at all. For this reason, I consider economic factor s as number one because it deals a lot on the economy of the company which it operates. i. e. the drift of people to spend, availability of credit, level of disposable income, and trends of growth which could not be controlled by the organization. I ranked Social factors as second because understanding lifestyles of people, values, beliefs and opinions are significant in business decisions but business can go along with it. Political factors is ranked third, because following government regulations can be worked verboten technological factors as fourth because it can be accepted as innovations and designs could be improved and last is ecological factors. This is the relations of the company to other existent things such as air, soil and water which could be corrected through its CSR relationsThe number one competitive force shaping strategy of Dunkin is increase adaptation and availability. Instead of developing new product, it focuses on growing the market

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Reflection paper Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Reflection paper - Article ExampleIn this paper, I write to reflect on the lessons learned throughout the semester, knowledge gained and what I can do to improve my voice quality.According to Kist (13) tension murders vibration. The negative environmental influences and self-defenses against emotional distress results in poor voice production. I have learnt several barriers to outstanding voice quality throughout the semester. In this regard, I have learned that tension is the great enemy to excellent voice production. Tension makes it difficult for persons to produce their natural voice. Essentially, tension lowers an individuals confidence and, therefore, he/she ends up producing low-quality voice that is non natural.Doing vocal warm up plays an essential role in releasing tension and building strong personal confidence. In addition, warming up gives an individual a chance to polish up on challenging areas in order to produce a synchronized and high-quality voice. I have learnt several benefits of vocal warm up in class and through personal research. For instance, warming up gives the speaker the courage to face the audience. After learning about the yield of vocal /physical warm up and practicing it, I have noticed several changes in voice production in advance and afterwards warming up. For instance, after warming up, I realized that my courage to face the audience improved, and I was able to make a smooth speech. On the contrary, before warming up, I had the fear of facing a crowd of people, and I had no enough confidence. In essence, vocal/physical warm up prepares an individual psychologically before the actual performance.People have varied voices and therefore perform differently on stage. Through watching some television programs and theater, I have set that people have varied voices. Some people have soft voices and others rough voices. Watching theater and some television programs taught me a lot on matters regarding voice. Through watching theater, I learned how

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NURSES' RESPONSIBILITY in the Prevention of Medication Errors Assignment

NURSES RESPONSIBILITY in the measure of Medication Errors - Assignment ExampleThe problem of medication errors can be avoided sole(prenominal) when the gives take a keen interest on their jobs by being highly skilled in their profession (Joint Commission Resources, Inc. 2001, 13). Nurses Responsibility in the Prevention of Medication Errors Have you ever imagined a world where there are no nurses? Individuals would be succumbing to deaths from various causes like injuries to sickness. Nurses role can never be underestimated as they play a significant part in saving lives in both public and hospital hospitals since in most cases medication errors leads to analyzable sorrows (Cohen, 2007, 50). This essay discusses nurses responsibility in the prevention of medications errors. One of the duties of a nurse is the garbage disposal of drugs. Even when the other processes of treatment study been properly completed, wrong administration of drugs can lead to serious problems to the patie nt. Some of the worst medication errors involve some of the best and experienced practitioners (Cohen, 2007, 49) It is therefore necessary for the nurse to ensure that the drugs while away the patient through the correct route. An example, oral liquid medications meant for administration through a gastric tube have been given intravenously ear drops have been instilled in the eye and eye drops in the ear (Joint Commission Resources, Inc. 2001). Another role of the nurse is patient education. It is the responsibility of the nurse to educate their patients on natural rubber medication use. The patient should be fully aware of what each of the medications are for, the way they should be taken, how it appears, and how they functions to be to help mortify the likelihood of medication errors. Nurses should, therefore, proponent and educate their patients about their medications at all times. Since nurses administer medicines and injections to patients they are also bound to ensure tha t there are no dose miscalculations to help reduce medication errors. Dose miscalculations are extremely common medications drugs administered intravenously and medications used for pediatric patients. Studies have shown that errors in dose calculations in pediatric, are not all common but also fatal mistakes of 10 fold or more happen up to 1.5% of the time (Joint Commission Resources, Inc. 2001). Nurses should accurately apply the common chord methods before administering doses to their patients to prevent medication errors. They are the basic formula which is commonly used by nurses in most hospitals, ratio and proportion methods which is outdated as it was used before the advent of technology, and the fractional calculation method. Accurate administration of calculated doses assist in the medication administration process as it leads to repair quality information with which a doctor or nurse should prescribe a treatment. Nurses are also tasked with admitting and discharging pa tients therefore, they are expected to get the information regarding the patients business relationship and other medical details. This information is helpful in cases where the patient has an allergy to the same medication he is to be put on. Failure by the nurse to take correct history of allergy can lead to serious problems in the event of administration of drugs that causes allergic reactions to the patient. The Lesar and colleagues study on factors associated with prescribing errors raise out that the allergy to drug rate was 11.7%, a

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Corporate Social Responsibility (Environmental Science) Essay

Corporate Social Responsibility (Environmental Science) - Essay ExampleIt has been reported that in the last 30 years, nearly 1/3 of worlds natural resources have been lost because of corporations industrial activities. (Friends of earth)The aim of the social responsibility is to effect a higher and higher standard of living era at the same maintaining the profitability of the corporation (Hopkins) Therefore corporate social responsibility involves community, environment, ethics, human rights, responsibility in the market, vision and values, and workforce. We are immediately touch on with the environment. This involves management decision making in respect of production processes that minimise negative impacts on the environment and the costs.Environmental problems have been with us for quite a long time as a result of interaction between man and nature. In modern times, scale of the problems is unique arising from two aspects. One, rapid intricacy of the world population and sec ond ever-increasing consumption of energy and material per person in addition to the past-accumulated damage. Environment encompasses all components of our surroundings i.e. the air we breathe, the habitat we abide in and the food and drinks we take. The energy of milk we drink originates from grass and crops driving force behind which is the solar energy, converted to chemical energy by photosynthesis. In effect the ecology around us has to be preserved. In ecologic point of view, all are interconnected i.e. the waste produced by man pollutes meadows and returned to the piece by food chain. Different organisms i.e. man and cow compete for the same resources (crops) and one organism (man) acts as predator for another (cow). Environmental care does not stop at the national boundaries. Air circulation and river flows having no boundaries and migration of people and animals and large scale import and export of food, impact the environment. Pollution is the direct cause of environment al damage. The pollution may be defined as addition by man of any substance (solid, gas or liquid) or energy to move of the ecosystem that ultimately harm or damage man (Boeker, Grondelle)Global warming and Ozone layer DepletionGlobal warming is the most dangerous threat to our environment. It occurs due to heat-trapping gases that are sent to atmosphere from our industries (factories), cars and homes. The gases sent up form a blanket forcing more than heat to stay trapped near the earths surface. More heat produces more energy in the atmosphere resulting in extreme weather conditions like droughts, storms and floods. Elsner James, Professor Florida State University on researching the past 135 years of records of Atlantic sea surface and air temperatures, found a direct link to the intensities of hurricanes and many hurricane researchers affirm that the intensity increased 10 years ago could last for the nigh 25 to 40 years. (Loney Jim) Another phenomenon now coming under contro l after two decades of remedial measures is Ozone layer depletion, though it will be by 2049 when the 1980 levels will be restored. (Reuters) Ozone layer being part of the

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Mathematics Assignment Math Problem Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Mathematics Assignment - Math Problem Example1 m3 = 100 cm3 = 0.86 tonnesThen, divide both sides by 1010 Cubic cms = 0.086 tonnes(b) What volume of soil weighs 3 kg1 ton = 1000 kgThen,0.86 tonnes = 860 kg = 1 m3So,1 m3 = 860 kgMultiply both sides by 3/8603/860 m3 = (3*860) / 860 kg0.0035 m3 = 3 kg14. If 10 men take 3 days to complete a task(a) How long pull up stakes it take 6 men to complete the task 10*3 = 6*x30/6 = x = 5(b) If the task is to be completed in two days how many men are required10*3 = x*2X = 30/2 = 1515. Draw the graph of 5x + 2y 10 = 0 and attend the x and y interceptsWhen x=0,5(0) + 2y = 10Y= 10/2 = 5(x,y) = (0,5)Similarly, when y=0. 5x + 2(0) = 10X = 10/5 = 2(x,y) = (2,0)16. The distance travelled by a train and the corresponding propagation are given byTime, hrs 0 0.5 1.5 2.5Distance, kms 0 38 114 190Plot the graph of distance as a function of clipping and determine the compare of the line.Equation of the line,y = mx +cWhere, c = y-intercept &m = slope of the line = here, as the graph shows c = 0,whereas, let us tip over (0,0) and (0.5,38) to determine m.m = (38 - 0) / (0.5 - 0) = 76So, the equation of the line isy = 76x + 0or y = 76x17. A ball is thrown upward with an initial hurrying 55 m/sec. The speed of the ball decreases uniformly with time and after 5 secs its velocity is 6 m/sec.(a) Determine the equation relating the velocity of the ball and time.Here, there are 2 coordinates given, i.e. (55,0) and (6,5) considering time is plotted on the y-axis.As per the graph in part b, c (y-intercept) = 5.6 and m = (5-0)/(6-55) = -5/49Therefore, the equation will be,+ 5.6 Or 49y +5x = 274.4(b) Draw the graph of this equation.(c) Determine the time at which the... The negative velocity in this example would be a hypothetical state to achieve. The equation for such a case will be bound by constraints, ensuring no negative values can be put in for time and velocity.

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Essay about martin luther the priest Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

About martin luther the priest - Essay ExampleHe translated Bible into the language of the people so that they could understand the consecrate Book. He was also a noteworthy hymn writer as his hymns brought together different pieces of art and music with different age segments of the society. His theology essentially challenged the manner in which the authority of the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church was raised (Rose 2002). He suggested that Bible was the only source of knowledge that comes under the protective cover of divinely revealed ones. In the later stage of his life, Martin Luther became strongly Antisemitic whereby he wrote that Jewish homes should be dismantled their synagogues be burnt, money usurped and liberty ended. For these revelations and public statements, Martin Luther was hailed as a very controversial figure among a number of historians and religious scholars. Martin Luther suffered from a number of diseases and eventually died in 1546.Rose, Paul Lawrence. Re volutionary Antisemitism in Germany from Kant to Wagner. Princeton University Press, 1990. Cited in Berger, Ronald. Fathoming the final solution A Social Problems Approach. New York Aldine De Gruyter,

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Strategy and Organizational Performance Research Paper

schema and Organizational Performance - Research Paper ExampleHowever, during the execution of the strategic planning process, it is necessary for the feares to consider the weaknesses and limitations of the strategic management and planning concept in order to apply it to bring a positive outcome.The businesses in the present days are moving towards an broad application of the strategic planning to improve and assess the cheekal performance. They have adopted the concept of strategic management to cope up with the upcoming challenges in the corporate world and be successful in the business arena.All the organizations work with strategies and objectives to sustain themselves in the cutting edge competition from their cut-throat rivals. The term Strategy refers to the plan of action which may be adopted by any business or service organizations in order to accomplish a particular(a) goal or set of objectives. Most of the organizations, at present, utilize the idea of Grand Strateg y, which is referred to as a complete and broad ranging plan for the prominent activities of an organization with the help of which it achieves its long-standing objectives within a vibrant business environment (Rogers, Miller & Judge, 1999). The basic purpose of strategy is to provide significant support to the strategic business plan, individual career plans, work unit plans and effective job performance. Besides this, an organizational strategy also prioritizes the activities and useful initiatives that have to be taken in the department.The concept of strategic management is widely applied to the organizations. It refers to a filed which deals with the specifications of the development of missions, visions, and plans and policies of the organization with respect to its programs and plans. These elements help the organization achieve its goals through a comely allocation of plans, polices, programs and projects (Hart, 1992). The field of strategic

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Major Economic Statistics and the US Economy Essay

Major Economic Statistics and the US Economy - Essay ExampleHence, it would be expected to response in a rise in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). However, when considering the impact on the standard of living the economists have to look at the act of GDP on a per capita basis. Taking into account the stinting situationors mentioned above and population growth it is possible to say that the rate of production does non approve with the rate of population growth. Even if figures show that production activity of the country increases it does not satisfy the increased consumption need (because of population growth). This fact is turn up by the poverty statistical data shows the rise in poverty rate from 11.7 % in 2001 to 12.1 % in 2002. The number of poor increased also, by 1.7 one million million million, to 34.6 million poor in 2001. It is possibleto predict that in a competitive US market, reductions in the marginal product of labour will run for to lower the rewards to labour . In other words rapid growth in population leads to a cut in wage rates (Economic Forecast for the United States. 2005). According to the statistical data the U.S. current-account deficit increased $6.7 one million million million to $195.1 billion in the first quarter of 2005. In the economic system there is a link amidst the country balance payment and its rate of economic growth. The notion of quite a little balance can be defined as the difference between the take account of the goods and go that a country exports and the value of the goods and services that it imports (White House Statistics, 2005). The strong growth of demand has led to a large increase in the trade deficit in goods and services. So, if the US government wants to compress the trade deficit, then it has to accept that consumer must grow at a slower rate in order to reduce the imbalance between exports... Taking into account the economic factors mentioned above and population growth it is possible to say that the rate of production does not coincide with the rate of population growth. Even if figures show that production activity of the country increases it does not satisfy the increased consumption need (because of population growth). This fact is proved by the poverty statistical data shows the rise in the poverty rate from 11.7 % in 2001 to 12.1 % in 2002. The number of poor increased also, by 1.7 million, to 34.6 million poor in 2001. It is possible to predict that in a competitive US market, reductions in the marginal product of labor will tend to lower the rewards to labor. In other words, rapid growth in population leads to a cut in wage rates.According to the statistical data, the U.S. current-account deficit increased $6.7 billion to $195.1 billion in the first quarter of 2005. In the economic system, there is a link between the country balance payment and its rate of economic growth. The notion of trade balance can be defined as the difference between the value of the good s and services that a country exports and the value of the goods and services that it imports (White House Statistics, 2005). The strong growth of demand has led to a large increase in the trade deficit in goods and services. So, if the US government wants to reduce the trade deficit, then it has to accept that consumer must grow at a slower rate in order to reduce the imbalance between exports and imports.

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Prevention of Terrorism and Business Continuity Essay

Prevention of Terrorism and Business Continuity - Essay compositors caseThe events availed a remarkable case of a widening interdependence of both the private and public sectors in confronting the present-day security challenges.Since the 9/11, the fight against act of terrorism has been a top political priority for both the government and businesses alike. Governments have a responsibility to prevent and disrupt terrorist attacks, which hinges on coordinated and collaborative relationships among the intelligence, security, and law enforcement agencies. The key motivation has not only been because of the suffering of the victims, but also because terrorist attacks are a direct assault on elemental determine of kind rights, rules of law, and democracy (Frias, Samuel and White 2012, 483). Terrorism bears a direct impact on the enjoyment of several human rights such as rights to life, liberty, and physical integrity. Terrorist attacks importantly destabilize governments they also c ompromise peace and security, as well as social and economic development.One of the prominent themes in the human rights debate encompasses intensify acknowledgement of the link between business and human rights. The application of the law in relation to the prevention of terrorism often proves to be complex, especially regarding recognition of human rights as outlined by instruments such as European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) and UN Charter on human rights. Businesses can have got immense power and bear a direct impact on governmental policies and enjoyment of human rights. Businesses bear an obligation to contribute to the promotion and safeguarding of human rights (Ganor 2005, p.149).The preface of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights outlines that all persons and every organ of the society shall endeavor to promote respect for human rights and basic freedoms (Zwitter 2011, p.20).

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Philosophy--Aristotle Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Philosophy--Aristotle - Essay ExampleThe simple answer to what hu humanity good is that its end is happiness. Happiness is, however, much more complicated, as Aristotle argues, there are various views as to what happiness is. (Book I, Chap. IV). This happiness should not be mistaken, as it is defined in contemporary usage as a relative state characterized by the amount of pleasure received from something or liking to something. Happiness and pleasure are not synonymous terms, though obtaining happiness will probably accept to pleasure. Happiness instead is what Aristotle characterized as activity of the soul according to virtue. (Book I, Chapter VII)1. Virtue, like happiness, should not be conceptualized in its contemporary vernacular, as pertaining to be highly moralistic.Aristotles definition of virtue in the morals is derived from the ancient Greek term arte that holds the connotations of excellence or mastery. For example, the virtue of a knife is its superpower to slice or t he virtue of exercise is how well it improves ones fitness. What are required to determine the virtue of any of these aforesaid objects are the ends these objects and actions anticipate to obtain. We exercise to improve our health, we want to improve our health to feel better, be more energetic or simply look more attractive to others, and the ends may continue to progress until some final aim, for example with exercise, to live better lives. Man too has a certain arte or virtue, and since man is his or her own individualistic entity, their final ends may perhaps be different from other men and women. This is a major reason why the Ethics does not set out to determine what a person should or should not do.If man has excellence, then what constitutes that excellence and how is it obtained? There essential be must some action or series of actions man can do and perform with excellence that separates

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Coordinating public secondary and post-secondary education with Essay

Coordinating public secondary and post-secondary upbringing with projected economic demands - Essay Exampleo raised, may buy learning materials for the students, build more learning institutions, given to the needy students to aid them pay their fees among other uses. Co-curricular activities may also get financial support from the externally raised money (Dennison, 2011). This leads to improved standards of the education form and the number of those joining the learning institutions increases tremendously. Tutors get better pay, which serves as a catalyst to their motif in work and thus leading to maximum input in their job, hence maximum output is achieved (Garrod & Macfarlane, 2009). However, due to the stiff competition from the various stakeholders, the organisation faces many challenges in trying to train the opinions of different stakeholders. This interferes with the key matters and prevents the search for viable solutions to the problem. Higher education institutions- They are supposed to maintain accountability and foil in the system as well as contenting the peoples interest in its fairing. They coordinate all the matters pertaining to higher education and formulate a plan of action in case of any uncertainties. The decisions passed to all public and post secondary education system pertaining the education sector comes from the higher education institutions. They are the key formulators and implementers of the policies in the education system (Saunders, 2011). Fair implementation and execution of the policies leads to effective, equitable, and fair education system that fit the of necessity of the stakeholders. The institutions have a responsibility to ensure satisfaction is achieved by all the associate parties and in the best way. Students and graduates- These are key stakeholders directly affected by the education system in any country. This is because of the...This paper presents the thorough comparison and analysis of the systems of publi c secondary and post secondary education, and also outlines the challenges experienced in coordinating these systems with needs of an economy.There are various stakeholders in public and post secondary education system and each has a responsibility. Stakeholders, who include policy setters and governing batting order members and all those persons who have invested in higher education and the beneficiaries of higher education, have a role to play. Their inclusion and contribution to the education system cannot go unnoticed and their reward comes from their effort and sacrifice.The public and post secondary education has become a public issue rather than a private one because of its square up on the economy. The economy of any country has to grow through the contribution of the education. The level of expertise in the market place comes as a result of the level of education the individuals employed in different sectors have. The education sector has to produce quality and reliable graduates to work in the market and improve the production. The other major(ip) reason why the education sector has become public is the politics. The influence of politics on the economy has contributed to worldwide concern on the issue The motion for the need of education must tighten up to encourage and increase the number of graduates. This will help improve the skills of the labor available in the market and thus high production a guarantee.

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Financial Management and Accounting Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Financial Management and Accounting - Assignment Examplerevenues, and expenses attributable to a business that would eventually lead to either a surplus or deficit in the case of a not for profit business.The chalk up profit margin should be used as a metric that is helpful in the assessment of the financial strength of a company. The strength of a company in terms of finances is determined by analyzing the percentage of money that remains after lend expenses are deducted form the income of a company. The total profit margin is calculated using the following formulaIn a business, there are 2 forms of interchange flows cash inflow, and cash divulge flow. Cash inflow to a business is the revenue that may is incurred from the normal running of the business. The other forms of cash inflows include dividends that a company receives from investing in other businesses. Cash out flows are the cash amounts that a business uses in the running of the business. They may include the recompen se of business expenses, acquisition of equipment, and the payment of dividends to shareholders of the business. The cash flow to Brandywine Homecare is $12 million that results from the revenue of the business.The doubling of the depreciation charge as a result of changes in calculation procedures would make it to be equivalent to $3 million. The increase in depreciation charge would make the net income to be less by an amount equivalent to the increase in the depreciation charge.However, the increase in the value of the depreciation charge would not affect the cash flow of the company. This is because depreciation charge is termed as a non cash item and therefore has no effect on the cash flows of the business.If the depreciation expense was reduced by a half, the net profit would increase by an amount equal to the decrease. That means that the depreciation charge would be equal to $0.75 million. The total profit margin would reduce by a half fleck the cash flow would remain

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Interdependence and Independence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Interdependence and Independence - Essay ExampleUnlike independent-self which focuses on individual responsibility separate from the entire society, interdependent self-concept emphasizes shared responsibilities. The main belief of interdependence self-concept is the reliance that exists among individuals in the society for survival and mutual development. Interdependence self-instills the idea that hatful are not alone in their attempts at psychic growth and development. People also provided support for one another to grow socially. Interdependent self-concept also promotes responsibility sharing by encouraging individuals to take miscellaneous roles, which contribute to the development and growth of the society. Interdependent self-concept is also crucial for overcoming fear. Unlike independence, which puts an individual against the rest of other members of the society, interdependence promotes cohesion among society members, thus service individuals to experience lower train s of fear and insecurity. The recognition of the fact that one has the support of others remains crucial for alleviating negative feelings, which could yield fear in individuals. Support for severally other is only possible in a society where people feel close to each other and the society is characterized by high level of interdependence. Interdependence also promotes good and meaningful relationships. Interdependence promotes strong ties between individuals, both personal and professional, which is deficient in independent self-concept. In independent self-concept, people often emerge as overly self-reliant, which jeopardizes the chances of forming positive bonds among individuals.

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Sexuality & bipolar Essay Example for Free

Sexuality bipolar EssaySexuality as we know it has always been bipolar in its categories the masculine and the feminine. People argon then placed in these categories according to their anatomy, with pre-set expectations placed on them on how they would act and eventually mature. For example, it is unacceptable for women to smoke cigars, repair cars and wear moustache enchantment men be not supposed to be doing housework, carry purses, wear nail polish and cry in public (Kunkel 283). Yet what we take for grant is our knowledge that sex is not bipolar and the practices that seem innocent yet oppressive, limiting and binding on our insights. For example, if one would look at a recognise card section, one will find that most of the card are focused mainly on two categories, for mothers, sisters, aunts and grandmothers for the feminine category and fathers, grandfathers, uncles and brothers for the male. The only remotely gender neutral separate were for friends yet even they werent entirely neutral since their colors and design corresponds to what is viewed by society as acceptable for what males and females would like, i. e. , cards directed at women receivers tend to receive cards that are pink or pastel colored with a flowery or cute design. male receivers on the other hand mostly receive blue and other masculine colors with a sporty motif. Most cards dealing with relationships turn in heterosexual couples and labels such as husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend and such. On the other hand, depictions of homosexual couples are virtually invisible a few cards brandishing heat quotes are the only ones who are gender neutral. If a homosexual wishes to buy a card for his/her partner, his /her only option is to focus on the love section and a few of the romance.He/she would have to take care to choose the depictions on the cards as well. The reason for the invisibility of the other forms of sexuality is due to the fact that society views heterosex uality as the norm and homosexuality is deviant (Cruz 1012). Homosexuality is viewed as biologically abnormal, pathological, and anti-nature since its very principle clashes with the idea of pro-creation. indian lodge has created labels and borders to prevent the homosexuals from being visible. One example is the categories of relationships with heterosexual anniversaries, marriages and such.In a marriage, there is a label of husband and wife, the male taking the author and the female the latter same-sex marriages, while still being debated whether it should be legalized or not, possesses no such labels in the relationship. In contrast, the idea heteronormativity has labeled same-sex couples with derogatory names, to fall guy them as inappropriate behavior and be categorized as sexually deviant. (Kunkel 289). In effect, people tend to reject and persecute them, giving the deviants neither agency nor niche to contest the status quo.In one hour of television, commercials always s how images of heterosexual couples in their respective niches in the crowd. Although homosexuals are portrayed in reality shows, there is no hint of their relationships with the other characters on screen. If there is a hint, it is usually downplayed and censored. Heterosexual couples however, are celebrated and objectified. There is virtually no same-sex couple that is depicted even if the media is one of the most influential driving forces in forwarding awareness of these same-sex couples.It is interesting to note that even if people are claiming that they are tolerant and accept same-sex couples, same-sex couples are still invisible. Heteronormativity is driven by gender roles that are imposed by societys bipolar expectations. Its pervasiveness can be attributed to the fact that since a community is held together by unwritten laws such as norms and taboos, it is safe to assume that society is threatened by these sexually deviant individuals thus heteronormativity is more pronounc ed and enforced.Heterosexism, in a way, is a cord that binds our society together, yet in return it sets boundaries and insists that it is the norm. Heteronormativity itself does not vest heterosexuals and robs the power from same sex individuals rather, it limits both parties and disempower them since they are stuck in their labels and categories, with no room to maneuver about. People believe that it is so since other forms of sexuality are invisible and are conditioned to think in the bipolar manner.Heteronormativity is everywhere since society has its own set rules and status quo that is hard to neither displace nor challenge and heteronormativity has been present ever since the formation of such communities. WORKS CITED Cruz, David B. Disestablishing Sex and Gender. California Law Review Vol. 90 (2002) 997-1086 Kunkel, Charlotte A. and Nielson, Joyce McCarl and Walden, Glenda. Gendered Heteronormativity Empirical Illustrations in Everyday Life. The Sociological Quarterly. Vo l. 41 (2000) 283-296

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Microsoft programmes Essay Example for Free

Microsoft programmes EssayDuring year ten I had two weeks of thrash experience from the 12th to twenty-third of March 2007. Work experience wasnt just compulsory for pupils within my school, but a nationwide curricular activity. My head of year Miss Joseph organised the knead experience with a company called Trident, who suspensored organise the placements and checked the placement for health and safety. For those not organising their own work experience, you had apply for jobs through tridents website. You had to select six dissimilitude jobs, and order them in preference and then Trident would try to organise the placement you placed archetypical. However Trident were unable to succeed in getting everyone their first election in placement, as many other schools within Waltham forest were doing work experience during the same period. I however arranged my own placement, at my mothers primeval school. My mother, several members of staff and I and to fill verboten a bridg e of forms which were then sent to Trident, who would check the placement to see if it was safe for me to work there. I chose to work in a school as I enjoy on the job(p) with others and helping children to learn.I reach often considered becoming a teacher, so I felt that working in a school would help me decide whether that was the career path I should be going down. A couple of weeks before my work experience was due to start, I had an interview with the head teacher of the school. I had to ring up the school and organise this interview. The head teacher asked me a couple of questions active why I had chosen to work there, and what skills I was hoping to gain from the experience. She then showed me around the premises, and introduced me to the members of staff that I would be working with. During my work experience, my working hours were from 8.00 till 5. 00.I took the car to work and the journey would usually take half and hour. I would work until 3. 15, when the children went home, however I did not leave until 5. 00 as I had to help clear up and help with after school activities. On my first day I was informed of the tasks I would be doing that day and introduced to all the children. Most mornings I would clean the childrens cup and then fill them with water. I would then earn to set up the first activity, which was always spelling. Other jobs I had to do included photo copying, paired reading, taking groups of children for group learning and cleaning.I worked with one teacher and one principle assistant, both of which would assist me with tasks I found difficult and were both very helpful. I felt I did have a positive effect on my colleagues as I would often be able to carry out tasks without too much assistance and therefore my less work for others. However in nearly activities I had to be assisted due to health and safety reasons, which could have make more work for the staff, than if I was not there. I offered to help out after school and would always be willing to try any task the teacher set me, even if I didnt know what to do.I therefore feel that I made a positive contribution and reduced the work load for my colleagues. During my work experience I had to carry out many different tasks, many of which I had never done before. I was able to cope with most of these new activities, however I did encounter some problems during my first week. For example whilst I was doing paired reading with an individual child, another child, with behaviour difficulties, kept disturbing me and trying to get my attention. I was unsure on what strategy I should use to prevent the children from preventing me from doing the paired reading so I went and spoke to the human body teacher.She then told me that the best thing to do, would be to dilute the disruptive child, and they would soon return to their work. I used this strategy several times during my work experience and I then was able to continue with the work, undisturbed. another(prenom inal) problem I encountered was when one child told me that another child had hit them, when in the playground. I then went and spoke to the other child, however they say that it was truly the other child who had hit them. Both children denied hitting one another, so I asked both children if they were hurt in any way, but they both said no.I then spoke to both children, telling them that hitting was wrong, and if there were any more problems then I would have to take them to their class teacher. I then got the two children to make up and play a game together nicely. Afterwards I spoke to the class teacher about the incident and she said the way that I handled the situation was perfect, but next time I should take them both to her as some children do have behaviour issues. I felt that I learned from both incidents and am now able to cope with many more problematic situations that before my work experience.I often helped the teacher to carry out activities outside the classroom, whi ch without my help, would have been a lot harder. I felt that my contribution in many of the activities made it easier for my colleagues and subsequently affected the outcome of the activity, as they all went very well. Over the time of my work experience I learned many new skills that I may not have learned, if I hadnt done the work experience. I really enjoyed my two weeks of work experience. It was a very hard, but rewarding job. some(a) tasks I did find a little bit boring, however overall the experience was fun and I learnt lots of new skills.For example I am now able to use many of the new Microsoft programmes for modern computers, which are used in many offices and other computer based jobs across the UK. I am also able to teach small groups of children, keeping the attention of every child and enabling them to learn. As I enjoyed my work experience so much I have decided that I would like to become a teacher when I am older, therefore all the skills that I have gained during my work experience will be used again in the future and could make a significant impact on the way I work etc.

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Secondary education Essay Example for Free

substitute(prenominal) education EssayI am the captain of our School Hockey Team. District Hockey Touranaments ar to be unionized in Jaipur future(a) month. Several good teams entrust pick up part in it. Ours is a precise good team. If we get a chance to take part, we may possibly win t here(predicate). You argon, therfore, supplicateed to permit our Hockey Team to participate in the District Hockey Tournaments and make necessary arrange-ments for the same. Thanking you genuinely very much for your choose. Yours very obediently, Purshottam Jain Captain 24. 10. 2008 School Hockey Team (2) lay aside a earn to your mother for winter clothing as the winter is approaching. male childs Hostel, D. P.Inter College, Aligarh construed 28. 11. 2008. My devout Mother, I am sorry I could not write to you earlier because I was very busy with my periodical examination. no. I am rid, the examination is over and thank God I yield d unity very well in the examination. Im u ndisputable I will get a high rank in the half-yearly examination. on that point will be biting cold after a few days. Mother, you chicane that I do not drive sufficient woollen clothes. I need a woollen sweater and a woollen coat. They will probably cost a thousand rupees. Please send me this money soon so that I may purchase these clothes from the exhibition next month. companion open remember me to my brothers and sisters. Your deargonst son, Deepak (3) Write a earn to your maternal buzz off asking him to send money to enable you to join an Excursion fellowship to Kashmir arranged by your college. Old Hostel, D. A. V. Inter College, Kanpur. celestial latitude 5, 2008 view Nanaji, I received your kind garner yesterday. My joy k sensitive no bounds to take in closely Mamajis marriage. I could not acknowledge it as I was busy in the annual sports of my college. Now I am free from the strain You nourish asked me my visualize during the witner holidays. The students of my college ar going on an excursion to Kashmir for a week.I am anxious to go with them as it will teach me a lot excessively recration. I acquire a keen desire to enjoy the natural scenes and spacious lakes of Kashmir, the paradise of India. Ill get an opportunity to see the waterf anys, house-boats and fruit civilisation there. I have to deposit five hundred rupees for the travelling expenses by the 15th of this month. I shall need another five hundred rupees for my personal expenses. I request you, Nanaji, to send me this money in time to join the party. My best regards to Naniji and recognize to Teenu and Palak.Your loving son, Vishal(4) Write an application to the Principal of your college requesting him to give you a security measures regarding your conduct and character. To, The Principal, Saraswati Inter College, Varanasi. Sir, Respectfully I beg to say that my father has been transferred to Allahabad. As I have to join the D. A. V. Inter College, Allahabad, I need a certi ficate somewhat my conduct and character. I may inform you that I joined your college in 2002. I have in- variably stood first in my class. sound year I commotioned the High School examination and my percentage of marks obtained was 72 per cent. I was a member of football eleven last year.I was the Captain of the football team for two years2005 and 2006. I also won first prize in debate competition last year. Kindly erupt me the certificate within four days as we be leaving for Allahabad on twenty-fifth July, 2007. Thanking you for the favour, Yours nigh obediently, Dated 20. 07. 2007 Varun Sarkar XIB. (5) Write a earn to your agonist telling him well-nigh your daily life. F-105, Kamla Nagar Agra. March 25, 2008. My dear Rajeev, Thank you very much for your sweet earn. I was very expecting it everyday. My qualifying tests ar over and my mind is free from strain.Now I am leading a routine life. I get up at 5 oclock, go to bathroom, brush my teeth, laundry my hands and fe et. After that I go for a morning walk with a friend of mine, who lives next door to me. At about 7 a. m. , I come suffer and take tea with a light eat. I sit to study for about two hours. At niner I get up to take a bath. Then I take my food, collect my books, put on my clothes and go to school. I take back from school at 4. 00 p. m. I take tea and some fruits. After half an hours rest, I go to school play ground for playing hockey. I come back home before sunset.I devote nearly two hours in doing my home-work and preparing my lessons for the following day as also revise my lessons. I finish this by 9. 30. Then I take my dinner with my p arents. Some generation I see T. V. programme. After that I go to bed. On Sundays I wash my clothes and service of process my mother in one or the other domestic work. My daily routine keeps me physically fit and mentally peaceful. I would send account book you to follow a programme of your daily life to achieve pleasure and peace. Your dear friend, Babloo (6) Write a earn to your friend telling him about the picture programme you like the most. Also write why you like it. Gaurav Cottage,City Road, Ajmer 12th March, 2008 My dear Sanjay, legitimate your letter and noted the contents. I am preferably well here and hope the same for you. I am studying hard for my examinations and I am sure to do very well in it. In this letter, I am writing to you about the television programme I like the most. My favourite programme is T. V. S. Sa-Re-Ga-Ma. It is telecasted on every Monday at 8 p. m. on Zee Television. It is a programme that helps new singers to show their talent. As you know I am a good singer and singing is my hobby. So I like the programme very much. Convey my respect to your parents and love to Gunjan and Jolly.With best wishes, Yours sincerely, Harish (7) Write a letter to your friend telling him how you celebrated your natal day this year. Akashdeep, Subzi Mandi, Indore. 9th February, 2008. My dear Subhah, I ha ve received no letter from you since 10th January. I invited you to my birthday party which was on 7th February, but neither you came nor direct any letter. Are you angry with me? I had invited all my friends and relatives on my birthday this time. It was arranged at my house. The front lawn was decorated with buntings, balloons, ribbons and multi- annotateed bulbs. There was a decent medicine and dancing programme.Manoj and I sang a few film songs, which were appreciated by all. There were a lot of your favourite dishes. I very lost(p) you very much on that day. Father arranged a Kawwali programme which was liked by all. The artists were delighted with a shower of rose flowers and currency notes. A lot of presents were presented to me. I was very happy to receive them. Convey my resepect to your Mummy and Papa and let me know the cause of your absence per return of post to diminish my worry. With best wishes, Yours truly, Vinod (8) Write a short letter to someone in hospital to cheer him or her up.Prakash Villa,Sarojini Naidu Road, Bikaner 20th September, 2008. My dear Meena, I was shocked to know that you met with an accident and have been admitted in the hospital. All the girls of our class miss you and pray the Almighty for your speedy recovery. The annual function was held on 10th instant. The Principal awarded you a Medal for your standing first in the class in the Antyakshari Competition held early last month. I received the medal on your behalf and have unploughed it with my mother. How everybody clapped and cheered when your name was announcedMay you recover soon and be with us with best wishes, Yours sincerely, Manju(9) Write a short letter to a pen friend who lives in a foreign country telling him briefly about youself. F-6, Kabir Nagar, Ghaziabad (U. P. ) India. May 16, 2008 Dear Robert, Hi, My joy knew no bound when I received your letter through pen-friend mail. I am sure you would like to know about me and mine. I am seventeen, studying in XII standard. My optional subjects are Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Hindi and Engilsh are my compulsory subjects. My father is a doctor, child specialist of name and fame in the district.My hobbies are swimming and photography. In my next letter I shall send you some photographs of the members of my family.I have a loving mother, a vernaler brother and a sister. They both read in Delhi customary School in Class VIII and VI respectively. I shall sense happy to hear soon about you and your family members. With regards to your parents and love to young ones. With best wishes to you. au thereforetically yours, Avinash Goyal (10) Write a letter to your sister advising her to lend a helping hand to ailing mother in household work. Anand Bhawan Chandpole Bazaar, Jaipur 14th August, 2008. My dear Rajni, Received fathers letter and was sorry to know that mother is ill. How is she now please write to me per return of post. I am worried about her very much.She is already weak, bunk and t hin. See that you yourself do the household work and let not mother contend in it. I shall come next week to see her when my monthy tests are over. You are quite grown up now and realize your duty. You can sweep the house, prepare tea and breakfast. Ask Kakiji to come and cook food. You also help her. Please give medicines and milk etc. in time to mother. Convey my regards to Mother, Papa and Kakiji and love to Munmun. With best wishes and love to you. Affectionately yours, Anand (11) Write a letter to your father telilng him about your youth hostel life.Room No. 5, Hostel Mahendra Public School,Jodhpur. 15th July, 2008. Respected father, I have not received any letter from you since I left home. It has caused me worry about your wel remotee. In this letter I am writing you about my hostel life to minimize your worry about me regarding my boarding and lodging. There are twenty-five students in our hostel. There are five rooms and five students live in each room. We have a stool, a table, an armed chair and an almirah for each hosteller. There is satisfactory arrangement of breakfast and meals in the hostel. We take milk and bread slices with butter in breakfast and rice, vegetable, dal and chapati in lunch and dinner.Two special diets are given each month. We play games in the evening. Our hostel provides facility in tennis and Volleyball. Our warden is very gentle and kind. He keeps an eye on our studies, food and games. I am very happy here. Convey my regards to mother and love to Raju and Palak. With regards Yours loving son, Madhav (12) Write a letter to your uncle thanking him for sending you a gift on your birthday. Kaveri Puram, Nehru Nagar, Agra 24th July, 2008. Respected Uncle, Yesterday I celebrated my birthday with bulky pomp and show. each member of the family was present in the party except you. We all missed you very much.I thank you very much for the seemly gift of a pen set sent by you on my birthday. Auntie gave it to me and told me about your going to Kanpur or an important piece of work all of a sudden. The colour design and flow of the pen is wonderful. Everybody praised it. I also longed for such(prenominal) a pen set. I thank you once again Uncle, for such a nice and useful gift. Ill shortly come to you when I hear about your return from Kanpur to thank you in person. Your loving nephew, Sachin (13) Write a letter to your father to raise your monthly allowance. Old Hostel, Vidhya Bhawan, Jhansi. 7th September, 2008.Respected Father,How happy was I when I received your loving letter late last week, in which you conscious me to work hard and get a good division in Boards examination. I promise to follow your advice in letter and spirit. These days the prices of everything, edible or non-edible, are rising high and be approach shot dearer very frequently. The mess charges have been raised by the contractor. The milkman has also increased his rate and so are the fruitsellers donig. It has establish very difficult for me to pull on with the monthly allowance you are sending me now. I cannot easily take milk and fruits which are very of the essence(p) to keep fit and good health.So, I request you to very kindly increase my monthly allowance from rupees four hundred to five hundred. With regards to mother and love to Manju and Neeraj. Your loving son, Pawan (14) Write a letter to your friend Deepak to accompany you in a trip to Goa. 35/A-3, Namak Mandi, Raipur. November 28, 2008. Dear Deepak, How is it that you have not replied my previous letter of the 10th inst. It has developed my curiosity to know about you and yours. The old saying No news is good news consoles me and I hope you are dead well and happy just as we are here. Here is a happy news for you my chum.Father is taking all of us to Goa during the X-mas holidays. It would double our joy if you are also with us. You are quite familiar to our family. Even then I assure of all ease and comforts in our company. I am sure you wont dis appoint me. Please remember me to your parents and convey my regards to them. Yours sincerely, Dayal (15) You are Mukund, residing at 5, Civil Lines, Jabalpur. Write a letter to your father requesting him to permit you to go on a college tour to Nepal. 5, Civil Lines, Jabalpur. 22nd October, 2008 Dear father, I received your letter two days back and read the contents with untold pleasure.I am smiling you are all well and miss me on all festivities every now and then. You will pat me on my back to know that I have secured 72 per cent marks in my first terminal test. My school is closing for a week on vizor of Dassehra. Father, this time, I dont intend to come home during the holidays. My college tour is scheduled for Nepal. We shall go under the guardianship of our class instructor and such opportunities are few and far between in life. May I, therefore, request you to permit me to go with my classmates for a change. Arrangements have already been made for our boarding and lodgin g there. We shall leave Jabalpur on 25.10. 2008 and shall be back on 31. 10. 2008. I hope you will be pleased to permit me to join the tour and send me Rs. 250/- unaccompanied. With lots of love. Yours affectionately, Mukund. (16) Write a letter to your younger sister sending her a present on her winning a gold medal in Hop-step-and-Jump in college sports. 129, Lucky Market, Bhopal. December 18, 2008 Dear Chhaya, Tell mother that I am well and have wished you the same. Now that you are in class IX, you can write to me with ease, from time to time, about your well- world and progress. While reading the sports news of our District, my eyes fell on your name.My curiosity arose and I read the news with care. How happy I was when I read of your winning a gold medal in Hop-step-and-Jump in the college sports. I am sending to you a copy of English-Hindi concise dictionary by M. L. Agarwal in this context. Useful as the dictionary is, youll certainly like it and feel proud of possessing a dictionary of this standard. Wishing you repeated such occasions in your life, Your loving brother, Sachin (17) Write a letter of thanks to your friend Ashok Saxena who has sent you congratulations on your success in the examination. 10/2, Manohar Marg, Dehradun. June 9, 2008My dear Ashok, I am proud of having a friend like you, who has always been encouraging me for marvellous performances in life. I got your letter of the 2nd instant congratulating me on my success in the competitive (C. P. M. T. ) examination. To be very fair, the credit of my success goes to your time-to-time guidance and encouragement. Dear Ashok accept my sincere thanks for your congratulations and remember me to your brothers and sisters. With lots of respects to your parents. Yours sincerely, Anand (18) You are Vinod Khanna, residing at 35, Vivekanand Marg, Panchmarhi, M. P. Your father is out of station.Write a letter to him stating that your mother is ill and he should come back soon. 25, Vivekanand Marg, Panchmarhi April, 6, 2008. My dear father, Your leter of the 21st March, 2008 was received only yesterday. We were all very anxious to know about you. We are glad to learn that you are perfectly well there. My annual examination begins from 14. 04. 2008. I am, therefore, very busy with my books. Unluckily mother is suffering from viral fever these days. She is feeling lonely and uncared for. As a matter of fact she is missing you. I request you to come back home at your earliest convenience to console her.Kindly bring me some good story books if not inconvenient to you. Yours affectionately, Vikas (18) You are Joseph Anand studying in Class X D of Gorkhi Higher Secondary School, Lashkar, Gwalior. Write an application to your Principal for issue of books from the Book-Bank in your school. To, The Principal. Gorkhi Hr. Sec. School, Lashkar, Gwalior. Sir, Most respectfully I beg to submit that I am a student of XD of your school. My father works as a time-keeper in a local factory. He gets a salary of Rs. 800/- per month only as is evident from his employers certificate attached herewith.He is thus unable to buy me all necessary books. I, therefore, request you to issue me some books from the school Book-bank. I promise to keep them with great care and return the same after my annual examination. Thanking you ever so much. Yours obediently, Dated 25th July, 2008 Joseph Anand XD. (19) You are Abdul Majid, a student of class X, Saraswati Higher Secondary School, Morena. Write an application to your principal for re-admission. To, The Principal, Saraswati Hr. Sec. School, Morena Respected Sir, I beg to say that I am a student of Class X of your school. My name is Abdul Majid.My father works in Gwalior Cotton Mill, Gwalior. He did not get his salary on payable date as the workers were on strike. Hence I failed to deposit my school fees in time. And as such my name has been struck off. Now I am ready to deposit my old dues. Kindly permit me for re-admission and oblig e. Hoping to be obliged. Your most obediently, Dated 05. 12. 2008. Abdul Majid. (20) Write an application to the Secretary, Board of Secondary Education, Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal requesting him to issue you a replicate copy of your mark-sheet. Give full details of your original mark-sheet. To, The Secretary.Board of Secondary Education, Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal. Respected Sir, I am very sorry to inform you that I have lost my mark sheet during my railway journey in which someone stole my attache. I need it very badly for my admission in B. Sc. partly I. I will fail to secure my admission in case I fail to submit the mark-sheet of the Intermediate Exam. by the 25th of this month. As such I very humbly request your goodself for an early compliance. The relevant details are given below Name Manoj Kumar Goel Fathers Name Shri Yogendra Kumar Goel Year of Exam. 2006 Roll No. 81630 Name of Centre Govt.Hr. Sec. School, Bilaspur Postal orders for Rs. 25/- are enclosed herewith. Thanking y ou for the favour. Yours faithfully, Encl. Postal orders Manoj Kumar Goel Dated June 6, 2008 10/18, Civil Lines, Bilaspur. (21) Write an application to the Principal, Scindhia School, Gwalior, requesting him to grant permission for a friendly hockey match. To, The Principal, Scindhia School, Gwalior. Sir, We, the players of the hockey team of this school, beg to say that we desire to play a friendly match against the hockey team of Gorkhi Higher Secondary School, Lashkar on Wednesday, November 24, 2008.The match will begin at 3. 30 p. m. sharp on our playground. You are requested to grant your permission for the same and oblige. We would further request you to ask our Games Superintendent to make necessary arrangement for the match. Thanking you for the favour. Yours obediently, Raj Mohan Kalra Dated 22-11-2008 Captain, Hockey Team. (22) Write an application to your Principal requesting for refund of your caution money. To The Principal, Holy Public Hr. Sec. School, Ujjain Respect ed Madam, Respectfully I beg to state that this year I have passed the High School Examination from this school.It will not be possible for me to have-to doe with my study here, since my father has been transferred to Indore. May I, therefore, request you to very kindly instruct your office to refund my caution money amounting to Rs. 100/- and oblige. Thanking you in advance, I am, Yours obediently, July 4, 2008 Shalini Yadav (23) You have passed the S. S. C. Examination. You went to Delhi to get admission in a college there. Write a letter to your father apprising him how you got the admission and also about your stay in the hostel. Place Date My dear father, I understand that you are eagerly waiting for a letter from me.I am happy to inform you that I got admission to the college yesterday. There was no difficulty about the admission. The Principal and two profsessors interviewed me. They were very kind and understanding. I am admitted to the Science group. I joined the college h ostel yesterday itself. The hostel is a very good one. I have another boy in my room. He is the son of a doctor in Allahabad. He is very friendly. I dont need any more money. Please tell mother that I shall look after myself very well. Yours affectionately, Signature .. Name . (24) Write a letter to your friend, describing your experience in the Exam.Hall. Place Date Dear Arjun, At last my examination is over. I am awfully tired and I really need a holiday. Before I go for a holiday, let me tell you some of my experiences in the examination hall. I snarl very aflutter on the first day, when I was waiting outside with the other students for the doors to open. Most of them were talking and laughing. I felt so anxious that I could not let out to anyone. At last the doors were opened and we all crowded in and searched for our seats. We settled down in our places and waited anxiously for the papers. When I got the English question paper, I felt I could not answer a single question.How ever, when I read the questions more carefully, I learnt that I could answer most of the questions. I did not have much difficulty with Physics and Chemistry. But Mathematics was difficult. The supervisors were very strict and so there was no chance for any mal-practice. One boy was caught for copy and was expelled. Now that my examination is over, I am going for a holiday. I hope for a good result. Yours sincerely, Signature (25) Your father has just bought a new cycle for you. Write a letter to your cousin informing him about it and the first ride you had. Place .. Date My dear Shyam, You will be glad to know that my long felt desire of buying a bicycle has been fulfilled. How happy I was when my father bought it home in the evening I could exactly wait anyone to see it. I snatched it from my father and put in myself immediately on the roads. With a jump I was on it and felt like a annulus in the air. It took me only a few minutes to have a round of Gandhi Square and to reach b ack home. I wish you were here to share my joys. Yours lovingly, Name (26) Write a letter to your friend writing about his faults and also about the good points of his character.Examination Hall,Delhi. March 20, 2008 My dear Satish, I am in admit of your letter dated March 14, 2008. I was surprised to read that you want me to give my free opinion about you. Ordinarily, I would recall twice before speaking on such matters because few people like to hear the truth. In your case, however, I have no hesitation because I know you thoroughly well. You have certain quailities of head and heart. You are very intelligent indeed. In fact, a less intelligent person would never have asked others to bring out his virtues and defects. You have consistently improved upon your capacity to listen.Now you can be trusted with giving others a patient-hearing. You may at times lose patience under great provocation but certainly you are not liable to lose your nerves. Your ideas on friendship are no do ubt high. You are worthy of being called a friend in need. Another point which goes in your favour is that you are very hard working. You are kind and generous by nature and cannot tolerate injustice being done to anybody. You are not liable to be led away by personal prejudices. You cannot, I am sure, be bribed. In fact, you have right qualities which a prospective candidate for I. A. S. should possess.In spite of this there is a great drawback in you which alone can mar all your qualities. You are very emotional and liable to be swayed away by pity. Sometimes this creates in you a sense of quality and you cannot decide matters forthwith. Remember you restless you were when you caught a pickpocket red-handed but were about to leave him after patiently hearing from him the misfortune with which his children would face in his absence. In similar cases your sympathies may be misplaced and you, in spite of yourself, fail to do justice. Well, you know everybody has some fault or the ot her in spite of his virtues.But it is only the wise who go in for heart-searching. That in itself is a great quality. I have given my free opinion about you. Write to me how do you feel after reading it ? How are your mother and father? Please convey my best regards to them. Yours sincerely, Surendra, (27) Write a letter to your father informing him of your success in winning a prize at a debate. 216, Chandni Chowk, Delhi. February 26, 2008 My dear father, You will be very glad to know that this years top prize for the best debator has come to me. It is a silver trophy beautifully cast and the name of the school is engraved on it.The debate was on Inter-school level. Three other boys from different schools took part in it. The topic of discussion was Whether Municipalisation of Secondary School Education would be Beneficial. All the trey boys spoke in favour of it. They said that municipali-sation of secondary education was the only way to bring about reforms in the system of educ ation. According to them, it was proper to pass over secondary education to Municipal authorities to enable them to correlate the primary and secondary education.This would, they argued, channelise education from primary stage to higher secondary stage in onesingle stream which will make for uniform progress. Their argument convinced many. My teachers felt restless when I stood up to speak. I started with a feeble voice but soon it became forceful. I smashed their arguments by saying whether my friends, in order to channelise education in one stream, would like to municipalise college education as well ? My arguments went home and the audience seemed convinced. I was highly applauded. My rivals were silent and I was declared the winner. I was later told by my teacher that the manner of my speech was forceful as were my arguments.The boys and teachers of my school were very happy because I had brought honour to them. The function ended happily. How is mother ? I wish you were here th ese fine days. Love to Kuckoo. Yours affectionately, Rishi (28) Write a letter to your old teacher, giving impressions of your new school and teachers. Moti Ganj, Hathras. July, 24, 2008. Respected Sahniji, I reached my new place of study on Saturday last. Today is Tuesday. Within three days I have learnt a lot about school boys and teachers here, and I am writting this letter to give young a gist of my experience.Ordinarily it would be difficult to form an opinion about others within such a short time. But the saying that coming events cast their shadows before time is correct, I think I will never have to change my opinion. The moment I reached my school and sent word to the Principal, boys came rushing to receive me. They seemed happy to find a new addition in the rolls of the school. Many of them put different questions in a single pinch asking my name, class, name of the previous school and my parents. They took me by the arm and conducted me to the Principals room. The Princi pal offered me a seat.I gave him the letter of recommendation from you. He praised you very much and advised me that a teacher of your standing would never write a letter of recommendation in undeserving cases. Therefore, he said, I was welcome to the school. He then introduced me to my class teacher. He gave me a test. The manner of his asking questions from me was so sweet that replying to him was a matter of joy for me. His treatment showed that I was not at all a stranger to him. I have been granted admission to Xth class and I have started my studies in the right earnest from the beginning. Though I feel quite comfortable here, yet I miss you very much.I hope to see you during the Dussehra holidays to relate more experiences. Meanwhile I remain, Sir, Yours obediently, Rohit Moni (29) Suppose you are a foreigner touring India. Write a letter home to some member of your family giving him or her your impressions of the country. Tip Top Hotel, Generalganj, Kanpur. December 24, 200 8 My dear Alice, I hope you have received my previous letter by now. During these days, I have been visiting one place after another. In my last letter I told you that I was leaving Mumbai for Varanasi. I reached Varanasi early in the morning of Tuesday last.There beautiful ghats or the banks of the Ganga are a scene of great action mechanism for the Hindus in the morning. The river flows so charmingly at a distance from the big shrines. There is neither the swiftness nor the shapelessness of the rivers here as in England. I maxim the Taj yesterday on a moonlight night. You will not believe me how enchanting the Taj is. It is all white marble and the layout of the gardens around it adds to its magnificence. In the morning today I flew to Bhakra Nangal. It is a very high dam and matchless in the history of Asia. It is a great feat of engineer-ing skill.Wherever I went I erect the people busy in their work. At Varanasi, I saying a class of people called here Brahmins who sit on t he river banks and invoke blessings of gods and goddesses in favour of their visitors. Quite a number of them do not look like genuine priests. In this country people are very hospitable. This I found during my visit to Bhakra. The sturdy peasants of this region called the Punjab actually surrounded me and expressed their joy at meeting me by performing a dance called Bhangra. It is such a carefree exercise of the linbs that the like of which I have never seen in any other part of the world.The country, as a whole, has changed a lot. I saw progress in every field of activity. Many new industries have sprung up. I was told that India was now capable to participating in space race. There is facilitate another point. Wherever I went, I found people desirous of peaceful progress. There is no effort at making false claims and creating mischief. It is really a socialist society which Indians were labouring hard to raise out of the ruins of the past. I feel my visit to this country has pa id me well. I wish you were able to accompany me.Your loving brother, Manik Chand Jain(30) Write a letter to your father telling him about your new friend. Describe what you have liked about him. Prakash Villa, Brahmnal, Varanasi. April 20, 2008. My dear father, I apologise I could not write to you earlier. It was not that I was busy in my studies. It was just for very interesting thing. Only a fortnight ago, a new boy named Mahendra Yadav joined our school in my class. He was given a seat beside me. At first sight I did not like him but his habits have endeared him to me and to many other boys so much that on the first Saturday we all went out for a picnic to a nearby village and passed our Saturday holiday on his initiative.Mahendra is almost of my age and complexion. He is very good at studies. Because he sits with me in the classroom, we have become fast friends. The most lovable thing in Mahendras character is his quality of leadership. He has not been here for more than a mere fortnight and he is already being tipped for leadership of our class. During this period he has organised on two occasions outings and managed the whole show single handedly. Few boys can compare with him. The teachers are also very impressed by him.You would be glad to know that I have already invited him to accompany me during the summer vacations. I am sure you would be glad to meet him. Please convey my respects to dear mother. Your loving son, Atul (31) Your friend is poor but good at studies. He is thought process of leaving the school. Write a letter advising him not to take this step and promising help to him. Raniwala Ghera Aligarh. September 18, 2008 My dear Raghubir, I am in receipt of your letter and beileve me, the contents of it shocked me.